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    June, 2024

      1. Energy, Climate, Health Challenges on YouTube June 25th 2. X-59 Supersonic Passes Quiet Flight Milestone 3. Microturbines Generate Electricity from Water Pipes 4. Advances in Superconductivity research for hydrogen aircraft 5. Redwood Materials recycles gigawatts of lithium batteries

    May, 2024

      1. Gigatonne Carbon Dioxide Removal: Reversing Global Heating Trends 2. Water Battery created that Hold More Energy than Lithium Batteries. 3. Catalytic Combo Effectively Produces Carbon Nanofibers from CO2 4. Flying Kites Deliver Container-Size Power Generation 5. The United Nations: Future Power

    April, 2024

      1. IRI President on APEC Discussing UAPs and Ufology 2. How Energy Medicine will Save Healthcare 3. Batteries made with water could power e-scooters 4. Hot Rocks Store Energy at Sandia Labs 5. NASA's Propulsion Drive Produced Enough Thrust to Overcome Gravity

    March, 2024

      1. Hydrogen Underground - Gaseous Gold 2. Earth Receives First-Ever Power Beam from Space 3. Iron Fuel Shows its Mettle 4. Heat Pumps Work in Sub-Zero Temperatures 5. AI Solves a Fusion Problem

    February, 2024

      1. Press Release: Modern Meditation for Health,Success,Serenity & Longevity 2. Greenhouse Gas Repurposed in Novel Experiments 3. New Chip Uses Light Rather than Electricity for AI Computing at light speed 4. Scientist Discover Groundbreaking Connection Between Light & Electricity 5. 83-Year Old Triathlete & Doctor shares his Secrets

    January, 2024

      1. Using Sunlight to Remove CO2 from the Atmosphere 2. Giant Hydrogen Islands host 100 GW of Offshore Wind 3. World's largest Airship Takes Flight in California 4. Massive Battery Being Built to Store Hydrogen Energy 5. Space Solar Power Study by NASA

    December, 2023

      1. "THE KEY" New 16GB Flash Drive: 25 Years of Conference Proceedings 2. How One Device Can Transform the Electrical Grid 3. New System for Producing Green Hydrogen Cheaply & Efficiently 4. Hydrogen Cars are Appropriate in all Urban Areas 5. China's "Force Gun" Moves Things at a Distance

    November, 2023

      1. Eco-Friendly Breakthrough: Atom Catalyst Transforms CO2 into Ethanol 2. New Solar Water Heating System Goes Online 3. Breakthrough Lithium-Free Battery From Sweden 4. Futuristic Gas Stations Can Change the Way We Power Our Cars 5. Honda's Innovative Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

    October, 2023

      1. Powering Tiny Machines with Hydrogel Droplet Power Source 2. Using the Oceans To Capture Gigatons of CO2 3. Plastic Waste Becomes Clean Hydrogen Goldmine 4. Meet ESV: Lithium Free Energy Storage Solution 5. Super Capacitors from MIT made from ancient cement-carbon black

    September, 2023

      1. Nano Rocket Thruster can Run on Water, Fit on a Fingertip 2. Supercapacitor Energy Storage made from Cement 3. World's Cheapest Green Hydrogen 4. Lithium discovery in US volcano could be the biggest deposit ever 5. The SolarEV City Concept: Key to net zero emissions by 2050

    August, 2023

      1. Scientists harvest Energy from Ripples in Graphene 2. Quantum Fluctuations are Controlled For the First Time 3. Carbon Capture can Spur Innovation 4. World's First Electric 18-Wheel Drive ATV 5. Alternatives to Lithium-Ion batteries-Several Options

    July, 2023

      1. IRI President Tom Valone on Contacttour Instagram Livestream 2. Hydrogen Storage: Simple and Affordable 3. World's First 16 MW offshore Windfarm 4. ZeroAvia Hydrogen-Electric Powertrain Completes Flight Test 5. India Launches third Mission to the Moon

    June, 2023

      1. Electric Propulsion Breakthrough Can Help Revolutionize Green Aviation 2. Copper Catalyst Converts CO2 into Fuel 3. "Artificial Leaf" Produces Clean Fuel from Sunlight 4. Lithium Sulfur Battery Could Show Great Promise for EVs 5. Ten Space Startups

    May, 2023

      1. IRI President,Tom Valone on Coast to Coast,Tuesday May 30th 2. Solar Power turns into Hydrogen Fuel 3. Turning Road Bumps into Electricity for EVs 4. Highly Transparent Solar Cell Generates Power 1000x More Efficient 5. Slime Mold Intelligence

    April, 2023

      1. New Passive Device Generates Electricity during Day or Night 2. How Electricity Heals Wounds Three Times Faster 3. New Systems Pulls Hydrogen directly from Seawater 4. Dime Sized Battery is a Step toward an EV with a 1000 Mile Range 5. Solar Powered Car Market projected to grow to 37% by 2030

    March, 2023

      1. IRI President On Steve's Place, this Sunday, March 26th 2. 1000 HP Flying Supercar Soars like a Jet and Looks Like a Bugatti 3. Congressman Claims US Has Reverse-Engineered Alien Tech from UFOS 4. Newly Discovered Bacteria Enzyme Turns Air into Electricity 5. New All-Electric Thruster Draws Energy from the Sun

    February, 2023

      1. "Tesla of the Seas" Fully Solar Powered Yachts 2. Non-Invasive Treatment for Cartilage Regeneration with PEMF 3. Device Transmits Radio Waves with Almost No Power 4. Chinese Build Hypersonic Plane that Hits Mach 9 with Low-Cost Fuel 5. A 15-year-old Girl Invents Solar Iron Cart Winning Global Respect

    January, 2023

      1. Remembering Paul LaViolette, Extraordinary Scientist and Author 2. New Bioelectric Treatment for Arthritis 3. Hydrogen Fuel from Thin Air 4. Convert Abandoned Coal Mines into Gravity Batteries 5. CalTech Launched Space Solar Power Demo

    December, 2022

      1. World's First Solar Electric Car Now In Production 2. Electrical Neurostimulation Can Heal the Brain 3. Integrated Net Negative System Captures CO2 & Produces Ethylene 4. Mass Sodium Ion Battery with 1 Gw Capacity is Produced without Lithium 5. Artemis I Concludes Successful Moon Mission

    November, 2022

      1. Breakthrough Energy Technologies Toward a Climate Solution 2. Tiny Motors To Power a Network of Nanomachines 3. Transparent Solar Panels generate 1000x more Energy 4. Engine Based on Maxwell's Demon is a Brownian Ratchet 5. The History of the Tesla Violet Ray that could Cure Anything

    October, 2022

      1. Fast Charging EV Batteries in 11 Minutes 2. Ion Propulsion Drone Proves its Commercial Viability 3. New Catalyst Reduces cost 97% for Hydrogen Extraction and Production 4. Groundbreaking Motionless Turbine is 50% more Efficient 5. Tesla PowerWall Provide Backup Grid Power in Test

    September, 2022

      1. Scientists Create Matter from Nothing 2. Researchers Demonstrate Brainwave Synchronization w/o Physical Presence 3. Hydrogen from Water at Room Temperature 4. Brain Stimulation with Electricity Has Lasting Memory Improvements 5. Breakthrough Carbon Capture for Ethylene Production

    August, 2022

      1. Remarkable Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion is New Physics Milestone 2. Samson Sky Flying Car Ready Soon for Sale 3. Wearable Ultrasound Sticker Provides Imaging While Patients are on the Go 4. Air Conditioned Clothing to Beat the Ever Increasing Heat 5. How the Artemis Program is Sending Astronauts Back to the Moon

    July, 2022

      1. IRI President interview on Exopolitics 2. Research on Bacteria: Electron Hwy for Hydrogen and CO2 storage 3. Solar Powered Cars are coming 4. Water Battery Now Operational in Switzerland 5. Tapping into the Million-Year Energy Source Below our Feet

    June, 2022

      1. Spanish Airlines to Fly UK Made Helium-Hybrid Airships 2. Solid-State Batteries for EVs Make a Leap Toward Mass Production 3. Implantable Piezoelectric Stimulator Speeds Healing 4. Technology Converts Waste Plastics into Jet Fuel 5. The Future of Supersonic Travel

    May, 2022

      1. Solar Panels Pull in Water to Grow Crops in the Desert without Electricity 2. World's First Ocean-Assisted Carbon Removal Plant in Hawaii 3. Mass Production of Sodium-Ion Batteries with Near Unlimited Lifetime 4. Scavenger Nanoparticles Could Make Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles a Reality 5. Electric Knee Implants Help Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

    April, 2022

      1. IRI President May 4th on Rob Simone Talk Show 2. Generating Electricity with Tiny NanoCarbon Particles 3. Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Mainstream 4. New Photovoltaics Make Electricity from Thermal Radiation 5. EVTOL Companies Are Now Worth Billions

    March, 2022

      1. Solar Powered Moisture Harvesters --Clean Water for Over 1 Billion People 2. Powerful Flexible Battery with 10 Times the area energy density 3. Prize-winning Technology for Large-Scale Energy Storage 4. Oklo Microreactor Running Off on Nuclear Waste 5. Record Breaking Offshore WInd Energy Sales

    February, 2022

      1. Light Therapy Fast-tracks Healing of Skin Damage 2. Breakthrough Hypersonic H2-Plane: Travels Anywhere in 1-2 hrs. 3. Major Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion Energy 4. How Wind Energy can Power the World 18 Times Over 5. NASA Chief Scientist Has a Plan to Terraform Mars

    January, 2022

      1. MIT and SSE Featuring Advanced Propulsion & Energy - APE 22 2. NASA's Silent Supersonic Jet X-59 3. "Janus Textile" Keeps You Warm Or Reverses to Cool 4. Humans have Figured Out a Way to Make A Warp Bubble 5. Tokamak Energy Has Just Made a Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion

    December, 2021

      1. Dr Valone's Published Journal Article "Possible Global Environmental Forecast" 2. Eyesight Can Improve with Near-Red LIght Therapy 3. New Law Will Fund Reverse Engineer UFO Tech 4. Utilities & Investors Are Going for Renewables, Especially Hydrogen 5. World's First Hydrogen-Powered Cargo Ships with Green Hydrogen

    November, 2021

      1. New Electric Propulsion Engine For Spacecraft Test-Fired in Orbit 2. Extracting Lithium in a New Way from Biological Systems 3. Flying Car Ready for Sale in Japan in 2025 4. Highway Solar Can Generate Terrawatts-hours of Energy 5. Hertz and Tesla Team up, Sending Tesla to 1 Trillion Value

    October, 2021

      1. Tetra Aviation's New Mk-5 eVOTL takes flight 2. UCLA Bioengineers Develop New Human Self-Powered Bioelectronics 3. Panasonic Unveils is a 5kW Hydrogen Generator in Japan 4. Metals Supercharge Method to Bury Gigatonnes of Carbon Dioxide 5. Plant Vogtle becoming the biggest source of carbon-free energy

    September, 2021

      1. Hydrogen Fueled Electric Vertical Takeoff Car 2. Human Hair: Antenna & Transmitter of Bioelectromagnetic Energy 3. Solar Energy Will Power 40% of US by 2035 4. World's Biggest Batteriy Switched On 5. Cold Plasma Could Transform Sustainable Farming

    August, 2021

      1. Electromagnetism is a Property of Spacetime itself,Study finds 2. Meet Leo Coupe an Electric Flying HyperCar 3. Trilayer Graphene may be a Magnet Proof Superconductor 4. Iron-Air Batteries, a Huge Green Breakthrough 5. A Geothermal Energy Boom & Ex Oil workers are leading the Way

    August, 2021

      1. Electromagnetism is a Property of Spacetime itself,Study finds 2. Meet Leo Coupe an Electric Flying HyperCar 3. Trilayer Graphene may be a Magnet Proof Superconductor 4. Iron-Air Batteries, a Huge Green Breakthrough 5. A Geothermal Energy Boom & Ex Oil workers are leading the Way

    July, 2021

      1. New Nanomaterial Enables "Healthy" Electric Current Generation Inside the Human Body 2. World's First Thorium Reactor Being built in China 3. New MetaFabric Passively Cools Human Body 4. Solar Orbs Concentrate Solar Energy and Even Harvest Moonlight 5. Brainwaves To Speech Breakthrough

    June, 2021

      1. MIT has Found a New Way to Generate Electricity 2. New Physics Insights Enable Table Top Hot Fusion 3. Kilometers High Concrete Towers For Solar Power on the Moon 4. Ammonia holds 9 TImes More Energy than Lithium 5. China's Artificial Sun Fusion Reactor Breaks Record

    May, 2021

      1. Gravity has Built the World's Fastest JetPack 2. New MIM Diode Energy Harvester 3. Mahle Unveils Magnet Free Motor with 95% Efficiency 4. Quantum Entanglement Observed at Macroscopic Scale-Incredible 5. Completely Renewable Hydrogen in Australia

    April, 2021

      1. IRI President Tom Valone, presenting at APEC May1st: Electrogravitic & Electrokinetic Propulsion 2. Human Hand as an InfraRed Light Source 3. Massless Energy Storage Breakthrough 4. Wearable Fuel Cell Demo for DOD 5. The Direct Fusion Drive that Can Take Us to Neptune in 10 Years

    March, 2021

      1. Faster than Light Travel Possible Within Einstein's Physics 2. A Mobius Strip Track For Superconductor Levitation 3. Discovery that Has Eluded Physicists: Superconductivity to the Edge 4. Seawater-Splitting System Could Scale up Hydrogen Production 5. A New Generation takes on The Cosmological Constant

    February, 2021

      1. Clean Hydrogen Energy in a Safe, Convenient Gray Goop 2. Breatkthrough Boost for Solar Powered Fuel Made with Water 3. NREL Heats Up Thermal Energy by Improving Efficiency 4. Harvesting Energy From Black Holes 5. RIT Researches Find that Copper is Best for Antivirus Door Handles

    January, 2021

      1. Viruses Shown to Produce their Own Energy 2. Navy UFO Patent Documents Gravity Modification Weapon Testing 3. What is Magnetized Target Fusion? 4. World's First Hydrogen Home Battery 5. NJ FIrst Offshore Wind Farm to be Powered by the Biggest Turbines

    December, 2020

      1. Time for Hydrogen Powered Flight 2. Plant Growth Faster with Radio Frequencies 3. New Blended Solar Cells Increase Efficiency & Electricity Generation 4. Crucial Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage 5. Precision Indoor Plants Co launches First Breakthrough Project

    November, 2020

      1. Central Florida Lands Hub for Flying Cars 2. H2 New Water-splitting Technique brings Green Hydrogen 3. Nasal Spray could Prevent Coronavirus 4. Diode Harvests Infrared Energy to Produce Electricity 5. Generating Hydrogen Fuel from Seawater

    October, 2020

      1. Physicists discover First Room Temperature Superconductor 2. Mercedes Benz Electric Cars Runs on Solid State Batteries 3. Physicists Generate Limitless Power from a Graphene Circuit 4. Exposure to Electricity and Magnetic Fields Treats DiabetesType 2 5. How One Turbine can Prove Wind Power in UK

    September, 2020

      1. New Energy Molecule Stores Energy to Release Later 2. Wind Powered Transatlantic Cargo Ship 3. Large Commercial Vehicles are now Electrified 4. Marine Permaculture can help save the Climate 5. Self Powered Electronic Paper Interface

    August, 2020

      1. Exciting New Publications from IRI 2. The Pentagon UAP Task Force is Now Officially Active 3. Spacecraft can be Powered by Lattice Confinement Fusion 4. Virgin Galactic Unveils Jet Design that Travels Three times Faster than Sound 5. New Vertical 6 Blade Wind Turbines Can Power you Off Grid Safely for 30 Years

    July, 2020

      1. COFE12 Will be a FREE Virtual Conference via Zoom 2. A Jet Engine that Runs without Fossil Fuels 3. Aging Vision Significantly Improves with "Red Light" 4. Oxygen Breathes New Life Into Solar Cells Research 5. Energy Kites Over the North Sea

    June, 2020

      1. Hydrogen Cools and Converts Waste Heat to Electricity 2. India's Vast Solar Power Park-Worlds Biggest 2-GW Installation 3. Advance Publication of Latest Highway Piezo Electricity Test 4. Green Sand in Caribbean Beach Could Capture Billions of Tons of CO2 5. US Releases New 34-Page Report on Navy UFO Videos

    May, 2020

      1. Death of the Power Cable: Tesla Tower 2.0 2. Fossil fuel-free jet Propulsion with Air Plasmas 3. Healing Spinal Cord Injuries with Graphene 4. Affordable Energy Now Means Zero Emissions 5. "Artificial Leaf" Concept Inspires Solar Powered Fuel Production

    April, 2020

      1. Windows that Can Generate Electricity With Solar Breakthrough 2. Physicists Study Quantum Entanglement of Ferromagnets 3. Zero Energy New Homes Project 4. China Plans Launch of Mars Mission this Year 5. Nel Provides Energy Storage Solutions

    March, 2020

      1. Copper to Combat Viruses Makes a Comeback 2. Free Webinar: Call to Action for Zero Embodied Carbon 3. Global Wind Energy. How Has That Changed with Coronavirus? 4. Permanent Magnets Could be Answer to Delivering Fusion Energy 5. Organic Waste-Derived Biogas can meet 20% of Demand

    February, 2020

      1. New Green Technology Generates Electricity from Thin Air 2. Why the UK May hold The Secret to Limitless Energy 3. How the African Killifish Presses Pause on Aging 4. New Molecule Converts the Whole Spectrum of Light 5. A Glass Battery that Keeps Getting Better

    January, 2020

      1. Secret Inventor of the Navy's UFO Patents Talks 2. Gold Nanoparticles are not Inert: CanTarget Cancer Cells 3. Tesla is now the Most Valuable Car Company in US History 4. Aerofarms Vertical Farming is 390 Times the Yield 5. Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion Propulsion Update

    December, 2019

      1. Environmentally Friendly Rechargeable Proton Batteries 2. Solar Powered Airship Built To Transport Cargo 3. Bezos-Backed Fusion Energy Raises $65 Million 4. Making Hydrogen by Electrolysis of Methanol 5. A Surprising Substance May Be Key to Capturing CO2 In Atmosphere

    November, 2019

      1. Air Force Building Solar Power in Space 2. Why its Time to Take Bioelectronic Medicine Seriously 3. Porous Polymer Coatings Could Regulate Heat and Light in Buildings 4. New Invention Runs on Nothing but Cool Night Air 5. Faster than Light Animation and New Book

    October, 2019

      1. IRI Press Release of new Article Published in J of Env & Climate Change 2. It's Possible to Borrow Energy From Empty Space 3. Record Breaking Fusion Reaction for Medical Technologies 4. Scientists Cook A New Way to Make Air Breathable in Mars 5. Biological Age Can Now Be Reversed Study Shows

    September, 2019

      1. Ceria Catalysts Could Help Produce Carbon Neutral Fuel 2. Does our Energy Future Hold Electrification, Biomass and Hydrogen? 3. Novel Thermal Battery Promises Energy Around the Clock 4. New Device Harvests Energy in Darkness 5. Photothermal Gold Nanoshell Based Therapy for Prostate Cancer

    August, 2019

      1. Improved Carbon Capture turns CO2 into energy storage material 2. Sky is the Limit for Geothermal Energy Study Finds 3. Stanford Develops Battery That Harnesses Energy from Seawater 4. Neuron Inspired Electrical Model Goes Quantum 5. Electric Cars Could Form Battery Hubs to Store Renewable Energy

    July, 2019

      1. Navy Got "UFO" Patent Granted by Warning of Similar Chinese Advances 2. Solar Panel Generates Fresh Water & Electricity 3. Lockheed Begins manufacturing X59 SuperSonic Quiet Aircraft 4. Wired Bacteria Form Nature's Power Grid 5. SolarGaps Solar Blinds for Windows 6. Planting More Trees Can Cut Carbon by 25%

    June, 2019

      1. Meet "Blade" the first 3-D Printed HyperCar 2. Flying Cars you can Own and Fly Soon 3. NASA Funds Electric Plane with New Fuel Source 4. Fusion Powered Spacecraft Could be Only a Decade Away 5. Floating Islands that Turn CO2 into Fuel

    May, 2019

      1. Researchers Evaluate Sustainability of Flying Cars 2. Plastic Crystals Could Cool Refrigerators 3. Perovskite Solar Cells Fever Reaches Pitch 4. Proton-Boron Fusion Begins with Axial Field Coil and New Switches 5. UPS Embraces Renewable Natural Gas with Huge US Contract

    April, 2019

      1. NASA's Mars Helicopter is Ready 2. NAVY UFO Article Surprises 3. Electronic Skin Demonstrates Advanced Sensing Applications 4. Electrostimulation Can Improve Older Persons Memory 5. Caffeine Gives Solar Cells an Energy Boost

    March, 2019

      1. Shell's 107 MPG Concept Car 2. Piezo Flags that Generate Energy from Wind and Sun 3. Humans Can Make New Brain Cells Well into their 90s 4. Plastic-Eating Bacteria discovered in Philippines 5. Space Nuclear Power for Human Spaceflight

    February, 2019

      1. Commercial Lunar Space Station Plans 2. Plastic Waste Could be Converted into Fuel 3. Lightning's EM Fields Have Healing Effects on Cells 4. Researchers Develop Cheaper Flexible Solar Cells 5. Anti-Aging Drug Passes Human Test

    January, 2019

      1. Boeing Shows off New Transonic Wing Concept 2. Porsche Plans to Produce 40,000 All Electric Cars per Year 3. Scalable Wearable Piezoelectric Materials Prove Elementary 4. Clean Energy Revolution Rising in the Midwest 5. Air-Cleaning Plants Remove Cancer-linked Pollutants

    December, 2018

      1. Vigin Galactic Completes First Crewed Space Test 2. Nikola Tesla Article on Polyphase Birthplace at 89 Liberty St, New York 3. Electrical Impulses Relieve Depression in New Study 4. China Approves First Underwater High-Speed Railway 5. Porsche & BMW unveil EV Charger that is Three Times Faster

    November, 2018

      1. Viziv Technologies & Baylor University Develop Tesla Wireless Tower 2. Bionic Mushroom Generates Electricity 3. Blue Light Reduces High Blood Pressure 4. Electric Planes With No Moving Parts Makes First Flight 5. Solar Cell Does Double Duty for Renewable Energy Generation

    October, 2018

      1. NASA at 60: The First Aeronautics 2. Electron Has no Dipole Moment & now A New Limit to its Non-existence! 3. Light-Induced Electrical Current In Nanomaterials 4. Green Plastic Is Bio-Renewable 5. Self-Powered Ultra Flexible PV Clothing

    September, 2018

      1. 85% Solar Power Efficiency with Gold Nanoparticles 2. Audi starts Mass Production of All Electric SUVs 3. Solar cells Weaved Into Wearables that are Water-Resistant 4. Effects of Electrode Size on the Voltage of Tree-based Energy Generator 5. Large Wind & Solar Farms would increase Wind, Heat and Vegetation

    August, 2018

      1. COFE10, Another Fantastic Conference 2. Electromagnetic Properties in Giza Pyramid: Energy Concentrations and Resonances found by Scientists 3. Electric Cars Keep Growing in 2018 4. Weaving Socks that Monitor Your Heart 5. Mineral Removes CO2 from Atmosphere

    July, 2018

      1. Electricity and Enzymes Produce BIoFuels from CO2 2. Tesla Power Walls save the Day in Vermont Heat Wave 3. Study Shows PEMF Significantly Improved Lower Back Pain 4. Japan Aims For All Electric Cars by 2050 5. Flying Car that Needs no License

    June, 2018

      1. Virgin Galactic Spaceplane Record Breaking Flight 2. Hyperloop the Future of High Speed Travel 3. The Science of PEMF and How it Fixes Pain 4. World Trending to hit to 50% Renewables by 2050 5. Topological Semi Metals go Thermoelectric

    May, 2018

      1. Revolutionary 3D Nanohybrid Battery that Charges in Seconds 2. DIY Batteries that Last Forever 3. Thin Film Converts Heat Into Electricity 4. Hyperloop One and DP Launch Cargo Only Shipping 5. Two Hundred Watt Van Solar Power Setup

    April, 2018

      1. Graphene For Propulsion In Space 2. Memzyme Removes CO2 3. Lithium Sulphur Batteries Poised for a Leap 4. Virgin Hyperloop One Latest Dream 5. United Nations Billion Tree Project to Offset CO2

    March, 2018

      1. Self Flying Electric Vehicles by Google Founder 2. Hyperloop Becoming a Reality 3. Air Thruster Paves Way for MIssions to Mars 4. California Using Piezoelectrics to Generate Power from Moving Cars 5. Carbon Capture & Use Companies suck CO2 out of the Air

    February, 2018

      1. Wireless Charging of Moving Electric Vehicles 2. Wearable Solar Thermoelectric Generator 3. Generator of Energy Using Gravity 4. India becoming a Global leader in Clean Energy 5. Smart Fabrics Store Information without Electronics

    January, 2018

      1) "Acceleration Like Nothing I've Ever Seen" 2) UPS Buys Tesla's All Electric Semi Trucks 3) Restoring Limbs with Electrotherapy 4) Proton-Boron Fusion Reactor Getting Publicity 5) Scientists Discover Ideal Material for Smart PVs

    December, 2017

      1) MIT Creating New Method to Convert CO2 into Fuel 2) Solar Supercapacitors Create Electricity and Hydrogen Fuel 3) Tesla Completes Construction of Largest Li-Ion Battery 4) One Step Closer to Carbon-Free Fusion Power 5) High Tech Mirrors Send Heat Into Space

    November, 2017

      1) Uber Teams with NASA for Flying Cars 2) New Thermodynamics: How Quantum Physics is Bending the Rules 3) Flexible Wearable Electronics Use Body Heat For Energy 4) Harvard Study Shows Fasting Leads to Healthier, Longer Life 5) Floating Cities No Longer Science Fiction

    October, 2017

      1) Energy Harvested from Evaporation Could Power most of the US 2) World's First Floating Farm Powers up Off the Coast of Scotland 3) Restoring Consciousness with Electrotherapy 4) World's First Electric Dump Truck Uses Gravity Power to Recharge 5) 2017: The Beginning of the End of the Internal Combustion Engine

    September, 2017

      1) The Mars Terraformer Transfer (MATT) 2) Stem Cell Chip: Ultimate Electrotherapy 3) US Should Not Turn its Back on Carbon Free Energy 4) Has China Beaten NASA to Warp Drive Tech? 5) 3D Printable Synthetic Muscle Stronger than You

    August, 2017

      1) COFE9 Conference, A Great Success! 2) No Batteries Required: Energy Harvesting Yarns Generate Electricity 3) Thorium Reactors with Molten Salt 4) Small Scale Power Solutions Can Pay Dividends Across the US 5) Negative Carbon Emissions

    July, 2017

      1) Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Electrified the World 2) Negative Mass Discovered in the Lab 3) How Will We Source Clean Energy for All? 4) World's Largest Redox Flow Battery 5) Offshore Wind Power Profitable without Subsidies

    June, 2017

      1) World's Largest Aircraft Is Launchpad for Satellites 2) Solar Paint Makes Hydrogen from Solar and Water 3) Spacex is Sending Humans to Mars 2024 4) California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Big Eclipse 5) Renewable Energy Is Thriving in the USA

    May, 2017

      1) US Space Plane Returns After Record Flight 2) Energy Impacts of the Trump 2018 Budget 3) Floating Solar Islands 4) Tube Transport from NY to Beijing in 2 hours 5) Air Conditioner Works by Beaming Heat into Space 6) Shoes Powered by Each Step

    April, 2017

      1) First Flying Car Available for Pre Order! 2) Solar Powered Device Pulls Water from Thin Air 3) ThermoElectric Fabric That Powers Your Devices 4) Buying & Selling Renewables over Peer to Peer Microgrid Network 5) New Kind of Matter: Self Propelling Liquids!

    March, 2017

      1) Air Force's X-37B Space Plane 2) Superconductivity Power Breakthrough In Europe 3) New Glass Battery will Accelarate End of Oil? 3) Solar Installations Soared in 2016 5) Turning Waste Heat Into Electricity 6) Denmark Ran the County on 100% Wind Energy

    February, 2017

      1) The Hyperloop: Train of the Future 2) Star Trek Inspired Tricorder created from XPrize 3) Solar Installations Soared in 2016 4) Ireland to Rid Themselves of Fossil Fuels 5) Floating Cities The Only Answer to Rising Seas

    January, 2017

      1) Autonomous Air Taxis Will Take Off in 2017 2) Energy Storage Batteries for Utilities 3) Long Island Tests Offshore Wind Power 4) Empowering Teen Research Students 5) PEMF reduces gene expression associated with disc degeneration

    December, 2016

      1) Graphene-fed Silkworms Produce Super Strong Silk that Conducts Electricity 2) Diamonds Turn Nuclear Waste Into Nuclear Batteries 3) Iceland Drilling into Molten Lava to Tap Energy 4) Uber Planning to Add Flying Autonomous Taxis 5) Einstein's Speed of Light Constant could be Proven Wrong

    November, 2016

      1) EM Drive Works According to NASA Report 2) Hypersonic Flight is Coming. Will US Lead? 3) Quebec to be Zero Emissions by 2018 4) Going Clean: Hydrogen from Methane + Electricity 5) Dark Energy Might Not Exist

    October, 2016

      1) The Rise of The Electric Cars 2) Sunlight & Seawater Only For Farms 3) Off-Shore WindFarms that Float 4) Cold Fusion: Science's Controversy is Back 5) Our COFE8 Conference DVDs

    September, 2016

      1) Are Fresh Water Boundaries the Future Of Energy Harvesting? 2) Our COFE8 Conference Review! 3) Fish Piezoelectric Generators 4) Scientists Solve Puzzle of Converting Gaseous Carbon Dioxide to Fuel 5) New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices

    August, 2016

      1) Bionic Leaf Turns Sunlight Into Liquid Fuel 2) Microbes Generate Electricity While Cleaning Water 3) Breakthrough Light Therapy for Brain Injury, Alzheimer's & Anti-Aging 4) 24M's Batteries, Better for Solar and Wind Power 5) Electric Cars Can Get Your Further Than you Think 6) Net Zero Communities

    July, 2016

      1) Electricity Generated with Water, Salt and Three Atoms-Thick Membrane 2) Solar Powered Electric Vehicles 3) Roadmap on Optical Energy Conversion 4) New Photodynamic Method to Kill Cancer Tumors 5) First Wearable for Listening to Your Plants

    June, 2016

      1) NASA's New Electric Plane Ushers New Era of Clean Aviation 2) In a First, Iceland Power Plant Turns Carbon Emissions to Stone 3) Measuring Van Der Waals (Casimir) Forces 4) Nanocavity May Improve Ultrathin Solar Panels 5) New Wave of Under the Sea Renewable Energy Sources Coming

    May, 2016


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    September, 2015

      1) U-2 Successor by Lockheed Martin 2) Harvesting Energy from Bumps in Road 3) Light-Harvesting Nanoparticles Capture Energy from Photons 4) Tesla Model S Goes 450 miles on SIngle Charge 5) New Method Removes Carbon from Air and Makes new Material

    August, 2015

      COFE7 was a Success; Plasma Removes Air Drag from Trucks and Planes; Little Fusion Reactor; Energy Devices Go Wireless; Solar Buildings that Produce Lots of Excess Energy; Thermal Batteries Provide Cooling Power

    July, 2015

      ZPE Fluctuations Measured; Boeing and NASA have Fusion-Fission Hybrids; Improved Lithium Battery; Green Revolution is Here; Temperature Adaptive Clothing

    June, 2015

      Holy Grail for Clean Energy; Saudi Using Oil Fields for Solar; Spaceship Runs on Sunlight; Evaporation Can Power a Motor; Bladeless Turbines

    May, 2015

      Tesla Motors shows off Solar Batteries; Bacteria Produces Fuel with Sunlight; Turning Plants into Tech; NASA 15 Top Projects; Graphene for Desalination

    April, 2015

      COFE7 and New Article on Electrogravitics; Dream Chaser Space Plane; Fighting Fires with Sound; Cheaper EVs are Coming; Dark Matter: What Physics is Looking for

    March, 2015

      See-through Solar Film for Glass; Carbon Absorbing Nanobubbles Trap CO2; Energy Production with Leidenfrost Effect; Graphene Super Material for Wearables; Pulsed EMFs Preserve Milk without Refrigeration!; World's Largest Desalination Plant

    February, 2015

      Energy Harvesting for Wearable Tech; Lithium-Air Batteries Give Electric Cars same range as Gas; Electric Cures for Arthritis, Diabetes and even Cancer; Emerging Energy Projections; National Clean Energy Summit

    January, 2015

      New Tesla Roadster 400 Miles per Charge; Solar Sunflowers for Portable Clean Energy; First Coal Plant that Captures its CO2 emissions; Clean Energy Jobs; Microsoft's Wearable Electronics

    December, 2014

     Dynomak Fusion Cheaper than Coal; Superconductivity without Cooling; Norway is Europe's Battery; Solar Power on the Rise; Water-Splitter could make Hydrogen on Mars

    November, 2014

      Hydro Nano Gas Neutralizes Carbon Fuel Emissions; NIST House Provides Free Energy; Friction Powered Triboelectric Generators; Solar Panels Up in an Hour; Climate Change Irreversible - New Tech Needed

    October, 2014

      Rise of Personal Power Plant; Nuclear Fusion in a Decade?; Industrial Generator Runs on Waste Heat; New Microscope Sees Bioenergetics; SpaceX Landing Rocket on Ocean Platform

    September, 2014

      Electric Life Forms Live on Pure Energy; Space Elevators; New Tesla Car Plant; Flying Submarine in Air Cavity; PEMF Reduces Prostate Volume

    August, 2014

      Space Plane; UK Spaceport by 2018; Lunar Habitat ESA; Implants Powered by Magnetic Field; Solar Stickers for Power Surfaces; Convert CO2 to Use

    July, 2014

      Mindbending - new book by IRI; Energy from Nothing; Capturing Lightning; Test of Spin-Gravity and Equivalence Principle; LENR and Seattle University

    June, 2014

      Warp Drive by NASA; Navy Converting Seawater to Fuel; Molten Salt Reactor Eats Nuke Waste; Germany Set solar Use Record; Exotic Physics in New Ultra Efficient Solar Cell

    May, 2014

      300 MPG VW XL1 Banned in US; Catalyst for Energy Production; Waste Heat into Electricity; Carbon Capturing for Clean Coal Demo; Elon Musk Goes to Mars

    April, 2014

      Electrical Generator Uses Bacteria; Ocean Energy 20 Gigawatts; Cheap Solar at Night; Reusable Rocket Booster; CO2 Stored in Rock

    March, 2014

      "Zero Point" Documentary on Electrogravitics; Airships Set to Revolutionize Science; Largest Solar Electric Power Generator; Lasers Transport Megawatts of Power; Little Shrubs are Super Energy Producers

    February, 2014

      Electric Medicine-Body Electricity; Can Quiet Space Elevators Work?; Liquid Battery Long Range; Fusion Energy New Milestone; Review of Exploring the Future of Energy

    January, 2014

      Most Efficient Car Ever; Battery in a Backpack; Quantum Squeezed State Twice Canot Efficiency; Vertical Forest; Plastic Double Solar Cell Power

    December, 2013

      Professor Dismisses Tesla's Wireless Power; New Energy Harvester; Tesla Batteries Team up with SolarCity; Convert CO2 to Fuel; Zero Point Energy Conversion from the Vacuum

    November, 2013

      Wireless Device for Energy to Electricity; Dark Energy is Inconsistent; Fight Paralysis with Electricity; Solar Panels Face West; Zero Emission Vehicles Coming Soon

    October, 2013

      GlobalBEM conference report; IRI Power Africa Light Project; Japan Space Solar Power by 2030; Electric Fields for Power Plant Efficiency; Earthing Electrotherapy movie and video

    September, 2013

      Water Based Batteries for EVs; Electric Fields for Wound Healing; Energy Harvesters Report; Cheap Fuel Cells; Electric Medicine with Implants

    August, 2013

      Self-Powering Cloth; Energy Harvester for Free Energy and Wireless; Bubble Fusion; Star Trek Tricorder Comes to Life

    July, 2013

      Report on COFE6; New Book from IRI on Tesla Coils; First 3D Printed Battery; Solar Powered Plane; Flexible Glass for Tablets' Cheaper Power

    June, 2013

      COFE6 Showcasing Renewables; Thirty Year BAttery; Manning REport on Defkalion; Nanotech Capture of Ambient Energy; Antiparticles for Propulsion from Quantum Vacuum

    May, 2013

      Valone testimony During Citizens Hearing at the National Press Club; Gravitoelectromagnetics New Book; Time Crystals; Cheap Liquid Battery; Wooden Solar Cells

    April, 2013

      Zero point energy of a molecule; Self-healing leaf produces electricity; New ways for cellulosic biofuels; One-way Mars trip; Flexible stretchable PV textile wanted

    March, 2013

      Amazing Carbon-Based Energy Form; Metal-Air Batteries for Cheaper, Cleaner Backup; New Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Markets; California Leads in Green TEch; Safer Nuclear Power at Half-Price

    February, 2013

      Recycled Plastic Converted to Fuel for Planes; climate Change Video by Dr. Valone; Electric Vehicles Save Money; Electricity Data Browser; Powerful PVs Near 50% Efficiency!

    January, 2013

      Free Energy Polymer Generator Driven by Water; Light Trapping Surfaces for Solar; Flexible Solar Cells Stick to any Surface; US DRIVE Partnership review; Lithium Sulfide Batteries More Energy than Lithium Ion


     Free SPESIF 2012 papers; Therapeutic Antioxidant Electric Clothing; Thorium Reactors Tested; Solar and Thermal Energy Harvesting; Sea Power Electricity; Energy Innovation Conference


      Friction is Energy Source; Energy Between Molecules for PV; Transforming Noise into Energy at Nano Level; India's solar Power Micro Grids; Exploding Engine Reduces Fuel


      Making Fuel from Water and Sunlight; Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real; Capturing CO2 to Fertilize Crops; Boom of Gas and Oil at Renewables Expense; Doubling the Power of Solar Panels


      Launching Local Energy Projects book; Presidential Candidate Energy policies; Warp Drive Becoming Sci Fact; Highest EPA Rated Electric vehicle; Bionic Implant for Vision


      New Burst for Low Energy Nuclear; Breakthrough Energy Conference; Bendy Batteries You Can Wear; Greener Energy from Algae; How to Avoid Power Outages


      Betavoltaic Power Tritium 20 year Battery; Spray-On Solar Cells; Spray-on Lithium Battery; Electricity from Viruses; Cancer: Energy Could be its Undoing


      TT Brown Story Revealed; Casimir Propulsion Engine Invented; New Book on ZPE; Crystal Roads Harvest Energy of Passing Cars; Rural Women Becoming Solar Engineers


      Antimatter Propulsion Engine Redesigned; Tinted Windows Produce Electricity; Lithium Air Battery Moves Forward; Metal oxides for Solar Energy Tech; ZENN & EEStor Team Up

    April, 2012

      Liquid Fuel with CO2 and Sunlight; Solar Cell Thin as Spider Silk; Fusion Sim Shows Hi Gain Output; Tunable Nanotech for Fuel Cells; Algae Farm Raised $1 Million

    March, 2012

      Breakthrough Energy and Mike Gamble Inertial Propulsion Announcement at SPESIF 2012; SpaceX Race; LEDs Exceed 100% Efficiency; Harnessing the Quantum Power of Space; ARPA-E Transformational Energy Tech

    February, 2012

      First Quantum Jiggles in Solid Object; Turbulent Life of Nothingness; SPESIF 2012

    January, 2012

      SPESIF 2012 update; RMI Energy Solution; Photosynthesis Fuel; Phase Change for Clothes and Buildings; Hummingbird Drone and Airplane that Flies like a Bird

    December, 2011

      Jetman; Tesla on Jay Leno; solar Bottle Lights Up Lives; Space, Energy and Propulsion at SPESIF; ARPA-E with Bill Gates

    November, 2011

      Artificial Photosynthesis; Polyplus Lithium/Water Batter; Solar Advance vs. China; Small Nukes Get Boost; Red Laser and Green Tea for Alzheimer's

    October, 2011

      Success with LENR by Many Scientists; Absolute Speed Barrier Broken; Venture Capital for Energy Innovation; Why solar will Win; Cancer Craves Killer Free Radicals; Recharging the Battery in 10 Minutes

    September, 2011

      Rossi's One Megawatt Plant; Polymer Sandwich for Heat Converting Waste; NASA's 4 Year PEMF Study; Zero Emission Hydrogen Powered Vessel; Recharging the Concrete Battery

    August, 2011

      COFE5 Call for Papers; Microenergy Harvester; Advanced Reactor Closer to Reality; EV's Create jobs; Venture Capitalists Back away from Clean Energy

    July, 2011

      Honest Energy Assessment; Spherical Casimir Pistons; Auto Flywheels; Airline Biofuels; Bigger Wind Turbines

    June, 2011

      First Human Cell laser; Moving Mirror Makes Light from Vacuum; Bacteria Fuel Cell; Liquid Batteries; Atomic superconductor

    May, 2011

      Swedish Report on the Rossi E-Cat; Electric Vehicles; Sequestering CO2; Biological Age Test by Telomeres Now Available; Solar to Reach 100 GW

    April, 2011

      Electrostatic Motors You Can Build; Moved by Light; Killacycle Electric Motorcycle; Solid State Batteries; Tesla's Difference Engine

    March, 2011

      Review of COFE4; Small Cold Fusion Reactor; Green Power Energy Sources; Congress Backs ARPA-E; Nuclear Situation in Japan

    February, 2011

      COFE4 Russian Energy Anomalies Replicated; COFE4 Life Extension Breakthrough; Full Spectrum Solar Cells; Energy Inventions Neglected by Media; Cell Phones and Brain

    January, 2011

      COFE4 Water Electrolyzers and ZPE; The Year in Energy; Thunderstorms Produce Antimatter; Italian clam Demo of Cold Fusion; TR-10 Solar Fuel

    December, 2010

      Magnetism in Superconductivity; Blacklight Hydrino Validated; Tesla Wireless for Miners; Energy R&D; World's Smallest Battery

    November, 2010

      Graphene Creates Giant Magnetic Fields; Small Nuke Plants; Energy Medicine Saves Healthcare; OPEC World Dominance; Chin-US Wind Project

    October, 2010

      Greening of the Supercar; World's First Solar Powered Air conditioner; Pokeberry extract for plastic Solar; Denmark's Net-Zero energy Home; US Explores Teleportation; COFE4

    September, 2010

      New Way to Use Sun's Energy; Electron Switch for Batteries; Flexible Battery Power; Artificial Leaf produces Electricity; GE Challenge

    August, 2010

      ERDA Lightweight EV's; Electric Cars; Cool roofs Made of Metal; California Solar Plant; World's Largest Tidal Turbine; COFE4

    July, 2010

      New Proton Size Measurement; Molten Metal Batteries; Flying Prius; Clean Energy 101; COFE4

    June, 2010

      Inertial and Gravitational Mass; Triple Fed Energy Res Budget; Geothermal; Cancer Cure from Implantable Electrodes; Cell Phone Rad; Call for Papers for COFE4

    May, 2010

      COFE4; Emerging Energy TV Series; Light Trap Solar Cell; Power Kites; Jet Fuel Biomass

    April, 2010

      Electric car update; Exercise Machine Generator; Viruses Split Water; LED lights for Third World; Geothermal vs Coal

    March, 2010

      Bloom Box Revolution; Tiny Tubular Generators; Hoist to the Heavens; Scotland Wave Energy; GE Thin-Film Solar

    February, 2010

      Snowstorm Climate Change; Hydropower jobs; Millimeter Energy Harvester; Harnessing body Heat for Electricity; MIT Energy Wearable

    January, 2010

      Tesla in Wall St J; Year in Energy; Bacteria Carbon to Fuel; Heat into Electricity; Rechargeable Batteries

    August - October, 2009

      Reinventing the Future of Energy: COFE3 Program

    July, 2009

      Electrostatic Fusion; LED Lighting; Chasing the Sun; UK Low Carbon; Quantum Well Solar Cells

    June, 2009

      Superconducting Sheets; Space Solar; Energy Innovation Prize; Roll Up Solar; Biofuel for Virgin Atlantic

    May, 2009

      Electrotherapy; New Energy and Antigravity; Hopes for Cold Fusion; Renewables

    April, 2009

      Wireless Electricity; Gravity Research; Renewables; Focus Fusion Funded; Tiny Solar Cells;

    March, 2009

      DOE Secretary; Tesla Roadster; Ion Teleportation; Overunity Spinning Black Holes; New ZPE Patent

    February, 2009

      Cheaper Wind Power; How much for Solar?; Year in Energy; Repulsive Casimir Forces

    January 19, 2009

      Biomass Algae Summit; Crystal Power Stations; Ocean Energy; Microgen for Homes

    November 30, 2008

      Propulsion Frontier; Biomass; Fuel Cells Boosted; Solar Hydrogen

    October 28, 2008

      Air Engine; Hydrates; Wind; Tide; Geothermal; Renewables

    September 27, 2008

      Stirling Solar; Space Drivel; Power-Save; Valone Interview

    August 25, 2008

      Solar plants; SSP video online; Wind; Algae; Oil Warning

    July 27, 2008

      Future of Energy; Africa; Space; Algae; New Energy Philadelphia

    June 24, 2008

      Solar Revolution; Cellulose biofuel; Flying Saucer; Blacklight; ICCF-14; WFS 2008

    May 24, 2008

      Energy Prize; Ultracaps; Electromedicine; Solar; Wireless Power; JAXA

    April 26, 2008

      Black Budget; Wind; Tech Cars; Coast to Coast; Water

    March 27, 2008

      Space Solar; Electrotherapy; Lithium Power; CO2 conversion

    February 25, 2008

      New Energy Tech; Energy Islands; Space Solar; Tiny Devices

    January 27, 2008

      Energy Seminars; X-Files; Feed the Ocean; Solar Conference

    December 19, 2007

      V2G Car; Energy Needs; Global Solution; Solar; Oil Decline

    Novenber 25, 2007

      Energy Award; Fusion; Plastics; Transmutation; Low Swirl

    October 25, 2007

      Pentagon Solar; Algae Hydrogen; Virus Batteries; Energy Homes;

    September 25, 2007

      Space Solar; Cold Fusion; Light Speed; Fuel Magnets

    August 21, 2007

      Climate; Solar; Levitation; Bacteriological Gasoline; Hybrids

    July 24, 2007

      Plastic Solar; Safe & Cheap Fusion; CHP; USEA; ASE; ZPE

    June 26, 2007

      Solar PV Breakthrough; Cold Fusion; Bioreactors; Space Startups

    May 21, 2007

      Hydrogen; Energy Prize; Inertia; Photosynthesis

    April 16, 2007

      Eternal Batteries; Solar; Future Energy; Zero Point Energy book

    March 10, 2007

      Cheap Solar Cells; Flexible Solar; Thermoelectrics; Nukes

    February 15, 2007

      Geothermal; Global Energy; Planktos on ABC News

    January 11, 2007

      Plug in hybrids; SuperMag; Solar Lights; Waterwind

    December 9, 2006

      New Fuel Cell; LED Lightbulbs; Wireless Energy; Fusion

    November 9, 2006

      World Energy Outlook; Solar: Sponges, Lenses & Sugar

    October 9, 2006

      Flexible Solar Plastic; COFE2 Reviews; BetaBatt; Hydrogen

    September 9, 2006

      Flywheels; Ultracapacitors; Stoern; Who Killed Electric Car

    August 6, 2006

      Cars Run on H2O; Nano Refrig; ZPE; Oil

    July 10, 2006

      2nd Conference on Future Energy; COFE II Speakers

    June 9, 2006

      Nanosolar Cell Breakthru; Energy & Fuels; Wind; Global Warming

    May 7, 2006

      Alternative Fuels; Climate; Cold Fusion; Wave Power

    April 6, 2006

      Gravity; Fusion; Hydrogen; GMC; Oil

    March 8, 2006

      Solar; Water & Energy; Vanadium; Microgeneration

    February 9, 2006

      Antigravity; Energy; Gaia; Electrogravitics

    January 7, 2006

      Earthquake Prediction; Tree Power; Integrity; Nanotech

    December 7, 2005

      2050 Project; Nanotubes; Magnegas; Oil Industry;NSA-UFOs

    November 8, 2005

      Energy; Burn Metal; Wireless Electricity; Biophotons;

    October 7, 2005

      Zero-Point Energy; Fusion; Hurricanes; Physicists

    September 8, 2005

      Oil; Triangular craft; GigaPEMFs; Tabletop Fusion

    August 7, 2005

     Energy Bill; Electrogravitics; Peak Oil; Propulsion Declassification

    July 7, 2005

     Space Tech; Cheap Solar; Energy; Fusion

    June 6, 2005

     Energy Policy; Cancer Breakthrough; Nuclear; Global Warming

    May 7, 2005

     Nature's Nuke; Black Holes; Fuel; Fusion; Electrotherapy

    April 7, 2005

     Nuclear Solutions; Saving Energy; Tesla's Legacy; Tour de Sol

    March 9, 2005

     Energy; Solar; Renewables; Oil; Gravity Anomaly

    February 9, 2005

     Antigravity; New solar cell; Nuclear batteries; Ultracapacitors; Cold Fusion

    January 10, 2005

     Top Science Stories; Energy; Fusion; Meditation Electricity

    December 5, 2004

     nuke waste; cold fusion; peak oil; Tokamak

    November 8, 2004

     EM-Probe; Gravity; Nanotech; Oil; H2; Nukes

    October 7, 2004

     Electric Bandages; Flying Triangles; Cell Sounds; Cold Fusion

    September 8, 2004

     All-Magnet Motor; ZPE; Forcefields; Solar Sails; Energy

    August 9, 2004

     Leafy electricity; ZPE measured; 55% solar in CA; Climate study

    July 5, 2004

     After Oil Runs Out; Nanodiode; Sweet Energy; Renewables

    June 5, 2004

     Electricity from Heat; Superconductivity; Distributed Energy; US Science

    May 4, 2004

     Electric Power; 30 Sec Battery; Green Tech; Solid Fuel Cell

    April 5, 2004

     Magnetic Motor; Cold Fusion; ZPE; Global warming; EV

    March 17, 2004

     Zero Point Energy; Oil; Ocean Conveyor; Hydrogen; Electrotherapy

    February 22, 2004

     Glaciers; Climate; Energy; Blackouts; Ice Age - This FE Enews was featured in FUTUREdition, V. 7, No. 3, Arlington Institute

    January 25, 2004

     Solar PV; 1000 Wind Turbines; Magnetic Pole; Conferences

    December 29, 2003

     ENERGY Reliability, Depletion, Futures, Movement; MAGLEV Train Speed; COAL

    November 19, 2003

     Earth Warming; Energy Bill; LED Therapy; Tesla Report

    October 24, 2003

     Air Car; EV-1; Focus Fusion; World Energy; Hydrogen

    September 24, 2003

     Energy Seminars; Cold Fusion; Energy Bill; US Blackout Politics

    August 25, 2003

      Grid for Backup; Sun; Hydrogen; RPS; Space Elevators

    July 22, 2003

      Crystals Violate Planck's Law; Heat the Floor; Solar Venture

    June 3, 2003

      Hydrogen; Gas; Oil; Biofuel; Prigogine

    May 15, 2003

      Future Energy Annual Newsletter No. 4

    April 28, 2003

      Two Fusion Successes; Faster Than Light Book; Electrostatic Spin Discovered

    April 11, 2003

      Negative Energy Report; Photon Engine; R&D - UK

    March 18, 2003

      Energy Transmission; Paul Brown; Energy Use Seen from Space

    February 21, 2003

     Tesla Conference, Book, Wireless Energy

    February 5, 2003

      Electric Airplane; Nuclear Propulsion; AirCar Update

    January 21, 2003

      Thermator; Air-Powered Car; $ Prize; Solar-Powered Plant

    January 6, 2003

     Aerial Vehicles, Flying Triangles, X-47A

    December 23, 2002

      Water as a Fuel?; Energy Bill; ZPE News; Iraq Oil

    December 2, 2002

      Revolutionary Technology, Welsbach Seeding; Iraqi Oil War

    November 22, 2002

      Space tourism, Energy Suppression, Roswell New Evidence, APS Policy Shift

    October 23, 2002

      Atomic battery, world peak oil, and antigravity - seven sections

    October 7, 2002

     Energy, propulsion, & electrogravitics patent story - eight sections of news

    September 25, 2002

     Energy News and Secret Societies

    September 14, 2002

      US Energy Bill & Tilley Electric Car

    August 28, 2002

     Conference on Energy & Accountability; Sustainable Energy

    August 5, 2002

     Anti-gravity and Free Energy in the News

    July 15, 2002

      'Outside the Box' Energy News; Secret DOE Military Agenda

    July 5, 2002

      Valone on CNN - Transcript of "Alternative Energy" story

    June 10, 2002

      Nuclear Solutions Targeted by Rogue FBI Agents

    June 5, 2002

      Energy Conversion Grants Available from DOE

    May 24, 2002

      Energy News That Affects All of US

    May 13, 2002

      NASA & Wired Magazine Find Electrogravitics Propulsion

    April 22, 2002

      Remembering Paul Brown, a Nuclear Genius

    April 15, 2002

      Navy Report on Cold Fusion Offers Favorable Review

    March 21, 2002

      Reducing the Power of Oil; Energy Legislation

    March 4, 2002

      Acoustic Cavitation Bubbles Produce Cold Fusion

    February 19, 2002

    Kyoto + 35% = 'Faith-Based Initiative'

    February 8, 2002

    Teleporting Larger Objects Becomes a Real Possibility - Two Opinions

    February 4, 2002

    Wind Energy Follow-up, Global Energy Business, US Electricity Flow Chart

    January 30, 2002

    Cold Fusion Experiment Produces 'Mysterious Results'

    January 21, 2002

    World Windfall: Energy independence possible for a country?

    January 4, 2002

    Follow-up to Technology Review's 2002 Energy Issue by Dr. Pat Bailey

    January 3, 2002

    Review of MIT Tech Review issue, "Can New Technology Reduce Need for Oil?"


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