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 July 2014




   For the business portion of our editorial introduction, I'd like to share the link with everyone concerned about clean energy. It is the website for the upcoming World Energy Engineering Conference to be held here in DC on October 1, 2014. This year President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker.  Another business news item for our European audience is the 3rd Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit to be held in Germany, October 22, 2014.  It is intended to ultimately discover how to turn waste CO2 into profitable, commercially viable opportunities and the best ways to progress from pilot stage to full scale operational businesses. A few weeks ago, I was interviewed on the award-winning 21st Century Radio which is a progressive radio program that features environmental, energy, and health-related topics. My one-hour interview is free online for anyone to listen, which takes a second to connect.


   Our Story #1 is a compilation of decades of work by my friend and colleague, George Hathaway, a licensed professional engineer in Toronto to reach a scientific conclusion about the mysterious John Hutchison and the "Hutchison Effect". We are deeply grateful for his donation to our nonprofit organization of the book,Mindbending - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995, and the rights to publish future editions. It is perhaps the best assessment of George's attempt to consider the effect as a physics anomaly at first, with every effort to reproduce the entire high voltage circuit in another location (complete circuit diagram included in the book). The necessary ingredient in every case was the presence of Hutchison himself which raised the more difficult and challenging issue of operator-dependent physical effects. A segment of an online YouTube video contains my commentary in the last five minutes as well. The Mindbending book certainly will become a collector's item since this limited edition contains color pictures as well and coincides with the release of the Lucy movie, which is an exaggerated example of a person with psychokinetic abilities.


    Story #2  seem to be simply a physics article but my new hero, Prof. Mike McCulloch has caught my attention with his wonderful understanding of dark matter and dark energy. He insists that both can be explained by the zero point field "what physicists previously thought was an untappable source". He has published in all of the most reputable journals and proposes the Modification of Inertia by Hubble-scale Casimir (MiHsC) as well, which is a great development that coincides with my  inertial shielding theory of laboratory modification of inertia. Mike's new book on the subject of inertia should have a serious impact on the scientific community as the related MOND theory already has. (MOND proponent McGaugh has been able to successfully predict the velocity dispersion of 17 dwarf galaxies, which is fantastic news for proponents of MOND.)  Surprisingly, I also came across another researcher, Dr. Martin Tajmar,) who also has been working on modifying inertia in the laboratory environment. With our Story #4, we also include the latest test of the Equivalence Principle (gravity vs. inertial mass) to be complete. Seems like IRI may be on the right track after all in a very promising propulsion area.


    Thanks to Dr. Elliot Maynard of the Arcos Cielos Foundation, our Story #3 gives a fantastic look at the giant Tesla tower in Russia designed to trap lightning. Check out the YouTube video at the end of the story. Though it has the capacity to run Russia's entire electricity output, it is intended for testing vehicles and equipment for high voltage insulation. Very impressive construction for high voltage electrical engineers to drool over. The Tesla Tower website has a great collection of amazing photos of the extensive construction. Perhaps we can trap lightning for renewable energy in the future with this type of facility!


   Our last Story #5 proposes that Shell and Volvo are both working on cold fusion (LENR). A new company called Phonon Energy also has produced a "cold fusion boiler" which they hope to commercialize. It is good to see that researchers are continuing with the slow development process of such a complicated fusion paradox since that is how progress is made, says Werner Heisenberg.


    In conclusion, if you would like to participate in a citizen's effort to pressure the EPA, the Union of Concerned Scientists recommends a proposed format of a letter or email to Administrator McCarthy at the EPA:

 "To transition to a low-carbon, clean energy economy, we must expand our use of renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar. I urge you to finalize a standard that encourages states to include a significant role for renewable energy and energy efficiency in their compliance plans so that by 2030, power sector carbon emissions are reduced by 50 percent from today's levels.


"Your proposal incorporates renewable energy as one of the ways that states can comply, but underestimates the true potential for renewable energy to cut carbon emissions. A recent Union of Concerned Scientists analysis shows that it is economically and technically feasible to generate 992 million MWh of renewable energy by 2030, almost double what he EPA has projected is possible. This could amount to 25 percent of total generation in 2030.


"Renewable energy is already delivering safe, reliable, and affordable power to consumers--diversifying our electricity mix, strengthening state and local economies, and reducing the risks of overreliance on natural gas. All states have significant and diverse renewable energy resource potential that can be developed and incentivized through this standard. Furthermore, the wildcard energy breakthrough that is pending will incentivize consumers to end their use of oil. It will also cause the providers to diversify."




Thomas Valone, PhD, PE.














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1) New IRI Book: MindBending - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995 

Integrity Research Institute Press Release

For immediate release


Mindbending - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995

By George D. Hathaway, P.E. , ISBN 978-1-935023-53-1, Integrity Research Institute Publishers, publication date July 25, 2014


Professional Engineer George Hathaway spent over a decade researching a strange reclusive inventor named John Hutchison who is also featured in the 1995 Lightworks documentary, "Free Energy: Race to Zero Point" (now for free online). The video shows objects levitating and heavy metal rods breaking apart, apparently without any physical force while under the influence of high voltage Tesla coils, van de Graaf generators, and the most intriguing ingredient...John Hutchison himself. After building a replica of John's lab with all of the critical equipment in the right places, George finally had to admit that it was impossible for any strange physical anomalies to occur without the presence of John Hutchison, ergo, the name of the book came into being.


To coincide with the release of Hollywood's version of John Hutchison, the movie Lucy in theaters 7/25/14 , and the new season of Super Humans on H2, Integrity Research Institute announces the U.S. publication of a limited edition of Mindbending, a provocative and well documented scientific book full of advanced human ability, complete with color photos. Perhaps Hutchison is using more than 10% of his brain like Lucy? Let the reader decide.


The late Jack Houck (, who taught parties of people spoon-bending for three decades, said of the book, "Hathaway has done an amazing job of chronicling the life and activities of John Hutchison. I personally witnessed demonstrations at Hutchison's lab that convinced me that he had unique psychokinetic abilities."


To order this book click on the picture or click here


For more information, visit for details of this first-of-a-kind chronicle of a super human or contact:                                                                                   


Thomas Valone, PhD, PE


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hutchison effect

Hutchison effect.  9 minute video. Fast forward to last 5 minutes for the most dramatic effects and commentary by Dr Valone






2) Energy From Nothing 


Mike McCulloch, Physics from the Edge, Thursday, 26 June 2014,



Ed. Note:  McCulloch is a young prof in the UK and has a great website explaining astronomical anomalies.

MiHsC is his acronym for Modification of Inertia by Hubble-scale Casimir [force].

He also has good quantum theory for modifying inertia too and blog about it.





I'm often asked "What is the use of MiHsC?"* The accelerations it predicts are laughably tiny so why bother? Well, I can argue about it being an alternative to dark matter and dark energy, questions that are important to me, but as a friend of mine used to say, "how does that put fuel in my tank?". The importance of MiHsC for applications is that it points to a new way to produce energy from what physicists previously thought was an untapable source: the zero point field (aka nothing). This is rather like the earlier discovery that you can get usable energy out of heat: the steam engine. Today, just as before the steam engine, a hugely important part of the world is not taken seriously by physics: in this case information and the zero point field.



One way to think about MiHsC is as follows. When an object, say a spaceship, is accelerated by an external force, like gravity, a Rindler horizon forms in the direction opposite to the acceleration vector, because information cannot hope to catch up to the craft from behind that horizon. MiHsC says that this information horizon also has other consequences, because to make it an impermeable boundary for information, all the patterns in the object's accelerated reference frame must 'close' at that boundary, otherwise a partial pattern would enable us on the spaceship to predict something about what lies beyond the horizon. Unruh waves are a pattern and they are therefore suddenly damped on the horizon side of the object since only Unruh waves that 'close' at the new horizon remain. There are now more Unruh waves (more zero point field energy) in the direction of the acceleration. The previously uniform (and untappable) zero point field now performs work as the object is pushed back against the acceleration because more virtual particles from the zero point field bang into it from the direction of its acceleration than the other side. This process looks just like inertia (see the reference below). In other words, the formation of an information horizon, transfers energy from the zero point field (a formerly abstract kind of energy) into the real world.


In 1948 Casimir predicted that metal plates would produce a force or energy from the zero point field, which has now been observed. I predict that setting up an information horizon will also enable us to tap the zero point energy. As evidence, I can say that MiHsC predicts galaxy rotation without dark matter and cosmic acceleration in just this way, and I think that experiments such as Podkletnov's tapped the zero point field like this, accidentally, using highly accelerated discs to produce Rindler horizons that also affected suspended masses. I do not yet have a complete picture, but a useful new physics is apparent through the mist (MiHsC).



*MiHsC = Modification of inertia by Hubble-scale Casimir [force]; HsCe = Hubble-scale Casimir effect

McCulloch, M.E., 2013. Inertia from an asymmetric Casimir effect. EPL, 101, 59001. Preprint

McCulloch, M.E., 2010. Minimum accelerations from quantised inertia. Cornell U Library,

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Physics from the Edge

A New Cosmological Model for Inertia

By (author): Michael Edward McCulloch (University of Plymouth, UK)   About This Book (due to be released September, 2014)

The fundamental and very important property of inertia has never been well understood. This book shows how inertia has puzzled many scientists such as Galileo and Mach, and then presents a new theory that explains inertia for the first time, and also predicts galaxy rotation without dark matter, cosmic acceleration and some other anomalies. Further evidence for, and tests of, the theory are presented and exciting applications such as new inertial launch methods and the theoretical possibility of faster than light travel will be discussed. To allow readers to use the theory themselves, some simple maths is included, and to help explain the points made, there are numerous cartoons by the author.


  • A History of Inertia
  • Modern Physics
  • Problems at Low Acceleration
  • A Solution from the Edge: MiHsC
  • Evidence for MiHsC
  • Future Experimental Tests of MiHsC
  • MiHsC and Faster Than Light Travel

Readership: Students and researchers in physics



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3) Capturing Lightning at Giant Tesla Tower in Russia 

Published time: July 06, 2014 12:51 
Edited time: July 07, 2014 11:10




No, it's not an alien colony, a time machine, or even a Russian version of America's ionospheric HAARP program. But in a forest near Moscow, this Soviet-era "lightning machine" has a capacity arguably equal to Russia's entire electricity output.


Bloggers flock to see this technical marvel, which has been dubbed the "High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility." The testing range, a branch of the Russian Electrical Engineering Institute, is in the sleepy town of Istra, 40 kilometers west of Moscow.


It is situated in a relatively small forest next to the New Jerusalem Monastery on the edge of town. 

The secret, open-air, high-voltage testing device was constructed in the late 1970s for testing insulators to protect vehicles, aircrafts and electronic equipment against lightning. 


 The facility is absolutely unique; nothing like it exists anywhere in the world, primarily because of its outstanding charge capacity. At its peak operating capacity the giant Marx generator, when lightning is discharged onto an isolated platform, has power equal to all power generation facilities in Russia - including thermoelectric, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, and wind power stations combined. But only for about 100 microseconds, Rossiya-1 TV reported.


The Marx Generator was named after German electrical engineer Erwin Otto Marx, who described it back in 1924. In Russia it's known as the Arkadyev-Marx generator, as Russian physicist Vladimir Arkadyev and his co-worker, renowned scientific film director Nikolay Baklin, constructed a so-called "lightning machine" 10 years earlier, in 1914. 


The Istra "lightning machine," unparalleled in its discharge capacity, consists of a 3 Megawatt capacity transformer cascade; a 9 Megawatt Pulsed Voltage Generator (PVG), measuring 39.3 meters high, capable of creating 150-meter artificial lightning, believed to be largest in the world; and a 2.25 Megawatt constant voltage unit. 


The test bench discharges a lightning of a desired capacity on a special heavily isolated platform, on which a device or a material being tested is placed. The platform is full of sensors showing how exactly the electric discharge affected the tested object. 


When the facility is operating, the static charge in the "hot zone" is so large that the hair of anyone present bristles. In a TV report made for Rossiya-1 TV, staff said that once a nosy observer intruded into the facility and entered the testing ground right in the middle of a experiment, when condensers were charged to the maximum."God only knows how this guy remained alive and wasn't struck by a discharge," said Vladimir Sysoev, a leading research worker at the facility..Others say that lightning is still a matter for deep exploration, and that several trees burned to a crisp around the test bench serve as a reminder that lightning is very hard to control. The Istra research center has conducted many tests since Soviet times. Among the latest carried out were lightning protection tests for Russia's Sukhoi Superjet aircraft. As the facility is really expensive to operate, it is only turned on for special occasions.


Unlike the famous High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in the US, the Marx generator in Istra was never meant to modulate the weather, yet like HAARP it was involved in designing weapons for the future.


Next to the research facility there is another test center, called "Allure." It is a stationary simulator of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) needed to test the sturdiness of military and civilian aviation hardware to impulse electromagnetic fields of a natural and artificial nature.


An EMP created by a nuclear explosion is capable of terminally damaging electronic equipment, so the capability of creating an artificial EMP, particularly without exploding a nuclear device, is valuable in a military sense. That's why an EMP weapon is a general's dream in any country.


The Allure complex was set to become a part of a grandiose scientific building, with a dome 118.4 meters high and 236.5 meters wide, but when the construction was nearly ready, the behemoth structure imploded, collapsing on the early morning of Jan. 25, 1985. The building was never reconstructed, though its circular base could be seen from space (coordinates 55° 55' 8"N, +36° 49' 7"E).


Though the dome crumbled because of mistakes in its construction, the collapse had unintended historical consequences. The high-ranking Soviet Communist Party official in Moscow supervising the construction of the Istra dome was fired from his job and sent to a remote posting as punishment.

He was replaced with fellow Communist apparatchik Boris Yeltsin, who was invited to work in Moscow and eventually became Russia's first president.




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4) Test of Spin - Gravity  Coupling & Equivalence Principle  July 2014 



Ed. Note: While the authors claim to test Einstein's Equivalence Principle (gravity mass vs. inertia mass), instead they are simply looking for an effect of atomic spin on gravity. Since quantum spin is not really a macroscopic twirling of matter at all, nor related to inertia, it is a different animal than inertial mass in the standard model of physics. Countering their null results, Dr. Tajmar's discovery of an acceleration field outside a spinning superconductor using standard accelerometers in 2007 was the "first time...a gravitomagnetic field of measurable magnitude was produced ... in a laboratory environment." In 2011, it was proposed independently that Tajmar's "Gyroscope's unexplained acceleration may be due to modified inertia" and also published by 


 I met him and spoke briefly with him at a PowerMEMs conference in 2008.   - TV


Martin Tajmar on Experimental Gravitomagnetic Research

Martin Tajmar on Experimental Gravitomagnetic Research








5) LENR Cold Fusion and University of Seattle Working Together

Published July 8, 2014 | By jennifer LENR and Cold Fusion News


A new company called Phonon Energy has unveiled plans to create and test a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion boiler. E-Cat World reported that Phonon will be working with Seattle University in its attempts to commercialize LENR.


The organization appears to be a purely American group that has some connection toDefkalion. Phonon's Investor Relations page on the internet states that it is planning to purchase technology from Defkalion and conduct testing at Defkalion's facilities. Defkalion's North American operations are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, a short drive from Seattle.


Here's what we know about Phonon from its Investor Relations webpage which is now online:

  • The organization's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is David Daggett an experienced executive who has worked at Boeing, Parker Aerospace and Rolls-Royce (the aircraft engine company not the automaker). Daggett's background is in Aerospace but he has recently been taking nuclear engineering classes. He claims to have witnessed small LENR lab tests that turned him from Skeptic to believer. He doesn't say what tests he witnessed. Here's what his Linked In Page said:

"I've worked for many years at large corporations, maturing ideas into working concepts. Usually these projects have been focused on energy and environmental technologies."

"After being a skeptic for 7 years about LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction)technology, I started taking nuclear engineering classes and also witnessing small LENR unit lab tests. I now realize that this technology will make fossil fuels obsolete and can provide affordable energy to the world. I'm devoting the rest of my working career to enabling it."

  • Phonon will be working closely with Seattle University in Washington State. Teodora Shuman a professor of mechanical engineering at that institution is listed as the company's heat transfer engineer.
  • Daggett and his team think the United States Federal Government will invest $700 billion in LENR and related technologies such as High Energy Nuclear Interactions (HENI) and Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) over the next 20 years. Phonon's objective seems to be to get some of that money to fund its research with.
  • The company plans to build a prototype boiler based Defkalion's Hyperion LENR reactor. They want the boiler to have a 2¢ a kilowatt hour generating cost. The boiler will be used to demonstrate and test LENR. The reactor project is supposed to take 24 months or two years.
  • Phonon's goal is to utilize experienced advisors and senior engineers to guide a cadre of motivated young engineers who will form an alternative energy start up.
  • Phonon is currently a non-profit 501 C-3 corporation which means that Daggett is unpaid. The plan seems to be to convert it into a for profit enterprise at some point.
  • At some point a spin-off company will be created to attract Venture Capital, design new applications and buy the license rights to the technology from Defkalion. The company is in negotiation with other reactor suppliers who are not identified. That means it could be talking to other inventors such as Celani and Piantelli as well as Andrea Rossi or even Brillouin.


IT looks like there might be a major new player in the LENR field. E-cat World mentions a Phonon Energy video which seems to have been taken down.


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