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Happy to report that I have condensed my ever-increasing climate articles’ length down to only 10-pages. My latest one is a chapter in Modern Adv. In Geo., Env., and Earth Sci. V. 5 (just published on July 14, 2021, p. 130-140). . It is also archived on ResearchGate for public review:

The good news is that, as with COVID, an international high tech consortium will be able to reverse and lower the rising global temperature in the very near future and my article proves why and how this can be possible, even before 2100 when the +6C heat will be unbearable otherwise. More experts are now in agreement with this geoengineering approach: Check out the latest YouTube 13-minute carbon capture to reverse climate change by Matt Ferrell from is a learning site “for ambitious people of all ages.”


Our Story #1 is a breakthrough for biological piezoelectricity put to work for generating electricity. With any embedded circuitry, including pacemakers, the battery charging can be a challenge so this invention is hope for many such self-contained electrical circuit devices that will also contain an internal power source. The Related Articles from SciTechDaily also show how piezoelectricity is charging power cells. 


Story #2 challenges the USDOE and the R&D community here in the US, who have already known about the superiority of thorium over any other nuclear fission reactor for decades. I have heard lectures and watched many on YouTube as well, all promoting the need for research into a commercial molten salt thorium reactor for safety, efficiency, and smaller containment, without fuel rods. Well now it seems that China has a prototype  They also plan to build many more 100 MW plants by 2030. With the benefits, problems, and history of molten salt reactors that include thorium online (, there are hurdles to overcome which the Chinese apparently have solved as they produce the world’s first operating thorium reactor.


Story #3 is an exciting one for the global warming future we are all facing. Having a shirt fabric that has “radiative cooling performance” that can be seen in a comparative infrared photo is pretty convincing. I think everyone will want one. It will also save on the cost of the increasing need for air conditioning to escape the heat. Here comes “Personal Thermal Management” from a metafabric. 


Story #4 is a probably a surprise for all renewable energy people. Who would have thought that a crystal ball holds the answer to concentrated solar even on a cloudy day or during a full moon. The company is and even offers a wall-sized window full of these crystal ball solar generators. A related article shows lots of pictures of the 35% increased efficiency designs 


Story #5 is also a first for paralyzed people. New England Journal of Medicine has the complete study of the UCSF invention that translates brain waves into speech with complete sentences. With cognitive function intact and affected speech center, this breakthrough, funded by Facebook and others, allows such a patient to communicate once again. The two-minute YouTube video is also a good summary




Tom Valone, PhD






1) New Nanotechnology will Enable "Healthy" Electric Current Generation Inside Human Body


Scitech July 2021


A new nanotechnology development by an international research team led by Tel Aviv University researchers will make it possible to generate electric currents and voltage within the human body through the activation of various organs (mechanical force). The researchers explain that the development involves a new and very strong biological material, similar to collagen, which is non-toxic and causes no harm to the body’s tissues. The researchers believe that this new nanotechnology has many potential applications in medicine, including harvesting clean energy to operate devices implanted in the body (such as pacemakers) through the body’s natural movements, eliminating the need for batteries.


Related Articles

1.   Generator Produces Electricity by Harnessing the Piezoelectric Properties of Biological Material

Staff, SciTechDaily, 2012

1.   Researchers Develop a Self-Charging Power Cell

Staff, SciTechDaily, 2013


2) World's First Thorium Reactor in China July 2021


China is moving ahead with development of an experimental reactor that would be the first of its kind in the world, but could prove key to the pursuit of clean and safe nuclear power. According to local news reports, the Chinese government intends to finish building a prototype molten salt nuclear reactor in the desert city of Wuwei in the coming months, with plans to establish a number of larger-scale plants in similar settings thereafter.


3) New MetaFabric Cools Passively Human Body


Science Alert, July 2021


This nascent field of technology is called personal thermal management (PTM), and in a new study, researchers say their 'metafabric' could one day help wearers to beat excessive heat stress.

"The metafabric exhibits efficient radiative cooling performance and provides necessary breathability and wearing comfort for PTM," a team led by first author Shaoning Zeng from Huazhong University of Science and Technology explains in a new paper.



4) Solar Orbs Concentrate Solar Energy and Even Harvest Moonlight July 2021


This perfectly spherical glass ball is the work of a German architect named André Broessel, who began working on it three years ago with the aim of making solar power more efficient and less expensive, a technology available to everyone, everywhere. "Our product is democratic," he told me recently over email. "Imagine, we are conceiving autonomous products able to concentrate the light even during a cloudy day, which are generating sun powered energy wherever you are in the world. Energy for free."



5) Brain Waves to Speech


&quot;Neuroprosthesis&quot; Restores Words to Man with Paralysis

Science Alert July 2021

In a world first, US researchers have developed a neuroprosthetic device that successfully translated the brain waves of a paralyzed man into complete sentences, according to a scientific paper published "This is an important technological milestone for a person who cannot communicate naturally," said David Moses, a postdoctoral engineer at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and one of the lead authors of the study in the New England Journal of Medicine. "It demonstrates the potential for this approach to give a voice to people with severe paralysis and speech loss."

The breakthrough involved a 36-year-old man who had a stroke when he was 20 that left him with anarthria - the inability to speak intelligibly, though his cognitive function had remained intact,




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