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Hello Tom,


Glad to announce that a full-length movie, with the Producer/Director, has been added to our conference events. It is on the Secret Space Program, from Eisenhower to Obama and will be shown at 8:30 pm on Saturday night (see our website below for more details). We also have a full roster of great speakers coming up for our Eleventh Conference on Future Energy (COFE11). Visit for the complete announcement and speakers list. Our Plenary Speaker is Dr. Bruce Cornet who is an expert on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and will be addressing the technical, propulsion aspects of his first hand evidence, which has also been documented in his book, to be released in time for COFE11. Other presentations, mostly by PhD and MDs, relate to “Biofield Imaging”, “EM Propulsion Systems”, “Emerging Scientific Paradigm”, and “The Dark Side of Solar”, among over a dozen talks, in conjunction with the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference  in the same hotel. Register today! See the Promo Video here .


It is also worthwhile to mention that the first Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) filling station is opening in New York State. In case you are not aware of such a possibility, as I was not about a year ago either, the RNG product is a completely carbon-neutral gas which should be used instead of the commercial “natural gas” sold by utility companies. I understand that many of them are adding a percentage of RNG to their fossil fuel natural gas, as it becomes available in quantity.


Our first story continues the report in the NY Times (May 28, 2019) about Navy pilots tracking a UFO, confirmed by CBS News  & CNN. Regarding the propulsion technology, which is one of our three-prong interests, the Naval Air Warfare Center now reports that it has received USPTO allowances on all of its speculative “UFO” patents in the past few years since the original sighting. Very interesting politics indeed!


More down to home is our Story #2 which finally combines 1) fresh water, with 2) electricity in one solar panel. Using membrane distillation (MSMD), the solar panel converts about 20% of the solar energy into electricity as well as heating the distillation process for water production. Great for rural and third world countries who may have only salt water access, such as in Saudi Arabia.


Story #3 offers an update on the famous Lockheed Supersonic aircraft called the “Quiet X-59”. Maiden flight is schedule for 2021 and can get passengers to their destination very quickly.


Story #4 is a biological electricity story with hopes that research into electric bacteria may prove useful for human use in the future.


Story #5 is a Ukranian startup that offers Solar Blinds which produce 100 watts of electricity and can be put on any south facing window. Providing enough energy to charge up a laptop, this looks like a useful addition to any home that wants to save on their electric bill or for those off the grid.


Our last Story #6 proposes to cut carbon use by 25% by planting a huge number of trees. With 40 gigatons of CO2 going up into the air every year, it is a tall order for additional trees to address. Given that one tree may capture about a million tons of CO2 in its entire lifetime, which is a good rule-of-thumb to remember, we need about a thousand trees to capture just one billion tons (1 gigaton) of CO2 over decades of growth. However, it is great for people to consider all possibilities to remove carbon from the atmosphere, since it is the main driver of increased temperature over the rest of this century.


Onward and upward!


Tom Valone, PhD




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1) Navy Got "UFO" Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances



Patent documents indicate that the U.S. and China are actively developing radical new craft that seem eerily similar to UFOs reported by Navy pilots.

The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies patented by an aerospace engineer working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) headquarters in Patuxent River, Maryland. One of these patents describes a "hybrid aerospace-underwater craft" claimed to be capable of truly extraordinary feats of speed and maneuverability in air, water, and outer space alike thanks to a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system. A primary patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) thought so too. But then the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already “investing significantly” in these aerospace technologies that sound eerily similar to the UFOs reported by Navy pilots in now well-known encounters. This raises the question, are the Chinese developing or even already flying craft leveraging similar advanced technology and is the Navy now scrambling to catch up?



2) Solar Panel Generates Fresh Water & Electricity


A new system for removing salt from seawater using the waste heat from solar panels has been created by Peng Wang and colleagues at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. The team installed a multistage membrane distillation (MSMD) device directly underneath the solar panels so that the system occupies the same footprint as the solar panels. Wang’s team have answered this challenge by creating a desalination system that uses waste heat produced by solar power plants. While solar cells can convert about 20% of sunlight into electricity, the remaining 80% simply heats up the solar panels. The team’s MSMD device comprises three stacked layers of water distillation channels that run parallel to solar panels. Each layer is separated by porous hydrophobic membranes and heat conduction layers.



3) Lockheed begins manufacture of X-59 Quiet Supersonic Technology aircraft


Commercial supersonic flight has left the drawing board with Lockheed Martin announcing fabrication of the X-59 Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) aircraft has begun. Milling the first part of the test aircraft has commenced at the company's famous Skunk Works, setting the project on course for its maiden flight scheduled for 2021.Being developed in partnership with NASA, the purpose of the QueSST X-plane is to test technologies to make commercial supersonic aircraft quiet enough to fly over populated areas. So far, all of the work has been dedicated to computer modeling, design, and wind tunnel testing, but now the project is moving to the manufacture of an actual aircraft.


4) Wired Bacteria Form Nature’s Power Grid: ‘We Have an Electric Planet’


Nature invented the electrical grid first, it turns out. Even in 1882, thousands of miles of wires were already installed in the ground in the New York region, in meadows, in salt marshes, in muddy river bottoms. They were built by microbes, which used them to shuttle electricity. Electroactive bacteria were unknown to science until a couple of decades ago. But now that scientists know what to look for, they’re finding this natural electricity across much of the world, even on the ocean floor. It alters entire ecosystems, and may help control the chemistry of Earth.



5) SolarGaps Smart Solar Blinds


Solargaps have created their smart solar blinds to automatically track the sun throughout the day, generating electricity from its energy to power your home devices. The ukranian startup even claim that the energy from the blinds can go so far as to reduce electricity costs by 70 percent. The solargaps smart blinds turn automatically throughout the day to collect the maximum amount of energy from the sun. one square meter of the blinds produces up to 100 watts of electricity when placed on the exterior of glass windows, meaning that a standard 2 M window provides enough energy to charge up a laptop. Solargaps envision that a large office building covered in solar blinds would be able to run completely off the grid. 

SolarGaps on Kickstarter



6) Planting More Trees Could Cut Carbon by 25%


Swiss scientists have identified an area roughly the size of the United States that could be newly shaded by planting more trees. If the world’s nations then protected these 9 million square kilometres of canopy over unused land, the new global forest could in theory soak up enough carbon to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas by an estimated 25%.

That is, the extent of new tree canopy would be enough to take the main driver of global heating back to conditions on Earth a century ago.




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