Restoring Scientific Integrity - Union of Concerned Scientists

NASA Breakthrough Physics website

"Quantum Cavorite: Superconductors and Gravity Shielding" Web Page

Electrogravity website cited by the BBC

122 companies responsible for 80% of the carbon emissions worldwide

Non-Profit Eagle Research website with HydroCarbon and Brown's Gas information

Best source for Nikola Tesla books and reports

Hans Coler website with complete report

Cold Fusion Times website

Bruce Perrault Radiant Energy website

T. Henry Moray's Sea of Energy 5th edition

Infinite Energy magazine website

Tom Valone’s article on "Health Effects of Ions and Ozone"

Excellent Russian magazine on "New Energy Technologies"

32 newspaper abstract service - over 4 million records

Indy Media Radio interview with Tom Valone - RealAudio & MP3

Iceland Launches an Energy Revolution - 100% hydrogen society

US Geological Survey poster on running out of oil


General Info on Renewable Energy

Electric Vehicles:

Solar Energy

Wind energy:




Fuel Cells

Nuclear Power:


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