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32-page peer-reviewed Inter. J. of Env. and Climate Change article by Thomas Valone, celebrating Dr. Jim Hansen's 1988 accurate prediction of the 2019 global temperature with the nation's first climate prediction computer program at NASA Goddard Space Center.

"Introduction to Ufology and Astrosociology"-- Toward a University Textbook" by Thomas Valone (PDF). Presented at the UFO Mega Convention in Laughlin NV, February 22, 2020 for 90 minutes to the full Saturday audience. This is intended to be a 13-chapter summary of a textbook, designed for a university or college course. Since Dr. Valone taught for years at Erie Community College, this textbook will be developed and written with expert input and audience input, so that the best documented UFO incidents are recorded and explained for student review and study, with questions at the end of each chapter, as well as a Teacher's Edition with answers. (Enable your Flash Player to view embedded videos or visit UFO Mega Conference for the DVD.)

BEST solution to the World's Future Food Supply AeroFarms Technology - 95% less water, 390 times more productivity per square foot, LED indoor farming optimized, multitier

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2019 - full color format 32 pages - includes Valone's latest climate change slideshow - 3 MB PDF download.

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2018 - full color format 32 pages - great super clean energy review - 3 MB PDF download.

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2017 - full color format 42 pages - best future energy summary ever - 5 MB PDF download.

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2016 - new version - full color format 40 pages - 4 MB PDF download.

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2015 - shortened format - 1.5 MB PDF download.

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2014 - most comprehensive report ever; includes fulfilled predictions - 4.5 MB file size

Integrity Research Institute Annual Report 2013 - full length, very informative - 2 MB file size

Slideshow of "Quantitative carbon dioxide, temperature, and sea level relation for the Future", presented at the IEEE Society and Technology (ISTAS 2019) in Boston at Tufts University, Nov. 14-15, 2019

Slideshow of Dr. Valone's on "Future Energy Breakthroughs" from the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Boulder, CO, October 10-12, 2013 to a standing-room only crowd (14 MB, PDF).

Dr. Valone's video presentation on "Future Energy Breakthroughs" (sixth video presentation and also repeated as the tenth one down the page - 53 min.) from the Global BEM conference

Report on 'Defusing Conspiracy Fears Concerning New Energy Technologies 2010', an email exchange dialogue which includes a candid IRI Position Statement on conspiracy fears and the prudent resolution of them for the new energy technologist and the general public.

A four hour radio interview with Dr. Valone from "Coast to Coast with George Noory" (April 28, 2008) is now online in four MP3 files. The first few hours deal with energy, inventors, propulsion and suppression. The last hour is on health and healing with electrotherapy and was the most popular. Each is about 13 Meg (mp3) and very entertaining as well as educational: Valone-Coast to Coast-Hour #1 (mp3) , Valone-Coast to Coast-Hour #2 (mp3) , Valone-Coast to Coast-Hour #3 (mp3) , Valone-Coast to Coast-Hour #4 (mp3)

EvolutionShift David Houle's 2007 Interview with Valone in PDF format (5 pages) concerning the urgency of the future.

Dr. Tom Valone submits policy recommendations to for a Comprehensive National Energy Initiative to the Obama Energy and Environment Team. The 67-page report (3 Meg pdf) presents a 15-point plan for securing energy independence. This expanded version also includes an appended journal article by Valone on the use of "zero bias diodes" as energy harvesters.

Free one hour ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference ZPE lecture online video  is a popular introduction to the subject of "zero point energy" and how it can be used.

The most popular recent interview is by Conscious Media Network "Interview with Tom Valone on Alternative Energy"

Progressive Radio Network interview of IRI's Tom Valone with Jim Turner in October, 2008 is a podcast mp3 file:

Audio file the Omni Art Salon podcast interview on future energy under the title, "Zero Point Energy and More with Dr. Tom Valone"

Regarding the use of Zero Point Energy for vehicles, a conference proceeding article for the SPESIF conference in February 2009 on using "zero bias" diodes for rectifying ZPE quantum noise (paper in "CNEIpolicyReport2009" above), which form the basis for these converters of the near future, also summarized in the book, Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future.

Natural Philosophy Alliance has the most comprehensive online profile biography and books of Dr. Tom Valone

IRI 126-page "Bush-Cheney Energy Study" analysis of the National Energy Policy of 2002 (2 Meg pdf)

"History and Physics of High Voltage Electromagnetic Medicine" - Valone article (126 KB pdf)

Restoring Scientific Integrity - Union of Concerned Scientists

NASA Breakthrough Physics Program status report

"Quantum Cavorite: Superconductors and Gravity Shielding" Web Page

Electrogravity website cited by the BBC

122 companies responsible for 80% of the carbon emissions worldwide

Non-Profit Eagle Research website with HydroCarbon and Brown's Gas information

Best source for Nikola Tesla books and reports

Hans Coler website with complete report

Cold Fusion Times website

Bruce Perrault Radiant Energy website

T. Henry Moray's Sea of Energy 5th edition

Infinite Energy magazine website

Tom Valone’s article on "Health Effects of Ions and Ozone"

Excellent Russian magazine on "New Energy Technologies"

32 newspaper abstract service - over 4 million records

Indy Media Radio interview with Tom Valone - RealAudio & MP3

Iceland Launches an Energy Revolution - 100% hydrogen society

US Geological Survey poster on running out of oil

Home Energy Conservation for Kids by HomeAdvisor

Colleges Going Green

Complete Guide to Eco-Conscious Thrifting


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