Future Energy eNews September 14, 2002

1) Energy Bill on Capital Hill: send your opinion to Congress (use EASY & QUICK link)!

2) Tilley electric car sensation not proven. Best factual report provided by Dr. Mallove below.

3) Conference on Energy & Accountability - actual flyer is attached (Adobe pdf file)

1) Influence the US Energy Bill (courtesy of Alliance for Energy & Economic Growth )

Congress has returned to Washington, and the House-Senate conference committee tasked with resolving differences between the two energy bills will meet this month to resume its efforts.http://www.uschamber.info/ct/Z11KNt41jq-5/Alliancehttp://www.uschamber.info/ct/Z11KNt41jq-5/Alliancehttp://www.uschamber.info/ct/Z11KNt41jq-5/Alliance

Our nation cannot afford to wait any longer for a comprehensive energy policy. We MUST have energy security at home as the fight against global terrorism continues. We must foster energy independence -- our national defense and our economic recovery require it. All members of Congress -- especially those on the energy bill conference committee -- need to hear one simple message: "Energy Bill: Don't Come Home Without It!"

It's time to put the full court press back on Congress. The Alliance is again featuring an online advocacy tool that allows you, your employees, and your member companies to send a personal e-mail to your legislators. Click here to tell your lawmakers to get an energy bill to the President's desk.

Here's how you can help: Visit the website. Follow the instructions to send a letter. Then include a link to the website in your next e-mail to your employees or your member companies so they can send a letter, too. It's that simple! We'll make sure voice is heard in Washington.

Send this link to your employees or members so they, too, can tell Congress to finish a comprehensive national energy plan: http://www.uschamber.info/ct/2d1KNt41jqJx/WriteToCongresswww.capitolconnect.com/aeeg.

2) Review on the Tilley electric car recharger promotion

Sunday evening, 9/8/02 -- Update on Carl Tilley's Device
by Eugene F. Mallove (

"Free Energy" Car Suffers Mechanical Breakdown

The potential record-breaking event by an electric vehicle at the
Nashville SuperSpeedway this Saturday morning (9/7/02) disappointed
Tennessee inventor Carl Tilley, his associates, and about a hundred other
people attending the admission-free gathering, when a wheel bearing failed.
www.tilleyfoundation.com for the company's promotional material and
information. The Tilley Foundation had rented the new SuperSpeedway for an
expected all-day run to crush, with a margin of hundreds of miles, the world
record for an EV of 220 miles. The group had rented the SuperSpeedway at a
reported rental cost of about $5,000.
Tilley claims to have invented a device that re-charges batteries
on-the-fly in automobiles and in fixed installations, using no evident fuel
or power source (except whatever energy may be accessible from the space
vacuum). Photos of this device that are circulating show what looks like a
very small electric motor with its output shaft penetrating an approximately
one cubic foot metal box. Independent observers who have been to Tilley's
lab say that this is the device that Tilley claims is also powering his
Tilley's 1981 DeLorean, retrofit with a conventional electric motor and
controller (purchased, we confirmed, from EV America of Wolfboro, New
Hampshire), had to stop its planned multi-hundred mile demonstration after
only about 18 miles of high speed driving (moving in the 70-90 mph range,
estimated by observers). Its left rear wheel bearing failed, making the car
inoperable for any more laps. An independent engineer from New York, who had driven to Nashville in HIS unconverted DeLorean, confirmed to the attendees that DeLorean vehicles are particularly prone to such bearing failures his own vehicle had had several such bearing failures in the past.
Our colleague, engineer Jan Roos, who witnessed Saturday's demonstration
relates that Tilley and his associates promise another public demonstration
soon, which will involve TWO vehicles the DeLorean with new bearing
replacements on all wheels, and a retrofit SUV of some kind. By doing this
they hope to insure a successful demonstration. They have privately
promised also a public demonstration of an electric-powered single-engine
piloted aircraft, to be flown from Florida to somewhere in New England!
Prior to the mechanical failure Saturday, the airplane flight was to have
occurred before the end of October. Douglas Littlefield of Vermont,
Tilley's spokesman, told me that they have obtained FAA approval for such a
test flight.
Jan Roos told me this evening that he inspected the vehicle as closely as
possible, with the various compartments open, and there was no evidence of
any kind of auxilliary batteries or another concealed engine. It is an
electric vehicle, period. Two of the compact Tilley devices, with drive
belts attached, appeared to be near the engine, Roos said. In the rush to
start the early morning, all-day run on Saturday, Roos was not able to
measure the initial 12, 12-Volt Wal-Mart battery pack voltage. However, the
voltage reading immediately after the car stopped was 137 V, measured by
Roos' DVM. The pack recovered to 144.8V within about 20 minutes after this.
Chemical recovery of storage battery potential is a known phenomenon, of
course. Tilley understands this, but noted to Roos that his device continues
*some* of its recharge functioning after vehicle motor shut down. It is not
clear what the average voltage of the battery pack would be during
high-speed travel -- assuming the recharging claims are valid.
Tilley and his associates claimed to Roos and others that the DeLorean
had been driven 202 miles on a drive to Kentucky in the few weeks preceding
the 9/7 public test, which if true would be remarkable. (The world record
for a capable EV was by a Geo-Metro that went 220 miles.) Despite these
dramatic claims, at this time it is not possible to draw conclusions about
any anomalous performance of the vehicle. This must await further public
demonstrations. It is noteworthy, however, that despite the embarrassing
mechanical failure, there seemed to be no reluctance by the inventor and his
business associates (many evidently from Vermont) to promise further
demonstrations soon. This is a positive development.
Prior to the 9/7/02 test, I had called Bob Batson, who runs EV America in
Wolfboro, NH. I asked him how far a 3,000 lb De Lorean equipped with 12,
12-Volt (130-A-hr) batteries would be expected to travel, at say 60 mph,
before stopping due to battery exhaustion. He ran his calculation and said
that at 60 mph the car would travel at maximum 52 miles, but the average
stopping distance would be 37 miles. This should put past and future claims
by Carl Tilley and his associates in proper perspective.
Roos said he learned that the Tilley Foundation's plan is to sell the
rights to the technology as soon as possible. There have been many
interested parties, it is said. One non-negotiable requirement, Roos
learned, is that the purchasing entity must agree to put the technology into
the marketplace within three years, or the rights revert back to the Tilley
Infinite Energy magazine will provide continuing coverage of efforts to
validate or disprove, publicly and privately, the very large claims of Carl
Tilley and his associates.

In closing let me note the location of a few reports by others, before and
after the Sept. 7th event:




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Tilley Foundation Web Site
Bobby Allison's Web Site
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About a week ago we first heard about an electric car that had an onboard battery charger similar to our OmniChargerTM technology. At this time we have not yet been able to confirm the validity of the technology. However, since it has always been our policy to help get clean alternative energy technologies out to the public (whether or not it is our technology) we have set up a mirror web site that can be accessed right here since their site has been so hard to access the last few days. YOU CAN ACCESS THE SITE BY CLICKING HERE

3) Conference on Energy & Accountability

Have you ever attended one of our conferences? Now is your chance!

Click on CEA Brochure pdf file to view and print the two-page conference brochure. The Ethics of Innovation, Supression, and Crisis Nov. 9-10, 2002 Holiday Inn, College Park, MD (301-345-6700). Speakers include: Dr. Scott Chubb, Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. Theodore Rockwell, Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Frank Mead, David Hamilton, Dr. Gene Mallove, Dr. Mitchell Swartz, Peter Hunt, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, Thomas Valone (Ph.D. ABD), and others. The conference is off-the-record to allow speakers to be more candid with their energy suppression testimony.

Visit www.IntegrityResearchInstitute.org for more information.

(Yes, the hotel has a swimming pool.) -TV