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Viruses now shown to produce energy!







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Hello Tom,


As we move into the New Year, our economy is still struggling and in the personal transportation sector, global sales of passenger vehicles fell by 20% but 2020 sales of electric vehicles (EV) soared by an additional 38% as compared to 2019 (Wood Mackenzie, The chief analyst for Wood Mackenzie also forecasts that EV sales will grow another 25% in this decade, if not more. This coincides with the push by many auto makers including General Motors who is striving for a “zero-emissions future”. Perhaps because an environmentally conscious woman is in charge (CEO Mary Barra), GM wants to “be part of the solution by putting everyone in an electric vehicle” (


Since our main focus is energy, it is always exciting to find a new discovery such as viruses which are now shown to produce their own energy! Story #1 is a breakthrough describing giant viruses that do so, thereby leading into the question of whether viruses are alive or not. This article shows an artist’s drawing of one of these mimiviruses that simply encloses DNA in a protein shell. However, such mimiviruses also have their own adaptive immune system to destroy invaders Another type discussed in Story #1 is the pandoravirus, giving rise to the title of the article, that generates a membrane potential that is an electrical gradient across their outer membrane. Such an accomplishment requires a generator and a flow of energy from inside the virus, such as with human, plant and animal single cells. Furthermore, it normally serves a distinct purpose to produce ATP but in a virus the method of generation and the purpose of the voltage potential is a mystery waiting to be solved. Quite intriguing for an inert bunch of protein that is normally not considered to be alive…or is it?


Story #2 is the third installment of the recent US Navy Patent Documents, all of which are unusual and controversial. Some of us who worked at the US Patent and Trademark Office wonder how they were allowed to become patents without a constructive reduction to practice for such theoretically speculative ideas. However, this article surmises from a FOIA how Dr. Pais survived an internal review with costly testing from the Navy before proceeding with the patent applications. We leave it to our readers to decide if gravity modification is now a possibility since it has been patented.


Story #3 comes on the heels of the UK declaring a new commitment to tokamak nuclear fusion power by 2040. Across the pond, General Fusion’s Jeff Bezos says their design can be more practical than tokamaks in Story #3, which was just released this week. Commonwealth Fusion Systems is also competing and targeting 2025 for their use of extraordinary magnets to pressurize elements into superhot plasma.


Story #4 is an exiting upgrade from the Tesla Powerwall 2 with an Australian company Lavo that offers a 40 kWh hydrogen fuel cell with three times the capacity of the Tesla Powerwall 2. This can power an average home for two days if the grid is down, while additional solar or wind can make it grid-independent.


Story #5 is a great development for this country with New Jersey finally joining the trend of offshore wind with the biggest wind turbines ever built (12 MW capacity). General Electric says that each turbine (out of the 99 to be built) will take 10,000 fossil fuel cars off the road annually. The wind farm is expected to start operating soon…by 2024...and provide enough power for about 94% of the New Jersey homes, which is pretty amazing. However, it is only the second largest after New York State.


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1) Viruses Shown to Produce Their Own Energy


New Scientist Magazine


A few giant viruses appear to generate their own energy, which viruses aren’t supposed to be able to do. The finding will fuel an already fierce debate about whether giant viruses really are viruses, and if they are alive or not.


“It is really incredible to have energy in a virus,” says Bernard La Scola at Aix-Marseille University in France. Why any virus needs to produce its own energy remains a mystery, he says.




2) Navy UFO Patent Documents Gravity Modification Weapon Testing


By The January 2021


The War Zone's most recent report on the strange circumstances surrounding these patents underlined that there were indeed some type of physical experiments conducted related to them, even if very limited. Now, new Freedom of Information Act releases provide unprecedented insights not just into how seriously the Navy took Dr. Pais's work, but also exactly how elements of it were actually tested at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars and where the program may have ended up. The materials even include mention of a "Spacetime Modification Weapon (SMW- a weapon that can make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker, in comparison)."


3) What is New Magnetized Target Fusion


Popular Mechanics January 2021


Two competing nuclear fusion companies, each with venture capital superstars as major investors, say we’re approaching the “Kitty Hawk moment” for their technology as early as 2025. Like a tokamak, an MTF reactor involves hot plasma contained by a powerful magnetic field. But where a tokamak is heated by extraordinary outside power, the MTF reactor made by Canada’s Jeff Bezos-backed General Fusion is pressurized to superheat the plasma—like a party filled with dancing people where the room continues to shrink around them. This pressure is applied by pistons that coordinate to make a pressure wave.



4) World's-First Home Hydrogen Battery


New Atlas January 2021


Australian energy company Lavo is throwing down the gauntlet to Tesla’s Powerwall with a home battery storage system that doesn’t rely on conventional batteries at all, New Atlas reports — opting for hydrogen as fuel instead. For both systems, the idea is to soak up any excess energy generated through solar or wind energy systems, as well as provide an emergency ration of power in case the grid ever fails.

Lavo’s massive battery, which it’s calling the Green Energy Storage System, is technically an electrolysis unit that can generate hydrogen from water, store it, and then turn it into electricity using a fuel cell, much like a hydrogen vehicle.

Thanks to its massive 40 kilowatt-hours capacity, Lavo’s battery has nearly three times the capacity of Tesla’s current-gen Powerwall 2. That’s plenty of energy to power an average home for two days straight — and a strident shot across the industry’s bow.



5) New Jersey First Offshore Wind Farm to be Powered by the Biggest Most Powerful Turbines


By NJ Spotlight News January 2021


New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm will also be among the first in the world to be powered by the biggest most powerful turbines ever built. Ocean Wind, a planned farm about 15 miles off Atlantic City, is due to start operating in 2024, using as many as 99 Haliade-X turbines, giant machines that will tower 853 feet (260 meters) above the ocean’s surface, using blades that are 351 feet (107 meters) long, and can each generate enough electricity to power 16,000 homes




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