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Hello Tom,


As we approach our country’s Independence Day, let us imagine what our future will look like with Energy Independence from fossil fuels. It is happening slowly and this month’s FE eNews helps inform our readers about the real progress that is being made. This week I am applying for a TED talk presentation that will center around future energy.


Our Story #1 shows how helium may still be a winner for cutting 90% of fossil fuel usage for air transport. Ten Airlanders, leased by a Spanish airline company called Air Nostrum, will show the world that a 100-seat helium airship can be attractive and economically driven. Creating 1800 jobs, the parent company Hybrid Air Vehicles HAV ( will be using Airlanders on domestic routes in the UK as well, with the goal of going all-electric as well.


Story #2 offers a solution to the lithium-ion battery that has been beleagured with many unsolved issues, including price, safety, and source stability. A solid-state sodium-sulfur battery developed by the University of Houston Researchers Develop Sodium Glassy Electrolytes Capable of Supporting Long-Duration Grid-scale Energy Storage - University of Houston ( and entering a pilot program of production by Solid Power Solid Power Announces Installation of EV Cell Pilot Line (, is an exciting development for electric vehicles.


Story #3 is a NASA Tech Briefs endorsement of pulsed electrotherapy for tendon healing but is starting in the same place where Drs. Becker, Bassett, and Pilla started in the 1970s: implant the electrodes just to prove that such microcurrent electrostimulation speeds healing in the Body Electric (name of Becker’s best-selling book). This very similar to the “Electric Knee Implants Help Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain” invention that we just reported in the May, 2022 issue of FE eNews. In this case, it is the National University of Ireland that also added a power source of body movement for its microelectronic piezoelectric device. Read the full study in Advanced Materials here. Next time, our Integrity Research Institute predicts that a spinoff invention will “miraculously” discover that by Faraday’s Law, pulsed magnetic fields can also create endogenous electric impulses in deep tissue without the invasive surgery, as history repeats itself. If you want the future of electromedicine, visit our and try one of our EM Pulser 78 models for 30 days under a money back guarantee. Ninety nine percent of our clients find it helps speed pain reduction and healing, as Dr. Glen Gordon found, ironically, from a NASA PEMF Study decades ago. You can also now get the Audio Version of our Bestselling: Bioelectromagnetic Healing, A Rationale for Its Use. Available on Audible or iTunes


Story #4 is what many of us have been impatiently waiting for: a solution to the growing plastic waste globally. Here is another 90% savings for you as this reaction converts 90% of plastic to jet fuel. Using a feed source of polyethylene, commonly found in milk jugs, bottles, and plastic furniture, researchers at Washington State University, New technology converts waste plastics to jet fuel in an hour – WSU Insider under the direction of Professor Hongfei Lin, heat it in a moderate 220 degrees C with a special ruthenium catalyst to form the hydrocarbon fuel, as reported in Chem Catalysis Deconstruction of high-density polyethylene into liquid hydrocarbon fuels and lubricants by hydrogenolysis over Ru catalyst: Chem Catalysis (


Story #5 brings us up to date on another much anticipated future air travel, the supersonic jet. Besides NASA’s research with the X-59, we find that another company called Boom has an Overture craft Boom - Overture ( ready for test flights.




Tom Valone, PhD


1) Spanish Airline to Fly UK-Made Helium Hybrid Airships


by AFP Staff Writers

London (AFP) June 15, 2022


Spain's Air Nostrum has become the first airline to reserve 100-seat helium airships that emit just one tenth of harmful emissions produced by jet planes, their British manufacturer said Wednesday. A spokesperson for Hybrid Air Vehicles told AFP that Air Nostrum signed a deal to lease 10 Airlanders scheduled for delivery from 2026 onwards in a transaction worth over $600 million. The Spanish regional carrier aims to become HAV's launch customer while also diversifying its domestic fleet, using the Airlander on domestic routes. It can stay in the air for five days and travel at maximum speeds of 130 kilometres (80 miles) per hour, with a range of more than 7,000 kilometres.


2) Solid-State Batteries for EVs Make a Leap Toward Mass Production


Inside Climate News. June 2022


At some point, the development of solid-state batteries—in which electrons flow through a solid material instead of a liquid or gel—is going to lead to electric vehicles that can go much farther on a charge and battery-storage systems that can hold more energy while taking up less space. We just don’t know when that is going to be. First, Solid Power, a Colorado-based company developing solid-state EV batteries for partners including Ford and BMW, said it has completed installation of a “pilot production line” that is capable of making about 300 battery cells per week. This signals that the technology is now moving from the lab to the factory. Second, University of Houston researchers published a paper showing how they have developed a glasslike material that is highly effective as an electrolyte—the part of a battery that electrons pass through during cycles of charging and discharging—for use in a sodium-sulfur battery for energy storage. The research is notable because this is a solid-state battery, and because it shows the promise of sodium-sulfur batteries as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries for long-duration energy storage.



3) Implantable Piezoelectric Stimulator Speeds Healing June 2022


Researchers have shown how the simple act of walking can power an implantable stimulator device to speed up treatment of musculoskeletal diseases. A new range of stimulator devices enables control of musculoskeletal tissue regeneration to treat tendon damage and disease and sports injuries without the use of drugs or external stimulation. The implantable devices may be tailored to individual patients or disorders and may show promise in accelerating the repair of sport-related tendon injuries, particularly in athletes. The study investigated whether electrical therapy, coupled with exercise, would show promise in treating tendon disease or ruptures. It showed that tendon cell function and repair can be controlled through electrical stimulation from an implantable device powered by body movement.


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4) Tech Converts Waste Plastics to Jet Fuel June 2022


Researchers have developed an innovative way to convert plastics to ingredients for jet fuel and other valuable products, making it easier and more cost effective to reuse plastics. The researchers converted 90% of plastic to jet fuel and other valuable hydrocarbon products within an hour at moderate temperatures and easily fine-tuned the process to create the products that they want.

Plastics recycling has been problematic. The most common mechanical recycling methods melt the plastic and remold it but that lowers its economic value and quality for use in other products. Chemical recycling can produce higher-quality products but it has required high reaction temperatures and a long processing time, making it too expensive and cumbersome for industries to adopt. Because of its limitations, only about 9% of plastic in the U.S. is recycled every year



5) The Future of Supersonic Travel


The Future of Supersonic Travel


Building on Concorde’s legacy, government and commercial and aerospace innovators are developing technologies that would make supersonic flight over land possible, dramatically reducing travel time anywhere in the world. NASA's X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology and Boom's Overture are two promising aircraft in the pursuit for supersonic travel.



·     NASA's Low-Boom Flight Demonstration: Supersonic X-Plane to Fly Over Land

·     Cleaner, Faster Flight is on the Horizon

·     Using Aerial Towing to Study Sonic Booms




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