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"Tenth Conference on Future Energy ALERT: It’s not too late to sign up" for August 10-11, 2018. Our lineup is stellar!. This year at COFE10 will be unique, since I am scheduled for a Saturday night plenary talk on the “Manelas Device”, which is a solid state, nanocrystalline, strontium ferrite core battery with unusual properties of increasing its voltage over time, even when used to charge an electric car battery bank. Dr. Brian Ahern, who holds a PhD in engineering from MIT did the independent laboratory testing of the device and also worked with Arthur Manelas before his passing. He will also be part of the presentation, with a two-slideshow extravaganza. His first slideshow will be on his theory of “Energy Localization” which will help explain his second slideshow containing all of his independent measurements, graphs and detailed charts of the anomalous magnetic fields present and the voltage gains over time. Dr. Ahern did his doctorate thesis on InP semiconductor Crystal Growth and worked for DOD, USAF, Quantum Catalytics, and Rome Laboratories. He has received contracts from the Energy and Power Research Institute (EPRI) and awards for technology transfer, National Technology, and Second Prize in a DOE competition on Clean Energy. His work on the Manelas technology began in 2011 and has included numerous articles on the investigation. We also have many other great inventors and entrepreneurs presenting. As a Future Energy eNews subscriber, you may use our 2018 Preferred Customer discount code “PC18” to register.


On the Future Energy frontier, a new notice has emerged concerning an estimated 2.3 billion people who are on the verge of buying an air conditioner to combat their personal home warming, which by 2050, will use as much energy as China uses today for ALL of its electricity to TIME magazine (July 30, 2018). Once again, the work that IRI is doing keeps becoming more and more relevant and urgent.


Our first Story is a breakthrough for biofuel advocates and environmentalists since it reduces atmospheric CO2 while producing biofuel. Just last week, research presented at the Materials Research Society conference showed that enzymes can be the key to converting alcohol and CO2 into useful fuel. The Related Article on capturing CO2 from the air is also exciting, since these will no doubt be upscaled in the near future as billionaires come on board to save the planet.


Our Story #2 shows the new Tesla PowerWall at a local Home Depot, accompanied by the news about how Vermont is being saved from heat waves by using a large network of such large battery storage units for off-peak energy usage.


Story #3 is a great electrotherapy study just published a few months ago on pulsed EMF effects on lower back pain, which affects millions of people. PEMF has been shown by Walter Reed Medical Center here in Bethesda MD as having a significant effect and warrants further study. Of course, our IRI work in this area is pioneering apparently by bringing such therapy to the public. See for more info.


Story #4 shows how the rest of the world is moving way ahead of the U.S. in getting clean energy cars to dominate the market by 2050. Now Japan is aiming to be all-electric by then, along with many major auto manufacturers.


Story #5 may be a wonderful glimpse of the Jetson future for many of us since the Opener company has introduced a flying car that needs no license to pilot it way above the snarled traffic on the local thruway. The Personal Aerial Vehicle may become a standard alternative with its all-electric motors.


 Onward and upward!


Tom Valone, PhD



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1) Electricity and Enzymes Produce BioFuel from Carbon Dioxide




When you drink alcohol, enzymes in your liver break it down into a series of byproducts, including carbon dioxide. A group of scientists in Austria are trying to run the process in reverse, using the same sort of enzymes to convert CO2 to alcohol and other products that can be used as fuel or as raw materials for the biochemical industry. “We are trying to reduce the CO2 electrochemically,” Stefanie Schlager, a doctoral student at Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, told a session at the Materials Research Society’s fall meeting in Boston last week.


Related Article Capturing CO2 from Air


2) Tesla PowerWalls Save the Day in Vermont Heat Wave


Vermont is starting to get a significant number of Tesla Powerwalls installed through the company’s partnership with Green Mountain Power (GMP), an important electric utility in Vermont.

This latest heat wave in the northeast has hit Vermont pretty hard and GMP says that the energy storage capacity of its network of Powerwalls is making the difference during the peak demand.


Related Article Tesla PowerWall by the Numbers

Tesla powerwall



3) Study shows Pulsed Electromagnetics (PEMF) Produce Significant Improvement for Lower Back Pain Issues



Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields have significant effectiveness for lower back pain issues.

Chronic low back pain (cLBP) is among the most frequent complaints for medical visits, lost work time, and attrition from combat operations among military service members.


Pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) is a relatively unexplored complementary integrative treatment for cLBP. PEMF in addition to usual care (UC) produced a significant improvement in self-reported physical health-related quality of life and a significant increase in anxiety symptoms, when compared with UC alone..  



4) Japan Aims for All Electric Cars by 2050


Bloomberg New Energy

The race for car electrification just got more intense as Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, announced plans to switch to electric cars in under two decades. The government panel also set a goal for emissions reduction: by 2050, all emissions from passenger vehicles must drop by 90% compared to 2010 levels.


The panel also includes members from major automobile companies such as Toyota and Nissan, who will work together on acquiring the much-needed cobalt for the cars’ batteries. This collaboration is particularly significant as Chinese investors are aggressively securing deposits of the rare resource. It’s very rare for car makers to agree to this type of deal, which seems to bode well for the overall success of the initiative.



5) Blackfly Flying Car Needs No License


Canadian-based aviation firm Opener Inc. has unveiled its new BlackFly single-seater aircraft, which it bills as a Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) and the world's first ultralight all-electric fixed-wing Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. The fully-amphibious drop-shaped flyer with fore and aft wings sporting eight electric motors has a range of 25 mi (40 km) and a top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). See Video of The Opener Company Press Release below.


BlackFly - Official Launch




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