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To begin with, our close associate organization, TeslaTech LLC has hosted our Conferences on Future Energy in the past and still holds cutting-edge, new energy tech conferences every year. They only need a few more subscribers to reach 1000 which is a great incentive for TeslaTech to receive some income from the free subscriptions. If you visit their website and click on the YouTube icon in the middle of the page, you can download a watch literally any of the hundreds of lecture videos from recent conferences that they are just giving away! I downloaded the one from this year’s event on the antioxidant properties of hydrogen which was so convincing, with journal article slide citations, that we bought a small bottle hydrogen-water generator on Amazon. Steve tells us, “At this time hundreds of DVDs have been released with more scheduled at a rate of 2 per day. By the end of the year, there will be hundreds of pre-2016 DVDs available to watch for free. Be sure to 'Like' our videos (it helps search engines send us viewers)! Check the channel for publication schedules. SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE! This is a way of supporting our efforts to promote alternative science at no cost to you! Your support is deeply appreciated and NEVER taken for granted!” Full story is here


Our Story #1 Is a recent follow-up on my latest publication showing the details of Dr. Jim Hansen’s amazing discovery of the predictive quality, what I call a “roadmap”, of the past 420,000 years of paleoclimatology. It is Chapter 10 of the book, Modern Advances in Geography, Environment, and Earth Sciences Volume 5, and just published a few months ago. However, the chapter is not open access but there is hope…my Chapter 10 is very similar to my other article T. F. Valone - Global Environmental Forecast and Roadmap Based on 420 kY of Paleoclimatology ( previously published in the Journal of Atmospheric Science Research, Vol. 3, Issue 3, July 2020 which is open access. It is relatively short and very readable, so take advantage of this opportunity to avail yourself of answers and the major solution to global warming. On another similar topic, another one of my articles, “Linear Global Temperature Correlation to Carbon Dioxide Level, Sea Level, and Innovative Solutions to a Projected 6°C Warming by 2100” published in the Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, also published this year in 2021, V.9, p. 84-135, has downloads and views that have been increased to 293 Downloads 1,005 Views. It is also open access but very comprehensive for researchers, at a total page count of 52 pages.


 Story #2 is quite a valuable health insight, now reinforced by a clinical study. Red light that is near-infrared (around 670 nm or so) can not only improve one’s night vision with only a few minutes of exposure each day but also reverse the deterioration of eyesight with advancing age. This type of red light (which can be found on Amazon is also helpful in treating macular degeneration and even stroke and Parkinson’s. The Journal reference is Nature magazine’s Scientific Reports, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-02311-1.


 Story #3 is another jaw-dropping development in the ever-shifting UFO technology subject. While the military has finally loosened its stranglehold on the information about sightings, the most valuable “how” instead of “what” or “where” is now being addressed by at least one Congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona. Such flying ability of UFO or UAP craft have consistently defied physics and aerodynamic laws so any attempt to establish a civilian research center to reverse engineer such craft is more than welcome. Our only concern is how the Congressman plans to cooperate or possibly circumvent the security issues connected with such advanced propulsion discoveries. Let’s keep an open mind toward a possible future that allows private firms to use such engineering developments for space travel.


Stories #4 and #5 are our dedication to tracking the wonderful developments in the hydrogen economy. Not only have industries been ramping up transactions and financial support for utilities in 2020 with Story #4 but now we are seeing a breakthrough with cargo ships in Story #5. In fact, the Norwegian company Statkraft has an amazing website full of green hydrogen goals and inventions. It may spill over to this side of the Atlantic very soon, according to the expert: See Hydrogen Forward” on 12/17/21 announced that “More than 80% of energy companies are investing in hydrogen or considering entering the market, survey finds”, or the “Top 10 Hydrogen Economy Trends & Innovations in 2021” from StartUs Insights


Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year


Tom Valone, PhD






1) Final Version Published of IRI's "Possible Global Environmental Forecast and Roadmap Based on 420 kY of Paleoclimatology"


Integrity Research Press Release December 2021


As the world’s population has tripled (3x) since 1950, with another 50% increase expected by 2100, global annual carbon dioxide emissions growth rate has quadrupled (4x) since 1950 and global energy demand has quintupled (5x), all in the same time period. This discontinuous combination can be called a “3-4-5 Triad” and the sudden acceleration in all three arenas is too stressful on the environment and the damaging effects will be felt globally for centuries to come unless drastic action is taken. More importantly, the energy demand at 5x is outstripping the other two. This clearly means that as the population explodes at 3x, the emerging middle class wants almost twice as much as their usual share as fossil-fueled generators spread around the globe and modern conveniences become more and more desirable. However, such energy demand at 5x is an artificial human need that is predicted by to result in four to five billion new window-mounted air conditioners by 2050 that will add even more to the global warming caused by increasing atmospheric carbon. By an examination of paleoclimatology for the past 420,000 years, it is demonstrable that reducing the concentration of this single most prolific heat-trapping gas by geoengineering back to pre-industrial levels of less than 300 ppm can actually give humankind a collective control over the world’s rapidly rising average global temperature and once more, a temperate climate to live in.


Modern Advances in Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences Vol. 5, 14 July 2021, Page 130-140

·     View Article


2) Eyesight can Improve with Red Light Therapy


By Clare Wilson, New Scientist, December 2021


Eyesight that has deteriorated due to age can be improved by exposure to deep red light and near-infrared light. An Unusual experimental treatment for fading sight involves shining a red light into the eyes for a few minutes to boost the activity of mitochondria, microscopic structures that provide energy inside cells. In the first small test of the approach in 24 people, one short exposure to the light slightly improved people’s performance in tests of colour vision for several days. Deep red light and near-infrared light have previously been shown to enhance the function of mitochondria in a range of cell-based and animal experiments. These wavelengths seem to work by making these cells more energy efficient.


3) New Law Will Fund Reverse Engineer UFO Tech, December 2021


Congress is set to pass a new defense bill introduced on Tuesday that would allow funding to reverse engineer UFO technology.The bill would form a rapid response force that would conduct field investigations and analyze data from any sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), the US government’s preferred term for UFOs, reports The group appears to fall under the purview of the UFO task force that the Pentagon announced two weeks ago. “Protecting our national security interests means knowing who and what are flying in US airspace,” Rep. Ruben Gallego, a cosponsor of the legislation, told “Right now, our system of tracking and identifying UAPs is scattered throughout the Department of Defense and other departments and agencies of the federal government.” 



4) Utilities & Investors Are Going for Renewables, Especially Hydrogen


Azom News December 2020


Ernst & Young (EY) released a report detailing transactions in power and utilities (P&U) for Q3 2021, which shows that utilities are putting significant financial support behind their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Investments in gas and electricity networks, the broader energy transition, and energy services; including storage, EVs and waste-to-energy, accounted for $57.2 billion of the quarter’s total of $72.8 billion in deal value.

This trend of a higher focus on renewable deals began its ramp up in the first half of 2020. EY strategy and transactions partner, Miles Huq, in previous conversations with pv magazine, said individual deals in renewable energy are typically lower in value, so the total value driven by these transactions shows continued investor confidence



5) World's First Hydrogen-powered Cargo Ship with Green Hydrogen


Through the Green Shipping Program, HeidelbergCement and Felleskjøpet announced a tender to supply green hydrogen for a zero-emission bulkship. The ship will transport grain from Eastern Norway to Western Norway and rock/gravel on its way back and will be operated using emission-free green hydrogen in the combination with rotor sails. Earlier this spring, the parties chose Egil Ulvan Rederi AS as their shipping company and have now awarded Statkraft and Skagerak Energi the contract for delivery of green hydrogen in competition with more than ten suppliers.

"Statkraft is Europe's largest producer of renewable power, and the production of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels is in line with our strategic ambitions.


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