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This week I presented my slideshow on the Spiral Magnetic Motor which now has had over 2000 open readers on, to the World Energy Engineering Congress  here in Washington DC, where it was well-received and I was encouraged to complete the development. A lot of the participants also had a keen interest in climate change. The best exhibit in my opinion was from which has the most advanced PHASE CHANGE insulation in the world. We have reported on this technology for years and now the passive Infinite-RTM sheets are almost paper thin but equal 18 inches of regular Fiberglas layers because they freeze at 73F, releasing heat and absorbing heat as the material thaws at 73F if temperature rises. The CEO Pete Horwath explained that they can eliminate the need for air conditioners since they can stabilize a building’s temperature within one degree even in summer or winter months, just with single sheets on the ceiling and walls. Check out the videos on the home page of InsolCorp but also the Roofing page which can pay for itself in one year, rather than several years with any other technology and can be installed over existing roofing, with a 30-year warranty. Pretty futuristic energy savings available today.


Our partners in the Netherlands are hosting another Breakthrough Energy Movement conference on November 9-10, 2019 with a number of interesting energy researchers presenting new energy ideas.


Another worthwhile research group is the Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Fusion research lab in New Jersey whose president was a former COFE speaker. Their latest newsletter, which is available by email monthly, has an exciting new development. The September 12, 2019 Summary states that: “Senator Pennachio Introduces NJ Fusion Energy Bills” which is an amazing endorsement from their Senator! Since their unique process produces NO dangerous neutrons and NO nuclear waste, it is possibly the most promising fusion technology under development today.


Story #1 is perhaps one of those historical breakthroughs that will be remembered for years to come. Reusing CO2 by treating it with a catalyst has only been a dream until now. Thanks to a cerium oxide catalyst, many new products are now possible while electrochemically reducing CO2, including carbon-neutral hydrocarbon fuels, say the Stanford University researchers. We cannot wait until the day when billions of tons of CO2 will be sucked from the atmosphere with such a process, in order to begin directly offsetting the 40 to 50 gigatons of CO2 that are going up there worldwide every year.


Story #2 offers some good news with a Bloomberg report that is quite promising with almost 50% of global electricity projected to be supplied by solar energy by 2050 and renewables up to 62%, even with the projected increase in worldwide energy demand.


Story #3 has a wide range application for a new type of battery that utilizes heat instead of light. The thermal battery can convert heat in the range of 60 C to 100 C to electricity which could have geothermal applications and waste heat installations.


Story #4 offers a new type of thermoelectric generator (TEG) which can produce electricity from a slight difference in temperature as part of it cools unevenly, even at nighttime. If this can be scaled up, the new TEG may have a wide market available.


Story #5 emphasizes the bioenergetics portion of the IRI mission with a new development in prostate cancer treatment using photothermal therapy and gold-silica nanoparticles with lasers. Most patients undergoing this therapy were cancer free even 12 months later.


Onward and upward!


Tom Valone, PhD



In The Netherlands Nov 9-10




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1) Ceria Catalysts Could Help Produce Carbon Neutral Fuel



This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage of the climate story. 

Carbon dioxide can be reduced to carbon monoxide with 100% selectivity in an electrochemical reaction using a cerium oxide catalyst. So say researchers at Stanford University in the US and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) who have found that the process does not produce undesired solid carbon either – unlike conventional CO2 electrolysis technologies.

Re-using CO2 is an alternative to burying the greenhouse gas underground and could help in the development of a carbon-neutral sustainable energy economy. Electrochemically reducing CO2, for example, is a promising way to store the intermittent electricity produced from solar and wind power as chemicals such as synthetic hydrocarbons. These energy-dense carbon-neutral liquid fuels are compatible with existing petrol and diesel infrastructures and so could be employed in real-world applications.





2) Electrification, Biomass and Hydrogen


In its latest “energy outlook” report, Bloomberg New Energy Finance says wind and solar photovoltaics (PV) will supply almost 50% of global electricity by 2050. Wind, it projects, will produce 26% and solar 22%, with renewables overall supplying 62% of the total. That’s despite electricity demand by 2050 increasing 62%, resulting in global generating capacity almost tripling. Nuclear will then be at 7% and fossil at 31%, according to this outlook, so renewables will clearly have won — although emissions from the fossil sector will still rise.


IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency, is more optimistic. In a new report it says renewables and energy efficiency, boosted by electrification, could provide 90% of the necessary reductions in energy-related carbon emissions to limit the global rise in temperature to well below 2°C by 2050. Renewables can supply 86% of global power, and with electrification, they would provide 75% of the emission reductions needed.


3) Novel Thermal Battery Promises Green Power Around the Clock


Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a new kind of battery that can reliably generate electric power from heat in environments with temperatures ranging from 60 degrees C to 100 degrees C—which is low enough to mimic geothermal heat.


In an earlier experiment, the researchers developed sensitized thermal cells (STCs) that employed dye-sensitized solar cells to convert light into electric power. In their latest advance, team leader Sachiko Matsushita, an associate professor at Tokyo Tech, explained that they replaced the dye with a semiconductor to enable the cells to operate using heat instead of light.


4) New Devices Harvests Energy in Darkness


Dr. Raman demonstrated a way to harness a dark night sky to power a light bulb.

His prototype device employs radiative cooling, the phenomenon that makes buildings and parks feel cooler than the surrounding air after sunset. As Dr. Raman’s device releases heat, it does so unevenly, the top side cooling more than the bottom. It then converts the difference in heat into electricity. In the paper, Dr. Raman described how the device, when connected to a voltage converter, was able to power a white LED.The core enabling feature of this device is that it can cool down,” Dr. Raman said.



5) Photothermal Gold Nanoshell based Treatment for Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer can be treated using nanoparticle-based photothermal therapy without triggering severe side effects. This is the conclusion of a year-long clinical trial conducted at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where prostate-cancer patients were injected with gold–silica nanoparticles and irradiated locally using near-infrared lasers.


In the 90 days post-treatment, none of the subjects suffered serious side effects, fulfilling the aim of the trial. Although the treatment’s efficacy was not formally measured, the results are encouraging: biopsies showed that 13 of the 16 patients who underwent the procedure were cancer-free after 12 months (PNAS 10.1073/pnas.1906929116).




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