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BOOKS   BOOKS (paperbound & hardcover) Price
Antigravity, The Dream made Reality #703 120-page book by John Thomas, nicely illustrated $25.00
Bioelectromagnetic Healing #414 Explanation of HV pulsed EMF therapy devices 60 pg paperback $15.00
Causality, EM and Gravitation #706 Explains electrokinetic force and gravity (210 pgs.) $23.00
Disclosure #304 Dr. Steven Greer's testimonials from 68 government insiders (574-pg book) $20.00
Electrogravitics Systems #611 Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology 120-pg softcover by Thomas Valone $15.00
Electrogravitics II #615 Experimental, Theoretical and Historical 180-pg softcover by Thomas Valone $15.00
Electrostatic Motors #809 Electrostatic Motors: Their History, Types and Principles of Operation - by Dr. Oleg Jefimenko $20.00
Energetic Processes Vol. I #413 Book on the interaction between matter, energy and consciousess 480-pg anthology $25.00
Energetic Processes Vol. II #415 Follow-up book on vibrational medicine, biophotons, scalars, prayer, electrotherapy, paranormal metal bending $25.00
Future Energy Annual Report #508 Best of Future Energy member's magazine $10.00
The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science #847

Latest emerging energy technologies and mankind's history of energy. Soft cover.

Harnessing Wheelwork of Nature #117 Tesla's Science of Energy, early life, wireless power - 340-pg book by Thomas Valone $17.00
The Homopolar Handbook #104 Guide to Faraday Disk and N-Machine Technology 188-pg softcover by Thomas Valone $20.00
Modern Meditation, Science and Shortcuts #427 With four basic exercises that anyone can learn quickly, this book provides the best and easiest path to the achievement of a new and improved you! $15.00
Newton vs. Einstein #812 Dr. Peter Graneau and Neal Graneau book (219 pgs.) $15.00
Nuclear Transmutation #813 The Reality of Cold Fusion by Dr. T. Mizuno (150-pg hardcover book) $30.00
Scalar Waves #307 Comprehensive reference book by a Professor and Engineer, Konstantin Meyl, 653 pages $40.00
Subquantum Kinetics #605 A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology by Dr. Paul LaViolette $35.00
Tesla Energy Science Conference #121 Proceedings contains papers of Corum, Valone, Rauscher, Behary, Meyl, and others 200-pg $25.00
Tesla's Work with AC #123 Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony and Transmission of Power by Leland Anderson 240-pg book $27.00
The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray #836 Explains free energy technology device 192-pg book by Moray King $15.00
Turning the Corner #114 Energy solutions for the 21st century (excellent 385-page book good for schools) $25.00
Use of Electricity for Face and Scalp #419 1924 book with complete protocols and directions for use of electrotherapy devices 120 pg $20.00
Zero Point Energy
#835 The Fuel of the Future. Explaines the ZPE discoveries in easy-to-understand language, by Dr. Thomas Valone


Zero Point Energy - Hardback Edition #846 Explaines the ZPE discoveries, Hardcover edition features color photographs. $90.00
COFE 4 CD Proceedings #441 COFE4 - SPESIF CD Proceedings, March 15-17, 2011 $75.00
COFE 3 Conference DVD Set   Complete Conference 11 DVD Set
The Third International Conference on Future Energy COFE, October 9-10, 2009
COFE 3 DVD Selections   Conference on Future Energy DVD selections, click link to choose speakers. ($20 each, 3 for $50, 8 for $100) $20.00
COFE3 Conference Papers #849 Complete copilation of papers to be presented at the COFE 3 conference $20.00
2003 Tesla Conference   Tesla Conference & Expo: 11 DVD conference set $110.00
2003 Tesla Conference selections   Tesla Conference DVD selections, click link to choose speakers $25.00
COFE 2 Conference DVD DSet   Conference on Future Energy 2: fourteen DVD set of entire two-day conference, including banquet speaker and award $150.00
COFE 2 DVD Selections   Conference on Future Energy DVD Selections, Click link to choose speakers
($20 each, up to six, $15 each for 6 or more.)
COFE 2 Proceedings book #814 Conference on Future Energy 2: Complete collection of papers and slide shows from this seminal conference in Sept 2006. $40.00
COFE 1999 DVD set   1999 Conference on Future Energ: 10 DVD conference set $100.00
COFE 1999 Report + CD #802 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Future Energy with CD $40.00
COFE 1999 CD #803 CD-ROM of IRI 1999 Future Energy Conference (COFE-CD) with 20 hrs of audio lectures and entire Proceedings (200 pages of pdf files) of papers $15.00
Martin Fleischmann Video #811 Cold Fusion: Past, Present & Future video $20.00
Free Energy & Antigravity Propulsion #607 VHS 90-minute videotape multimedia presentation $25.00
Free Energy: Race to Zero Point #100 VHS videotape 2-hour documentary $35.00
Zero Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum #829 Dr. Valone's comprehensive Zero Point Energy slide presentation - DVD $25.00
Thomas Valone Lecture on Free Energy #826 DVD of a 90-minute lecture on emerging energy technologies $10.00
The Secret - DVD #825 Dr. Bob Wood CD-ROM with audio-narrated slide show on 15 top secret government documents $18.00
REPORTS   REPORTS (staple-bound cardcover)  
The Antigravity Report #707 40-page collection of seminal articles for futurists $8.00
Bioelectromagnetics Bibliography #302 Biological effects of electromagnetism (44 pgs.) $7.00
Biophotons Report
#425 by Dr Marco Bischof $15.00
Biophysical Experiments #409 Radiation, Divining Rods, Electric Waves: Dr. Paul Dobler (1939) $10.00
Brown's Electrogravitics Research #603 T.T. Brown's report to introduce and explain "electro-gravity." $5.00
Bush-Cheney Energy Study #120 IRI analysis of the national energy policy (125-pg) $20.00
Clinton Administration DOE CNES Report #111 Clinton Administration Analysis of the Comprehensive National Energy Strategy by Thomas Valone   $25.00
Earthquake Prediction with ELF Magnetometer #201 Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher's report, with extra articles, patents 28 pg $6.00
Electrogravitics Reference List #616 Extensive research aid - bibliography of papers, abstracts, websites, books (1995)55-pg $15.00
EM Fields and Life Processes #301 Report on EMFs and effects on living beings $6.00
Energy Fluctuations Power Conversion #115 Report on the Invention of Joseph Yater 70-pg $15.00
Energy Patents Report #102 Collection of unusual energy patents 100-page report $15.00
Engineering Non-Conventional AC Electricity #119 Hathaway Report on making careful measurements of overunity devices, includes AC electricity sheets #105 $5.00
Eric Laithwaite Report #614 Gyromagnetic genius' levitation engineering reports, inventions, news items $25.00
Fabrizio Pinto Works #837 Collected Works of Dr. Fabrizio Pinto $10.00
Faster Than Light Report #708 Superluminal experiments with articles, text references $6.00
Focus Fusion Report #124 breakthrough on proton-boron fusion - complete scientific description of Eric Lerner's invention 100-pg $15.00
Future Energy Technologies #819 Illustrated Report by Tom Valone on major energy inventors $5.00
Future Energy Vol. 4, No. 2 #851 Future Energy Vol. 4, No. 2, Special COFE4 edition $5.00
Gravitational Control Research #704 John T. Watson 40-page Report (Master's Degree thesis) $7.00
Gravity Measurements During Eclipse #702 Observations with a Massive Electrified Torsion Pendulum $10.00
HAARP #839 High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, Patent Collection and Articles Report $10.00
Holistic Physics & Consciousness #401 Includes Introduction to Meditation by Tom Valone 37 pg $6.00
Howard Johnson Report #203 Analysis of the 1979 patented magnetic motor - complete scientific description with articles and patents 65-pg $15.00
Implications of the Backster Effect #406 Report on Cleve Backster's cellular consciousness work $6.00
Inertial Propulsion Report #609 Inertial Propulsion Patent Collection (120 pg. report) $15.00
Invention of Hans Coler #504 Alleged New Source of Power by R. Hurst, 34 pg. report by British Intelligence $6.00
Magnetic Energy Converter Report #215 Complete report on the Godin and Roschin invention $15.00
M.E.G. Amplification #202 ELF magnetometer use for brainwave amplification $6.00
Nikola Tesla's Wireless System #827 Report on the viable method for atmospheric transmission of power level electricity $15.00
Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power #127 Complete report on the subjects including journal papers and diagrams by Dr James and Ken Corum $10.00
Non-Conven E & P Database #502 Annotated alphabetical bibliography on energy and propulsion $5.00
Nuclear Battery Report #830 Nuclear Battery Report $15.00
Origin of Life Experiments #402 Creation of amino acids from electrolysis - Dr. Andrija Puharich (1985) $6.00
Permanent Magnet Motor Report #204 How Spiral motors work, along with article by Thomas Valone $15.00
Practical Conversion of ZPE #828 Practical Conversion of Zero Point Energy  by Thomas Valone  $20.00
Pulsed EMF Health Effects #418 Menu-driven, pulsed electrotherapy article collection, up-to-date $15.00
The Real Periodic Table #817 Continuous chart of the elements in color; free 2nd periodic table $5.00
R.C. Jennison Collection #820 Sixteen papers on nature of electron, inertia, light, energy $10.00
Roy Thornson 25-page Report #608 Inertial Impulse Engine summary inc 2-part IECEC articles $5.00
Scalar Potentials Report #303 Complete report on scalars: expert's articles and patents $6.00
Secrets of Antigravity #848 Comprehensive and detailed book on all past and future antigravity projects $30.00
Solar Heat Panel #821a Complete Plans to Build a Thermal Air Panel $5.00
The Story of Ozone #818 Report on history & alternative uses of ozone (79 pgs.) $10.00
Townsend Brown Electro-Gravity Device #612 Report by Office of Naval Research (1952) $6.00
Zero Point Energy and the Future #822 Introduction to zero point energy with easy to understand concepts 35-pg $6.00
Zeti Reticuli Incident #505 Limited number of 1976 Astronomy full color magazine reprints on the Betty Hill star map and 55 light year neighborhood 32-pg $25.00
The Zinsser Effect #701 Electrogravity invention of Rudolf Zinsser, expanded to book length 130-pg $20.00
Bahnson Lab DVD #606 Silent Video showing Electrogravitis levitation experiments filmed in 1958 and 1960 $20.00
Bioelectromagnetic Healing CD #417 Narrated slide show, entire BEMs 120-page book, NASA study, etc. $25.00
Elecromagnetic Control of Cell Function DVD #426 Scholarly presentation on the functioning of our cells, by Dr. Glen Gordon $25.00
An Evening with Gene Bardwell - DVDÂ #390 Collection of personal and spellbinding stories from an authorized SRF meditation counselor $20.00
The Energy Technology of UFOs DVD #641 90 min Presentation at the 2008 X Conference , Washington DC  By Thomas Valone  $15.00
Evolutionary Future Energy DVD #838 90min DVD discussing the history of man's quest for energy sources and his future options, Dr. Tom Valone $20.00
Future Energy Technologies CD #507 FE Annual Report 2004, FE eNews archive, Valone slide shows, articles, etc. $15.00
FUTURE ENERGY - Deluxe 2 DVD Set #807 Dr. Tom Valone - Deluxe 2 DVD Set - with four presentations, each 45 minutes long on average, plus several bonus features $35.00
Gravitational Wave Conference CD #709 2003 Proceedings include Ning Li, Paul Murad, Geo Hathaway $15.00
Ken Shoulders (2002) CD #806 Charge Clusters In Cold Fusion electron micrograph pictures, paper, audio $20.00
Medical Electricity CD #416 Four Chapters totaling 250 pages of 1916 text by Dr. Toussey $15.00
Origin of Life Experiments CD #422 CD-ROM of Volume 1 and 2 of the lab notebooks of Dr. Andrija Puharich $15.00
PREMIER 2500   Photonic Rejuvenation Energizing Machine & Immunizing Electrification Radiator $4,995.00
PREMIER Junior 100   Photonic Rejuvenation Energizing Machine & Immunizing Electrification Radiator
Includes one gas tube, high impact case, and high voltage coil. The 100 is Y shaped  is ideal for neck and extremities
PREMIER Junior 200   Similar to the 100, but the 200 is Mushroom shaped. and is ideal for concentrated treatment to one area. $495.00
PREMIER Junior 300   Similar to the 100, Includes high voltage coil, medium high impact case and two gas tubes, one mushroom shaped one y shaped. $595.00
PREMIER Junior 500   Similar to the 100, Includes  high voltage coil, large high impact case and 4 tubes: 1 mushroom, 1 y-shape, 1 large mushroom shape and one comb shape, ideal for scalp, fingers and toes.  $795.00
Extra Gas Tube   Mushroom-shaped Argon plasma gas tube for Premier Junior 100 $100.00
Silver Biotics    Silver Biotics -- Ultimate Immune System Support $28.00
EM Pulser   Pulsed electromagnetic device designed by a doctor for relieving injury without side effects $295.00

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