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Hello Tom,


As we end our summer of 2021, I was sent a CARET report that seems controversial with redacted portions. Upon further research, I find that our colleague, Linda M Howe has reported on it and a related “Dragonfly” antigrav craft more than a decade ago. It sure renewed my interest in antigravity.


Our first story is somewhat related since our edited volume on Faster Than Light uses electromagnetic toroidal structures to modify and favorably warp spacetime. By linking the Lagrangian of electrodynamics to the Einstein-Hilbert Action quantity of general relativity, two Finnish physicists have upended Maxwell’s equations. In their open access Journal of Physics article, they state that Einstein field equations are just nonlinear generalizations of Maxwell’s equations, which puts the Faster Than Light book on a much more firm physical foundation. “In a way, Einstein’s objective to unify the classical fields seems to be the correct approach”


Story #2 is very futuristic. Seeing a flying car is one thing but one that looks like a roadster and still flies is another. The Urban EVTOL company is the source of the sleek electric vertical takeoff and landing concept car. It is nice that it includes a DARPA-funded propulsion system “which adds to the vehicle’s safety.” The images of it flying, even with three occupants, is breathtaking . The future of transportation is arriving pretty quickly.


Story #3 shows that graphene continues to amaze the scientists. Reporting recently about the fluctuating graphene production of limitless, free electrical energy was amazing enough (Prof. Thibado, U of Arkansas, FE enews, ). However, now it seems that in addition, we can expect a superconductor from graphene as well, if it is three layers thick. MIT professor Herrero has now found the spin-triplet form of graphene that is impervious to magnetic fields, which theoretically can improve MRO performance significantly.


Story #4 could spearhead a new speedway to the future of renewable energy. Low-cost iron-air batteries have now been given a boost with 100 hour storage of energy, at 10% of the cost of lithium-ion batteries, yielding an estimate of $20 per kilowatt-hour. The Form Energy company video is also helpful at 


Story #5 follows the 2007 MIT Panel report endorsing geothermal as a key energy resource for the United States ( The Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization is a long time coming but we are glad it is finally in business with the slogan, “30,000 feet and 350 Celsius – Geothermal Energy, Anywhere in the World” and “The Answer is Beneath Our Feet.” Based at the U of Texas at Austin, GEO was formed with the support of the United States Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Office to build a geothermal innovation ecosystem at UT Austin. See for more information. Our recommendation to them is to expand their vision to include lava dome drilling as Iceland has done , which we reported in FE enews back in 2016. It yields a 10X energy output compared to normal geothermal and could be envisioned as a Yellowstone Caldera Project to postpone its inevitable eruption in the middle of our country, by sucking heat on a grand scale from it for energy production. Is that possible? In Iceland, “The drilling will penetrate a landward extension of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – a major boundary between Earth’s tectonic plates – says Albert Albertsson, assistant director of HS Orka, an Icelandic geothermal-energy company involved in the project. At that depth, magma that moves from below through volcanic activity meets and heats seawater that has penetrated beneath the ocean bed.”




Tom Valone, PhD






1) Electromagnetism is a Property of Spacetime Itself, Study finds August 2021


Imagine if we could use strong electromagnetic fields to manipulate the local properties of spacetime—this could have important ramifications in terms of science and engineering.General relativity explains that energy and mass tell the spacetime how to curve and spacetime tells masses how to move. Many eminent mathematical physicists have tried to understand electromagnetism directly as a consequence of general relativity. The brilliant mathematician Hermann Weyl had especially interesting theories in this regard. The Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla thought that electromagnetism contains essentially everything in our universe. So what is the mutual relationship of electromagnetism and gravitation? 




2) Meet Leo Coupe, an Electric Flying HyperCar August 2021


While for many of us, the thought of seeing flying cars buzzing above our heads belongs in the far future, it's actually an idea closer to becoming a reality than we might have expected. Startup Urban EVTOL is already imagining what our daily commute will look like.In the last few years, the market for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles has boomed, and we've seen a lot of innovative concepts put to the test by dozens of companies. There are many ideas ready to take off, literally, ranging from Volocopter's multirotor air taxi to aircraft powered by giant rotors.


Related Article


Volocopter 2X eVTOL Performs Its First Public Manned Flight in the U.S.


3) "Magic Angle" Trilayer Graphene may be a Magnet Proof Superconductor


MIT Physics August 2021


MIT physicists have observed signs of a rare type of superconductivity in a material called magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene. In a study appearing today in Nature, the researchers report that the material exhibits superconductivity at surprisingly high magnetic fields of up to 10 Tesla, which is three times higher than what the material is predicted to endure if it were a conventional superconductor..

The new evidence of spin-triplet superconductivity in trilayer graphene could also help scientists design stronger superconductors for practical quantum computing.



4) Iron Air Batteries: A Green Breakthrough July 2021


A Boston-area company, Form Energy, announced recently that it has created a battery prototype that stores large amounts of power and releases it not over hours, but over more than four days. And that isn’t the best part. The battery’s active ingredients are iron and oxygen, both incredibly plentiful here on God’s green Earth — and therefore reliably cheap.

Put the two facts together, and you arrive at a sort of tipping point for green energy: reliable power from renewable sources at less than $20 per kilowatt-hour.



5) A Geothermal Energy Boom is Coming and Big Oil is leading the Way


One of the things that really excites me about geothermal is that every building is already sitting on this vast reservoir of renewable energy right there for the taking,” said Kathy Hannun, president and co-founder of Dandelion Energy, a company developing affordable geothermal heating and cooling systems for houses. Her comments were part of Pivot 2021, a conference organized by the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization at the University of Texas at Austin, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).


One of the recurring themes across days of panels was the opportunity for the United States to build on the drilling technology and methods developed by the oil and gas industry and to shift people from the industry’s current workforce to work in geothermal energy.

Jody Robins made this switch, going from a career as an oil drilling engineer for oil companies, including Chevron, to his current role as a senior geothermal drilling engineer for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He moderated a panel at the conference about geothermal drilling.



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