July 28 - July 30, 2016
Thursday through Saturday

Eighth International Conference on Future Energy
“ Including ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference "
COFE audience COFE photo IRI publications audience

Click here for a nice illustrated review of COFE8 or click here for the Master Program for COFE8 with Titles, Abstracts, and Biographies of ALL of the speakers!

Integrity Research Institute, sponsor of COFE8, is collaborating with the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference and TeslaTech, LLC to present a two-day conference event with peer-reviewed published proceedings on July 29 and 30, 2016 with an extra introductory talk on July 28th at 5 PM. COFE traditionally fulfills the mission statement of Integrity Research Institute to "research scientific integrity in the areas of energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics" so original papers on those vital topics are presented on the topics of energy, propulsion, bioenergetics. Email: IRI@erols.com . Questions or inquiries are accepted by email. Free admission for young people under 21 (student or not). It also includes FREE admission for the 29th and 30th to the concurrent ExtraOrdinary Technology conference going on down the hall if you are 21 and under. It does NOT include admission the evening Social with pizza and a special plenary speaker's presentation starting Wednesday, July 27 at 5 PM and following evenings starting at 7 PM for only $20/night separate Social/Food ticket. Click here for a one-page COFE8 poster listing confirmed speakers for the conference.
NOTE: You receive FREE admission to the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference during the two days of COFE8 with your COFE8 registration!

Confirmed Speakers include:

William Alek #1 - Inertial/Gravitational Mass Modification for FTL Deep Space Applications
William Alek #2 - Constructing Free Energy - Overunity Devices using Spin-Zero Core Technology
Robert DeBiase - The Quantum Fire Project
Mike Gamble - former Boeing engineer presenting on BATTERIES NOT REQUIRED - The Real Tesla Electric Car Motor
Thorsten Ludwig - physicist from Germany presenting on Energy Extraction and Detection with Zero Point Energy, Magnetism and Consciousness
Moray King - The Nanobubble Revolution and Nanocavity Plasma
Stefan Weigandt - New Technology for a Better Life Quality - New Solution for You
Dr Norm Shealy - famous anti-aging doctor presenting on Biochemistry and Physics of Longevity
Don Reed - Stueckelberg Off-Mass Shell Model for Particle Interaction and Hidden Dimensions of Time and Mass
Dr Tom Valone - physicist and engineer presenting on Applications of Electrogravitics for Advanced Propulsion
H. David Froning - physicist and faculty member of University of Adelaide presenting on Faster than Light experiments (book)
Tim Wilson - corporate CEO and successful entrepreneur presenting on Monopole Magnet Dumbell Atom Model with Demo
Dr. Elliott Maynard - BRAVE NEW MIND: Future-Science Transformation of the Global Biosphere (latest book)

Click here for a COFE 8 Speaker Schedule for Friday and Saturday, July 29-30, 2016

The dual, concurrent conferences will be held at the Embassy Suites near downtown Albuquerque, NM. Preregistration rates to be posted. Embassy Suites special conference rate is $94 per night. Hotel Reservations 800-362-2779. HOTEL reservations conference code is "TTI" .

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************** COFE7 Details from 2015 are below - Proceedings to be posted soon - **********

Seventh International Conference on Future Energy
“ Including ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference "

Review of COFE7 in Future Energy eNews, August, 2015.

COFE7 Slideshow movie (5 minutes) with music mp4 format .

PDF version to print out coupon for FREE student admission

COFE7 Press Release from IRI Future Energy eNews

COFE7 Program Schedule

COFE7 Speakers' Abstracts and Bios

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Confirmed plenary speakers include (updated 7/27/15):

Moray King (Zero Point Energy and Thunderclouds)
Mike Gamble (Boeing inertial propulsion engineer)
Dr. Nick Simos (Brookhaven National Lab - wireless energy transmission)
Ryan Wood (Detailed Analysis of Papp Engine - an In-Depth Investigation)
Dr. Thomas Valone (V-Track Spiral Magnetic Motor Development)
Dr. Thorsten Ludwig (quantum vacuum experiment)
Rober DeBiase (Asymmetric Casimir Plates Experiments)
Dr. Jacqueline Panting (New Healing Paradigm: Pulsed Magnetic Fields)
Carlos Hendriques (zero point energy Master's Degree presentation)
Marcus Reid (new energy technologies)
Robert Smith (Getting Millions for Your Inventions and Free Publicity)
William Alek (Antigravity revealing technology)
Stephan Weigandt (New Solutions - car mileage, land irrigation and more)
Mike Weiner (My Career as an Electrodevice Entrepreneur)

The dual, concurrent conferences will be held at the Embassy Suites near downtown Albuquerque, NM. Preregistration rates to be posted. Embassy Suites special conference rate is $94 per night. Hotel Reservations 800-362-2779. HOTEL reservations conference code is "TTI" .

Note: A few COFE speakers appear in SPECIAL, shared, joint sessions like Dr. Tom Valone (July 29 at 5 PM), Dr. Nick Simos (July 31 at 7 PM), and Mike Gamble (Aug. 1 at 4 PM). COFE attendees will have special admission to those events though they occur in the ExtraOrdinary Tech ballroom.

Questions or inquiries are accepted by email . As to remote presentations, we use Adobe Connect which is easy for slides, audio and video.

IRI has published (see below) the Proceedings of COFE with Elsevier or World Scientific publishers and will contract with them again or other similar, widely distributed ScienceDirect-affiliated publishers of conference proceedings. Your original and unpublished paper is vital to making this record of the conference a lasting success. Guidelines for formatting the paper will be posted shortly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Previous COFE Details from Years Past are Below * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sixth International Conference on Future Energy
“ Including 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference "

Integrity Research Institute, sponsor of COFE6, collaborated with the highly successful Natural Philosophy Alliance for this conference event July 11-13, 2013. But what is "Future Energy" you might ask? A credible summary is provided by Gary Vesperman for example, who just published in 2013 a 33-page report for investors on "Clean Energy Inventions", none of which use fossil fuels and many are worthy of further research and investigation.

Our joint NPA-COFE6 conference was held at the University of Maryland. Our Conference Summary for the Sixth Conference on Future Energy is updated and online. Our emphasis is on emerging energy developments, propulsion research, and bioenergetics. We are happy to share the webcast recordings as well, which open with RealPlayer. It is suggested to "Save Target As" and select "all files", then add ".flv" at the end of the file name, to ensure saving it as a Flash Video, or simply change the extension after saving to ".flv" so it will be playable.

Francis McCabe - Gyro/Inertial Propulsion Forces and Systems

Thomas Valone - Zero Point and Quantum Vacuum Energy Power

John Finnerty - Konterra Solar Project-Maryland's First Solar Grid Storage

George Miley - Life at the Center of the Energy Crisis-New Book

Thomas Valone - Papp Engine Overview and Video Demo

Thorsten Ludwig - Coler Engine Generator Experiments

Nick Simos - Physics of Tesla's Wireless Energy Transmission

Max Formitchev-Zamilov - Cavitation Induced Fusion

Matt Emery - Analysis of LeedSkalnin's Mysterious Coral Castle

James Putnam - Origins of Force and Acceleration

Sterling Allen - Top 5 Exotic Energy Technologies

The last presentation here is David Froning's narrated PowerPoint presentation which is self-running with good audio:

David Froning - Fusion Confinement with Special EM Fields

University of Maryland campus maps are online: full color map in pdf and my favorite, the 2013 3D black and white 11x17 size map also in pdf.

Students full registration or single day registration was FREE with student I.D.

Everyone else may register here. One low fee for admission to both conferences, demonstrations (Thursday night) and exhibit hall!
Note on the NPA site, authors may choose to publish in the NPA Proceedings ($15/page) and/or the COFE6 Proceedings (free). There is no cost to submit a paper to IRI for the COFE6 online proceedings this year.

COFE and NPA Final Program Schedule

WEBCASTING: We are using Adobe Connect, a professional, high-bandwith Internet based service that shows the PowerPoint slides very clearly, audio AND video of the speaker. Simply click here on Thursday or Friday morning to join our conference. Please join as "Learner" or "participant" only. No credit card needed!

But most important are three compelling reasons to attend the NPA-COFE6 dual event:

(1) Two (2) Conferences under one roof:

COFE6 which includes Space Propulsion, Future Energy, Bioenergetics and Space Science and Technology
NPA which includes over eighty (80) presentations on all aspects of physics developments

(2) Amazing Peer-Reviewed papers published by Natural Philosophy Alliance known worldwide

Physics theories and experiments, Human Missions to Mars, New Energy, Propulsion, NASA advanced concepts, Bioelectromagnetics, Inertial Gyroscopic Propulsion, Gravitomagnetics, Antigravity, Podkletnov effect, Space Elevators, Beamed Power, Nuclear propulsion, Toroidal coils, Coler apparatus, Low Energy Nuclear Power, Water Electrolyzers, Maglevs and Space Habitats and more.

(3) Reasonable registration fees and very reasonable hotel rates.

Conference Dateline Summary

Many of the hotels are within walking distance of the campus and also offer shuttle service.

Hotel information and Contact Info

the official hotel for the COFE6-NPA event is the Quality Inn with a SHUTTLE to the Stamp Student Union but use 301-276-1000 option 2 and ask for Ms. Patel using the discount code "NPA" to get the group rate of $80/night based on availability

Nearby Hotels to the U of Md

Hosted by: University of Maryland

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK - Stamp Student Union Building - 495 Ex. 25B

Parking is available in the Union Lane Garage next door to the Student Union for $3 per hour with a maximum of $15/day or in the Student Lot (Lot # 1) for $8/day pre-registered with the NPA or $10/day onsite parking pass.

COFE6 Speaker Titles

View the NPA-COFE6 Poster and view the very impressive and scientifically amazing NPA posting of over 90 abstracts .


Sincerely, Thomas Valone, PhD, PE, President, Integrity Research Institute, COFE Co-Coordinator and Len Danczyk, COFE Co-Coordinator

2012 COFE5

In 2012, COFE5 was in collaboration with the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF)
The 350 page Proceedings of SPESIF-COFE5, Edited by Dr Thomas Valone are now online for Guests to view and download PDF copies of the published papers: Proceedings of SPESIF 2012

We are grateful for all of you who contributed to this event and made it possible. The Flash FLV videos of most of the SPESIF presentations are also online (see below) and stored chronologically for online viewing, as converted from Adobe Connect.

SPESIF-COFE 5 Proceedings are available online (see above for link or contact IRI at 301-220-0440 to inquiry).

2012 Author page (updated 2/20/12)

SPESIF-COFE5 videos now online - Adobe Flash Video (flv) format. Also recommended as an alternative is RealPlayer which plays flv media files very well with several options for display. Note, all files are 100 MB or larger so high bandwidth WiFi is helpful or simply right-click and "Save Target" before trying to play the file on your computer. However, there are a couple of technical sound problems in a few presentations so please accept our apologies for Adobe Connect issues:

IRI is proud to emphasize the exclusive breakthrough discoveries of Mike Gamble and Garret Moddel that were presented at SPESIF 2012.

Wednesday night, Feb. 29, Dave Nagel and Sterling Allan, 1:23 hours Opening night - two lectures

Thursday morning, Mar. 1, Moddel, DeBiase, Fresco, Carter, Gamble, 3:09 hours March 1 morning

Thursday afternoon, Mar. 1, Cui, Werbos, Chiang, Pomerantseva, Goodwin, Ludwig, Kosovich, 4:14 hours March 1 afternoon

Thursday Banquet Talk, Mar. 1, George Miley, 1:04 hours Banquet presentation

Friday all day, Mar. 2, 2012, Ide, Reed, Lundquist, Fresco, Putnam, Valone, Woods, Bouchard, 6:40 hours March 2 all day

SPESIF-COFE5 News Release, Feb. 20, 2012 (click here)


Poster for SPESIF event





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SPESIF-COFE4 2011 Press Releases: (1) Energy Breakthrough Announcement at SPESIF-COFE4 ; (2) Life Extension discovery at U of Md conference

View ALL of the SPESIF2011-COFE4 papers and download ANY of them for FREE (pdf): Physics Procedia - ScienceDirect (c) Elsevier B.V.

COFE4 Invited and Accepted Speakers

click here for a Review of the past 2011 SPESIF-COFE4

Click to see all SPESIF-COFE4 presentation papers on CD which are still available.

Visit our IRI ORDER PAGE to order the Proceedings or DVDs from the 2011 COFE4 conference.

    Thomas Valone, Conference Co-Coordinator, Tech and Pub Chair and Moderator, John Falker (NASA), Harry Partridge (NASA), H David Froning, George Miley, Paul Werbos, David Nagel, Qingbin Cui, Judy Kosovich, Chia-Ying Chiang, Robert Fresco, Ekaterina Pomerantseva, Thorsten Ludwig, Curt Renshaw, Alex Howerton, Marshall Eubanks, Paul Potter, Sam Wanis, J.C. Bass, James Putnam, Philip Bouchard, Alex Dmitriyev, and many more.

Read our four-page COFE3 Review (PDF) by Dr. Jacqueline Panting, Executive Director of IRI

Visit our IRI ORDER PAGE to order the DVDs or get the 192-page Proceedings of COFE3 collection of conference papers

View the 2009 COFE3 event 2009 webpage

View the summary page for the Second International Conference on Future Energy, held in 2006, which also included a movie screening of "Who Killed the Electric Car?" and a personal lecture by its star Chelsey Sexton.

View the complete summary of the successful First International Conference on Future Energy, held in 1999, which caused a sensation in the media since it was planned by invitation at the US State Department.

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