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Tom Valone on "Steve's Place Show" Tomorrow March 26





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Hello Tom,


We are happy to announce that one of our publications, Electrostatic Motors by Prof. Oleg Jefimenko is now available as an eBook on Amazon, which is an inexpensive (or free with Kindle Unlimited) electronic format. Also, my trend-setting Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future is also now available as an eBook and softcover for only a few dollars each! (We are also working on a new printing for a discounted full color hardcover version soon.) More to come…


In response to my online presentation tomorrow, the IRI 10% discount code PC22 has been extended for the rest of this month at .


Story #1 -- Join me on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 6 PM PDT (9 PM EDT) for an online  YouTube presentation for Steve’s Place, who some of you may know also hosts the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conferences every year in Albuquerque NM ( I’ll be presenting on Nikola Tesla’s electrotherapy discoveries and the modern updates that have been found to be effective. The link is here:


Story #2 – Possibly the best looking and amazing flying car ever built, the Fusion JC7 hypercar is fully electric with folding wings and rear stabilizer. It took 20 years to develop the vehicle with a 150-mile range on the ground but a 750-mile range in the air! However, it is the top speed of 520 mph (Mach 0.82) which may be the most impressive in our opinion.


Story #3 – Speaking of fast speed in the air, we are probably getting closer to a better understanding of the technology of UFOs with Congressmen finally disclosing the reverse-engineering that has been going on for decades, after Navy and Air Force pilots keep seeing them too. Now that Newsweek has stepped into the storyline, this topic is becoming more and more mainstream every day. Soon the crashed craft and cover-ups will be the next big news. For those eager to dig deeper into this emerging field of future energy study, my friend Bob Lazar has perhaps the best first hand, back-engineering accounts of Area 51, S4 Groom Lake, on the market today: Dreamland: An Autobiography whose details keep getting verified year after year.


Story #4 – This is a surprising breakthrough for energy production, using an enzyme from bacteria. The scientists believe it can pave the way for the development of catalysts that will oxidize H2 in the air. The fascinating, full color Nature journal article “Structural basis for bacterial energy

extraction from atmospheric hydrogen” is open access:


Story #5 – In the quest for free energy, we rate 24 hour solar power as a good candidate. That is the basis for a new, all-electric Quantum Drive thruster for low earth orbit. Being a capacitive based technology to be released in June 2023, it looks like an inertial propulsion device just for satellites, even though the Press Release video and the Technical Brief online gives it the mysterious aura of “quantized inertia” alignment with “quantum, inertia and gravitational physics”. I guess we have to wait until the summer to see how much millinewton propulsion it can really produce.




Tom Valone


1) IRI President on "Steve's Place YouTube" This Sunday, March 26 at 6 pm PDT/ 9 pm EDT


There are many electromagnetic field (EMF) instruments and devices now emerging that bring beneficial changes to human organisms, especially those that pulsate the fields (PEMFs). Electromedicine or electromagnetic healing are the terms applied to such developments in the ELF, RF, IR, visible or UV band, which when properly used, represent the ideal, noninvasive therapy of the future. The roots of this science can be traced to 1898 when Nikola Tesla presented his findings of therapeutic uses for his newly invented high frequency Tesla coil oscillator to the eighth annual meeting of the American ElectroTherapeutic Association. Thirty years later, on September 6, 1932, Dr. Gustave Kolisher announced to the American Congress of Physical Therapy that "Tesla's high-frequency electrical currents are bringing about highly beneficial results in dealing with cancer, surpassing anything that could be accomplished with ordinary surgery." With the subsequent onset of extraordinarily aggressive suppression by the AMA and FDA, most doctors today are unaware of the scientific wealth of techniques for healing with electrotherapy. Recent studies however, have continued to demonstrate incontrovertible evidence for the benefits of bioelectromagnetic healing devices, for a wide variety of illnesses, with a surprising lack of harmful side effects. Just the discovery that electrons are antioxidants, for example, could change the way we fight free radicals in the future. An overview of these findings, along with a biophysical

explanation based on the science of bioelectromagnetics, will be presented.


2) 1,000 HP Flying Supercar Soars Like a Jet and Looks Like a Bugatti


RobReport.Com March 2023


A flying supercar sounds like a fever dream conjured up by the love child of Elon Musk and Judy Jetson. And yet, here we are, with the Fusion JC7 jet-engine concept car. This speedy curio comes to us from the mind of Greg Brown, a designer from California who spent time flying F-18s for the U.S. Navy, and then flew Boeing 777s for United. Brown has been tinkering with the design of the Fusion JC7, née Firenze Lanciare, for nearly 20 years. (The former Italian name was recently deemed too hard to say and remember, so was changed.)






3) Congressman Claims US Government has "Reversed Engineered" Alien Tech from UFOS February 2023

According to one conspiracy-minded Congressional Republican, there's a chance that his employer is, at this very moment, "reverse-engineering" alien technology salvaged from UFOs.


In an eyebrow-raising interview with Newsweek — a magazine, which has been printing misinformation for years now — Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett said that he thinks the US government has "recovered a craft at some point, and possible beings," alluding to a number of high-altitude balloons that were shut down last month.



4) Newly Discovered Enzyme that Turns Air into Electricity, Providing a New Clean Source of Energy


Physorg. March 2023


Australian scientists have discovered an enzyme that converts air into energy. The finding, published today in the journal Nature, reveals that this enzyme uses the low amounts of the hydrogen in the atmosphere to create an electrical current. This finding opens the way to create devices that literally make energy from thin air. The research team, led by Dr. Rhys Grinter, Ph.D. student Ashleigh Kropp, and Professor Chris Greening from the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute in Melbourne, Australia, produced and analyzed a hydrogen-consuming enzyme from a common soil bacterium.



5) New all-electric thruster draws 'limitless power from the Sun'


IVO Ltd Official Launch Announcement

North Dakota-based firm IVO Ltd., a leading developer of wireless power technologies, will send an all-electric propulsion system for satellites to space for the first time in June. The system, called the IVO Quantum Drive, will launch atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of the rideshare mission Transporter 8. The company hopes to perform a successful demonstration of the satellite propulsion system in low Earth orbit (LEO), with a view to commercializing the technology.










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