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Very seldom do I come across one person who seems to do the impossible, with only natural resources in the vicinity. However, a short woman “building a beautiful highland house using ancient skills” by herself with only a machete as her tool is pretty incredible. We learned a lot about such skills too. See for yourself in only 35 minutes on YouTube (1 million views too) . The videographer also doubled the speed of the video so it keeps your attention too. Another video of hers features a pool in a treehouse, with 20 million views too, on the Survival Build channel. Woman Power!


Here at IRI we have completed over the summer an amazing Nikola Tesla Energy Chair, which I had experimented with for ten years before finding the right thick, insulating acrylic chair suitable for the high voltage. It reproduces the famous photo of Tesla holding a light bulb in his hand, besides energizing the entire body with antioxidant electronics and boosting the TMP. And we now have a medical doctor’s endorsement for its use in her office on the IRI website.


This month Story #1 features a vertical takeoff flying car by Tetra Aviation in northern California. The surprise is that it is designed for self-assembly as well. Pretty amazing.


Story #2 is all about triboelectricity, which is frictional, static electricity that can generate power. Now UCLA has combined the tech with flex material and soft electronic circuitry so that almost any human body movement, including the pulse of one’s wrist, can power wearable sensors, etc.


Story #3 is an encouraging sign for hydrogen, with a new generator by Panasonic that can scale up to 5 kW. It can also be used as a backup for other power generators in case they go out. The high-purity hydrogen generator has a 95% efficiency too. It also could be the first H2 plant powered by renewable energy


Story #4 could be the lead article since to me, it is the most vital for our human survival. As some may know, I have recently published over a half dozen journal articles on climate change (Visit the Inter. J. of Env. and Climate Change for Dr. Valone's latest article), mostly proving that the excess CO2 already sitting in our atmosphere since the industrial age started has to be removed to stop the heat entrapment of our world. The only problem has been the 932 gigatons of CO2 grabbing more of the incident solar infrared radiation that comes from 120 ppm (410 -290) excess. Now, thank goodness, the University of Texas and an oil giant mending its ways has developed the first speedy method for creating (and not destroying) methyl hydrates that can store billions of tons of carbon for centuries. Adding magnesium to the reaction led to a 3,000x increase in hydrate formation wait time — from hours or even days down to a few minutes. Nice video on its site too . Just in time to save the planet and literally reverse global warming since reducing the excess billions of CO2 from the air will stop the heat entrapment in its tracks!


Story #5 reminded me that we have not heard much about carbon-free energy and specifically any nuclear developments. Well apparently in Georgia, the first completion in two decades is undergoing testing and almost ready to be powered up at Plant Vogtle. All of us hope, of course, that the safety and waste problem has been solved.




Tom Valone, PhD






1) Tetra Aviation's New Mk-5 eVOTL takes flight October 2021


IA Japanese startup’s DIY eVTOL is ready to take flight.

Tetra Aviation, a startup founded in Japan in 2018, has just begun flight tests for its Mk-5 eVTOL in northern California. That’s a huge step for any eVTOL, but especially for one that you’ll eventually be able to build yourself. prototypes in existence.





2) UCLA Bioengineer Develop New Human Self-Powered bioelectronics


GreenMed Info September 2021


A team of bioengineers at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering has invented a novel soft and flexible self-powered bioelectronic device. The technology converts human body motions — from bending an elbow to subtle movements such as a pulse on one’s wrist — into electricity that could be used to power wearable and implantable diagnostic sensors.


3) Panasonic Unveils its 5 kW Hydrogen Generator in Japan September 2021


This unit uses a chemical reaction with oxygen from the air and high purity H2.

A single H2 KIBOU hydrogen generator unit can produce 5kW of power that can be used at a variety of different types of commercial facilities. For larger locations, the equipment has been designed for scaling so that its output will still be able to meet energy demands. The equipment’s start-up time is about one minute long, and it can also be used as a backup power source in case of outages.



4) Metals Supercharge Method to Bury Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide October 2021


Capturing and burying carbon is one of the most promising ways to blunt the pace of climate change

University of Texas and ExxonMobil researchers found a way to speed up the formation of crystal structures called hydrates that can store billions of tons of carbon for centuries

Adding magnesium to the reaction led to a 3,000x increase in hydrate formation wait time — from hours or even days down to a few minutes



5) Plant Vogelt becoming the Biggest Source of Carbon-Free Energy


Plant Vogtle on its way to becoming Country's biggest source of carbon-free energy October 2021


Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4 will be the first new nuclear units built in the United States in the last three decades. As construction continues, Georgia Power remains focused on completing Vogtle units 3 and 4 with safety and quality as top priorities.

Once complete, Vogtle units 1-4 will produce enough safe, reliable, affordable electricity to power 1 million Georgia homes and businesses. Vogtle Unit 3 reaches normal operating pressure and temperature during Hot Functional Testing Plant systems will continue to be tested over the next several weeks




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