Future Energy eNews July 15, 2002

First, we offer our congratulations to Dr. Theodore Loder, from the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire, for his courageous work on producing and delivering a paper entitled, "'Outside the Box' Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century" at the last American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (#AIAA-2002-1131) summer meeting in Reno, Nevada. He has kindly given us permission to distribute copies of it (243 KB pdf file) and post it on our website. His abstract states, "This paper reviews the development of antigravity research in the US...addresses recently reported scientific findings and witness testimonies - that show us that this research and technology is alive and well and very advanced..." One correction to his reference list is that the book, Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook is distributed also through IRI here in the US and in September, 2002, it will be available throughout the US as is the other book Ted mentions, Electrogravitics Systems, published by IRI.

Second, we offer corroborating evidence to support Ted Loder's thesis: Not only has the US DOE and EIA www.eia.doe.gov been deliberately deceiving the public about the impossible OPEC future doubling its output of oil (see http://users.erols.com/iri/DOE.html ) but the DOE has a hidden secret / top secret agenda dedicated to weaponry. Impossible? Read on... In this country, federal law 42 USC 7112 (US Code) mandates the DOE to "place a major emphasis on the development and commercial use of solar, geothermal, recycling and other technologies utilizing renewable energy resources." This is also the Congressional Declaration of Purpose for the Department of Energy when it was formed in 1977. The DOE Organization Act is now part of 42 USC 7321. Why is this important? The organizers of the DOE 25 years ago never imagined what would really go on there today, apparently taking much higher priority over any relatively insignificant National Energy Policy. But we thought the DOE is open and honest with the public, sharing information every chance it gets? Nope! The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has had to sue the DOE in court, force it through court order to release energy documents, and then prove it has repeatedly lied when it claimed to have released all available information about the Cheney Energy Task Force work behind closed doors (see www.nrdc.org for more info). In other words, the DOE is currently involved in a big cover-up, trying to hide information.

Third, The Office of Military Applications at the DOE has released only three reports, after a period of 8 to 10 years has past (http://www.osti.gov/energycitations/ ), which provides for some interesting reading but only a sample of its extensive budgeted program. However, there are other departments at the DOE also pursuing weapons, requiring DOE L, DOE Q, secret (S), top secret (TS), and/or sensitive compartmented information (SCI) clearances. Below is proof that any John Q Public, can apply for a "secure vault environment" job in a "dynamic, interesting and highly sensitive setting involving Intelligence activities and related duties" at your local neighborhood Department of Energy in downtown Washington, DC. Many people have wondered what is in the Patent Office vault where classified patents never have seen the light of day. Now they can also wonder what the DOE vault contains. All information below is publicly available from the DOE contractor website http://jobs.saic.com with a search on "DOE." It is important to mention that not listed below are the dozens of openings for the "declassification" program at the DOE Germantown location, which proves that advanced energy concepts and inventions have been withheld from the public.

Many of the jobs below are at the Forrestal Building, which is the DOE main headquarters. To conserve space, only the first two listings are complete. The rest are abbreviated. All of them serve to illustrate the extent of military weapon and advanced energy system service that the DOE is engaged in, all under the cloak of secrecy (Ref: http://jobs.saic.com).

If this sample of about 70 job openings for the DOE is any indication, classified programs at the DOE deal with more than just nuclear reactors. To the uninformed and naïve public, like most of us, the job listings for the DOE seem to be overstepping its bounds, besides violating 42 USC Sec 7112 of the Congressional declaration of purpose for the DOE by supporting a military effort with extensive weapon development. The DOE meanwhile is openly suppressing new energy technologies that could relieve the US dependence on oil and coal. For example, the DOE reversed its offer to host the IRI Conference on Future Energy in 1999, after it learned that one of our speakers, Dr. Ed Storms, would present a cold fusion information update. Then, a year later, the DOE publicly refused to support cold fusion research, even rescinding a $100,000 NERI grant to Dr. George Miley in 2000, when it was learned through the onerous intervention of Bob Park of the American Physical Society, that Miley's University of Illinois laboratory experiment for remediation of radioactive waste involved cold fusion and the APS-banned, transmutation of elements.

However, the DOE upper management has never needed security clearances to have full knowledge of the DARPA-funded ORNL decade-long project on sonoluminescence (bubble fusion), recently published in Science (8 March 2002, V. 295, 0. 1868), "Evidence for Nuclear Emissions During Acoustic Cavitation" (Ref: http://www.sciencemag.org/feature/data/hottopics/bubble/index.shtml) or the Naval Research Lab (NRL) decade-long program researching cold fusion which found complete reproducibility with a palladium-boron system. The NRL 135-page report, "Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System, Decade of Research" Tech Report #1862, has now been published with the director of the program, Dr. Frank Gordon, stating, "It is time for government funding organizations to invest in this research" (Ref: Vol.I, 3.5 Meg, http://www.spawar.navy.mil/sti/publications/pubs/tr/1862/tr1862-vol1.pdf).

Why the US DOE has actively suppressed cold fusion and new energy technologies while it pretends that OPEC will double its output of oil is incomprehensible, except in terms of its extensive classified military involvements. Could it be that the DOE is still asking the same question that Dr. Edward Teller (father of the H-bomb) asked Dr. Martin Fleischmann in 1989, "Can you make a bomb from cold fusion?" If the DOE remotely believes that may be possible, then the public suppression and ridicule of cold fusion makes sense, in order to divert attention away from it. However, in terms of its prior peaceful civilian obligation to the "optimal development of various forms of energy production" (42 USC 7112) this behavior is unconscionable.

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