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To start off, in case some of you missed my live interview on Steve’s Place last month, it is now available on his YouTube channel so you can watch it anytime you wish (and catch highlights of any part of it ) . The show is my favorite slideshow with Q&A afterwards on “Bioelectromagnetic Healing, Tesla, and Effective EMF Devices.” One slide even reminded me of the historical treatment of keratosis with a Tesla coil device so I tried our Premier Jr. on a facial lesion and it worked within only a few daily treatments, better than the prescription cream. I think it will answer a lot of your questions.


Another accomplishment that I’m happy to share is my outreach to the Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology with the publication of “Gigatonne Carbon Dioxide Removal Can Reverse Global Heating Trend” which is a 17-page comprehensive solution to global warming and open access for everyone’s benefit. To add emphasis to this gigaton trend, it is worth mentioning that Climeworks Direct Air Capture Summit will be held for only the fourth year in a row on June 4, 2023 with great high-quality speakers who aim for this identical goal as in my paper.


Story #1 reminds me of Dr. Garret Moddel’s article in a popular magazine predicting that his rectenna thermal converters would do exactly what has now been accomplished by Jimei University in China. Using a specially designed thermoelectric generator (TEG) that includes Garret’s idea of radiative cooling for one side of the TEG, Dr. Jing Liu improved the efficiency of the device so it works around the clock with “sustainable and continuous energy.” Some of us would call this the birth of “free energy” though Dr. Paul Thibado’s graphene generator is a close competitor with continuous electrical generation from thermal oscillations, as featured in FE eNews, October 2020.


Story #2 and the Related Stories offer a glimpse into the future of electromedicine, which has been neglected literally for one century (click on my YouTube interview above to see the details of that historical suppression). With the work done at two universities in Sweden and Germany, we see a replication of the research accomplished many times before, such as with Silverlon silver impregnated bandages and also with our EM Pulser 78 (with noninvasive PEMF, Faraday’s Law induced endogenous electricity). Chronic, nonhealing bone fractures have benefited greatly from direct or induced electricity ( and now, diabetic wounds have been shown by the European researchers to have a healing response with applied electrical potentials across the wound.


Story #3 is a great hydrogen breakthrough from a collaboration between the USDOE and several universities. Their researchers have found a way to extract hydrogen out of the ocean by funneling seawater through a bipolar, double-membrane system and electrolysis, published in Joule magazine. The future improvements will strengthen the electrodes for energy-intensive activities like for transportation. Oxygen generation is a byproduct which also can be valuable, even for stochiometric recombination or Brown’s gas.


Story #4 is from Argonne National Labs and offers hope for a scaled up version of a “lithium-air” rechargeable battery which shows high ionic conductivity and stability and high cycle stability through a four-electron transfer process. Also published in Science magazine.


Story #5 may be the most exciting news for everyone considering a EV. Hold on for a short time as Solar-Powered EVs are coming onto the market, which will disrupt all of the charging stations infrastructure nationwide. The collection of these amazing vehicles is on one page from The Cool Down and worth perusing. The ones that are affordable in the $25,000 range have also received press coverage too. Right now, these solar cars add about 40 miles to the range – for free! The future may be so bright we will have to wear shades, as they say.



Tom Valone



1) New passive device continuously generates electricity during the day or night


TechExplore April 2023


Researchers have developed a new thermoelectric generator (TEG) that can continuously generate electricity using heat from the sun and a radiative element that releases heat into the air. Because it works during the day or night and in cloudy conditions, the new self-powered TEG could provide a reliable power source for small electronic devices such as outdoor sensors.

"Traditional power sources like batteries are limited in capacity and require regular replacement or recharging, which can be inconvenient and unsustainable," said research team leader Jing Liu from Jimei University in China. "Our new TEG design could offer a sustainable and continuous energy solution for small devices, addressing the constraints of traditional power sources like batteries."


Related Articles


Jing Liu et al, All-day uninterrupted thermoelectric generator by simultaneous harvesting of solar heating and radiative coolingOptics Express (2023). DOI: 10.1364/OE.483531


Cooling mechanism increases solar energy harvesting for self-powered outdoor sensors


2) How electricity can heal wounds three times faster


Medical Xpress April 2023


Chronic wounds are a major health problem for diabetic patients and the elderly—in extreme cases they can even lead to amputation. Using electric stimulation, researchers in a project at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and the University of Freiburg, Germany, have developed a method that speeds up the healing process, making wounds heal three times faster.m There is an old Swedish saying that one should never neglect a small wound or a friend in need. For most people, a small wound does not lead to any serious complications, but many common diagnoses make wound healing far more difficult. People with diabetes, spinal injuries or poor blood circulation have impaired wound healing ability. This means a greater risk of infection and chronic wounds—which in the long run can lead to such serious consequences as amputation.




Electrical field landscape of two electroceuticals


Bioelectronic microfluidic wound healing: a platform for investigating direct current stimulation of injured cell collectives


3) New system pulls hydrogen directly from seawater


New Scientist April 2023


Hydrogen is an appealing option for fuel because it doesn’t emit carbon dioxide. Many attempts to make hydrogen gas start with fresh or desalinated water, but those methods can be expensive and energy intensive. Seawater is a complex mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, and other elements, which makes it difficult to extract hydrogen gas for clean energy uses.



4) This Dime-Sized Battery Is a Step Toward an EV With a 1,000-Mile Range


Inside Clean Energy April 2023



Researchers at Argonne National Laboratory and the Illinois Institute of Technology have created a solid-state battery that could be used to vastly expand the range of EVs, and it could unlock the ability to use batteries on short-haul aircraft and heavy trucks.

But for now it’s a lab-scale battery cell, about the size of a dime.mI spoke with two of the leaders of the research this week. “I was doubtful in the beginning,” said Larry Curtiss, a senior chemist at Argonne. He has been at the lab for more than 40 years and knows from experience that initial results might not be repeatable. But he and his colleagues from the two Chicago-area institutions found that their work could be replicated, with the results published in February in the journal Science.



5)The solar-powered car market projected to grow 37% by 2030


The April 2023


According to a recent report, the solar-powered car market is on the rise and is expected to grow a whopping 37% by 2030. A typical gas-powered car produces around five tons of air-polluting carbon dioxide every year. Worldwide, that comes out to around 3.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide gas released from passenger vehicles annually.


Solar-powered cars, conversely, produce zero direct air pollution while running purely on electricity. And since solar-powered cars derive their electricity from the sun, there is no need to worry about using up a finite resource, as gas-powered cars do with dirty energy sources like oil and coal..










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