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Hello Tom,


We are happy to invite you to a free event online coming up on June 7, 2022 with an Artemis program engineer named Brittany Zimmerman who will be leading “Carbon Capture in Hawaii” at 7 PM. Here is the Event link:


Secondly, for all of those Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or cold fusion people, I think it would be great if one of you wins $200,000 or even $100,000 for your innovative use of palladium, since you are using it every day for holding deuterium catalytically. It is the “Palladium Challenge Contest” and the applications are due May 31, 2022 at with prizes awarded in September. Good luck! 


Our first story offers hope for the expected worldwide droughts due to increasing heat from climate change. What is better than atmospheric water harvesters (AWH) is a solar powered one. Yes, not only do we now have a worldwide map of the suitable places to install such AWH air suckers but the same team at X Company who produced it found the approximate number of people Harvesting water from the air – The X Blog who will benefit (about 1 billion) who currently don’t have access to “safely managed drinking water”. This work is based on their Nature article Global potential for harvesting drinking water from air using solar energy | Nature.


Story #2 is an inspiring indication that more and more clothing may be electrified soon with thin flexible high energy density batteries. Our patented clothes may actually get to market with such help from the UC San Diego innovation which is now available from their licensed company Riot Energy  


Story #3 is an ecological wonder with wood-based electrodes made on a printing press and a water-based polymer electrode design from Ligna Energy AB developed at an Organic Laboratory in Sweden The energy density is very high at 5 kW/kg and uses cheap raw materials that are nonflammable.


Story #4 is my favorite for the future of small communities and even off-planet settlements: a small golf-ball size chunk of spent nuclear fuel that powers a microreactor for years to come. Even more encouraging is the support that the US DOE’s Idaho National Lab  will be offering by giving the innovative company access to nuclear waste so it can develop its fast nuclear microreactors. Hope that they get all of the nuclear waste they need to burn!


Story #5 shows how renewables will continue to grow despite political attempts to derail the incentives and long-term benefits. We are now seeing record breaking offshore wind energy sales in the billions of dollars in the New York Bight, which is expected to continue for other shoreline areas.




Tom Valone, PhD



1) Solar Power Harvesters Could Produce Clean Water for 1 Billion People


Physics World, March 2022


One billion people could access safe drinking water using devices that use solar energy to condense water from the air. That is the conclusion of a team of researchers in the US led by Jackson Lord at X, The Moonshot Factory, who have developed a new tool for assessing the global potential for water harvesting. Their tool could soon help researchers to design completely off-grid water sources, suitable for use in local communities in many parts of the Global South.





2) The Most Powerful Flexible Battery with 10 Times the Area Energy Density


A flexible screen-printed rechargeable battery with up to 10 times more power than state of the art March 2022


Professor Ying Shirley Meng and her team at UC San Diego have developed a working prototype of a flexible silver oxide-zinc battery with at least ten times the areal energy density of a typical lithium-ion battery. It can be manufactured with standard screenprinting technology in a stable room environment.


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3) Prize-winning Technology for Large Scale Energy Storage


Tech March 2022


Safe, cheap, and sustainable technology for energy storage has been developed at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University (LiU). It is based on two major breakthroughs: the manufacture of wood-based electrodes in rolled form, and a new type of water-based electrolyte. The technology has now been patented and is to be commercialized by Norrköping-based spin-off company Ligna Energy AB. An increasing share of renewable energy in the energy mix and increasing consumption of electricity in society are causing major challenges for balancing power supply networks. In principle, electricity is consumed at the instant of its production, so there are currently limited options for storing large amounts of electricity. The problem is particularly acute during cold periods when the demand for electricity is a highest imbalance in the grid can cause serious power outages.


4) Oklo Microreactor Runs on Nuclear Waste


ZD Net. February 2022


The face of nuclear energy is changing, and one of the companies working to redefine what nuclear energy looks like is Oklo. The 22-person Silicon Valley start-up has a plan to build mini-nuclear reactors, powered by the waste of conventional nuclear reactors and housed in aesthetically pleasing A-frame structures. “Microreactors are an exciting innovation that completely flips the technology story for nuclear energy,” Alex Gilbert, a project manager for nuclear power think tank the Nuclear Innovation Alliance.





Scientists confirm thermonuclear fusion in a sheared-flow Z-pinch device 



4) Record Breaking Offshore Wind Energy Sales


Press Release of DOI


After days of bidding, six companies emerged as winners last week in a record-breaking auction for the rights to develop offshore wind in federal waters off New York and New Jersey.


The total of the winning bids was $4.37 billion for 488,000 acres spread across six lease areas. The process was overseen by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.




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