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November 2017





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We are happy to announce the CALL FOR PAPERS (which is really a 'Call for Abstracts' at this time) for the 2018 Tesla Technology Conference "TeslaCon" to be held Aug 8-12, 2018 in Albuquerque, NM at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Speaker selection has started for the 2018 TeslaCon (which includes two parallel sessions from and  ). This year's 2017 joint conference was great with top-notch speakers across the spectrum. We anticipate next year will be ever better with an actual gigantic high voltage outdoor Tesla Coil demonstration! If you know of someone who may be a great addition...especially with knowledge of Nikola Tesla's inventions pass this information to them. At this time, we are seeking presentations on research and devices in the fields of: 

Tesla Technology, Tesla Turbines, Tesla Coils, Magnetic Motors, ZPE, Radiant Energy, Brown's Gas/HHO, Extreme physics, Low Temperature Plasma, ElectroGravitation,   Antigravity, Cold Fusion, ElectroMedicine, PEMF and Pulsed Magnetic Healing, Water Modifications, Extraordinary Health Supplements, and other extraordinary energy, propulsion, and bioenergetics topics. 

Presentations are selected on the basis of a ~250 word abstract, clear, brief descriptions of investigations and conclusions. There will be a maximum of 16 sponsored speakers. Working devices always have priority. Papers must be original and unpublished as of the conference date. Speaker guidelines with specific instructions are sent out upon selection of the speakers. 

This is an excellent opportunity for speakers to meet others who share your interests, and attract possible funding. In addition to speaking, speakers are also encouraged to submit articles for potential publication in our membership magazine (ExtraOrdinary Science & Technology). We are also seeking sponsors and vendors. Contact or .


This month, our first story reaffirms the reality of the flying car movement, with NASA teaming up with Uber to get some air traffic control going. Certainly the transportation industry is headed toward the future we often see in science fiction movies. IRI is poised to help with new propulsion discoveries that we share with the public through books, DVDs, and conference proceedings.


Our second story gives us one more reason to look forward to the future of energy, since the quantum realm keeps surprising the scientists. In this case, a combination of microwaves and a laser pulse seems to produce an overunity condition with more energy out than in. It is also reminiscent of the "traveling wave tube", in my opinion, where electrons and microwaves transfer energy. With confirmation from another lab, this may once again bend the second law of thermodynamics.


The third story is close to the day-to-day operations of our institute, since a flexible, wearable thermoelectric generator (TEG) may be a great match for our patented Therapeutic Antioxidant Electric Clothes (US 8,825,174) and we have started negotiations with two professors at North Carolina State University. See  Our Bioenergy Page  for more information on how such clothing will revolutionize the sports industry.


Our fourth story also has personal value to us since we fast once a week on water, juice, and a little bit of fruit. In the Bioenergetics area, it is great to find that such lowering of caloric intake has better effects on longevity if translated to occasional fasting, since the mitochondria are favorably affected.


The last story is the fourth in an unexpected series that started with our FE eNews in October, 2016  (all eNews back issues are archived at Enews Page ) with floating off-shore wind farms, and May, 2017 with floating solar islands, followed by an actual floating farm off the coast of Scotland (October, 2017). Yes folks, now it is "floating cities" with companies, architects, and even a government working on realizing the first city by 2020. Rising seas will not bother the elite who float!


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Tom Valone, Editor


1) Uber Teams with NASA  for Flying Car Project


By Mike Wall, Senior Writer



Uber's planned "flying cars" will navigate crowded city skies with some help from NASA, if everything goes according to plan.


The space agency has signed an agreement with Uber to help develop an air-traffic-control system for the flying-car project, which goes by the name Uber Elevate or UberAir, according to USA Today.

"UberAir will be performing far more flights over cities on a daily basis than has ever been done before," Uber Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden said in a statement provided to USA Today. "Doing this safely and efficiently is going to require a foundational change in airspace-management technologies."


Then, in 2015, NASA initiated its UAS Traffic Management (UTM) project, to deal with smaller, lower-flying drones.  "We believe our job is to create opportunities for the UAM community to work together toward the common goal of safe, efficient and quiet operations," Rich Wahls, NASA's strategic technical advisor in the Advanced Air Vehicles Program for ARMD, said in a statement.

"We have a unique role to play in leading collaborative efforts that leverage the knowledge, technologies and visions of everyone coming to the table," Wahls added.



2) New Thermodynamics: How Quantum Physics is Bending the Rules



By Zeeya Merali,  November 2017

Experiments are starting to probe the limits of the classical laws of thermodynamics


It would take a foolhardy physicist to dare attempt to break the laws of thermodynamics. But it turns out that there may be ways to bend them. At a lab at the University of Oxford, UK, quantum physicists are trying to do so with a small lump of synthetic diamond. At first, the diamond is barely visible, nestled inside a chaotic mess of optical fibres and mirrors. But when they switch on a green laser, defects in the diamond are illuminated, and the crystal begins to glow red.


In that light, the team has found preliminary evidence of an effect that was theorized only a few years ago1: a quantum boost that would push the diamond's power output above the level prescribed by classical thermodynamics. If the results hold up, they will be a tangible boon for the study of quantum thermodynamics, a relatively new field that aims to uncover the rules that govern heat and energy flow at the atomic scale.


There is reason to suspect that the laws of thermodynamics, which are based on how large numbers of particles behave, are different in the quantum realm. Over the past five years or so, a quantum-thermodynamics community has grown around that idea. What was once the domain of a handful of theoreticians now includes a few hundred theoretical and experimental physicists around the globe. "The field is moving so fast I can barely keep up," says Ronnie Kosloff, an early pioneer of the field at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.




3) Flexible Wearable Electronics Use Body Heat For Energy


By TechBriefs. com November 2, 2017


This thermoelectric harvester has the material quality of rigid devices inside a flexible package.


Interest in wearable electronics for continuous, long-term health and performance monitoring is rapidly increasing. The reduction in power levels consumed by sensors and electronic circuits, accompanied by the advances in energy harvesting methods, allows for the realization of self-powered monitoring systems that do not have to rely on batteries.

For wearable electronics, thermoelectric generators (TEGs) offer the unique ability to continuously convert body heat into usable energy. For body harvesting, it is preferable to have TEGs that are thin, soft, and flexible. Unfortunately, the performance of flexible modules reported to date has been far behind that of their rigid counterparts. This is largely due to lower efficiencies of the thermoelectric materials, electrical or thermal parasitic losses, and limitations on leg dimensions posed by the synthesis techniques.


Read more here



4) Harvard Study Shows Fasting Ieads to Healthier, Longer Life


By Rich Haridy,  New Atlas, November 11, 2017

 Article Link

New research found that a cell's mitochondria (represented in green above) can be affected through Fasting  which results in better health and longevity.

Intermittent fasting diets are all the rage these days. We are seeing everything from the conservative 5:2 diet to more extreme fasting methods gaining prominence in Silicon Valley circles, but while there has been plenty of observational research pointing out the correlation between fasting and positive health outcomes, we still don't have a good understanding of any underlying biological mechanism at play.


A new study from Harvard researchers has now shown how fasting can increase lifespan, slow aging and improve health by altering the activity of mitochondrial networks inside our cells.


"Although previous work has shown how intermittent fasting can slow aging, we are only beginning to understand the underlying biology," says William Mair, senior author on the study.



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5) Floating Cities No Longer Science Fiction


By David Gelles,  NY Times, November 11, 2017

Article Link

It is an idea at once audacious and simplistic, a seeming impossibility that is now technologically within reach: cities floating in international waters - independent, self-sustaining nation-states at sea.

Long the stuff of science fiction, so-called "seasteading" has in recent years matured from pure fantasy into something approaching reality, and there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a prototype by 2020.


At the center of the effort is the Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. Founded in 2008, the group has spent about a decade trying to convince the public that seasteading is not an entirely crazy idea.


That has not always been easy. At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self parody. Burning Man gatherings in the Nevada desert are an inspiration, while references to the Kevin Costner film "Waterworld" are inevitable. The project is being partially funded by an initial coin offering, a new concept sweeping Silicon Valley and Wall Street in which money can be raised by creating and selling virtual currency.


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