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To begin with, we at IRI are happy to announce that due to the overwhelming response to the extension of our 2022 sale on the website, the use of the “PC22” discount code will be extended into the month of February, for a 10% discount on all of our products and publications.


Our Story #1 is a celebration of the life of Dr. Paul LaViolette who made many energy and propulsion discoveries in his illustrious career, the most well-known may be his book, Earth Under Fire. Not only was the full-size poster for this book cover featured on a store wall in the original Men In Black movie, but an hour-long movie has been made that faithfully and scientifically explains the basis for the periodic galactic core explosion, which also was the subject of Paul’s PhD thesis. The Earth Under Fire video is now available as a downloadable video from YouTube, which I highly recommend for its scientific quality. In our opinion, Paul may have prepared the human race for the time in the future when the recurring “superwave” or cosmic ray volley repeats its explosive showering of the entire galaxy, forcing many underground (e.g., Malta’s underground city housing thousands in the distant past, etc.). Among his several other books, the second one that stands out is his Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, which is highlighted in this article. This was his last achievement and contains a wealth of information on every emerging propulsion discovery that may be not well understood by the public. If some would rather see Paul share the highlights of his book that he found and wrote about, he gave a slide show at a Secret Space Program conference on those antigravity discoveries in 2015 as well as a more recent 2021 Alt Propulsion presentation on “SubQuantum Kinetics and Pais Navy Gravity Patents” both of which are available on YouTube.


Story #2 is quite exciting for us at IRI as the term “electroceuticals” is touted as possibly outperforming pharmaceuticals where rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is concerned. As we have indicated before in Future Energy eNews reprints, the medical approach to a new electrotherapeutic discovery is almost always invasive surgery and this discovery is no different. Stimulating the vagus nerve, most accessible on the left side of the neck, during a 2023 study called “Reset-RA” that is ongoing, SetPoint Medical is hot on the trail of a PNAS 2016 paper that showed vagus nerve stimulation significantly reduced and reversed RA symptoms. IRI is interested since an endogenous 1 milliamp pulse of current (half millisecond at 20 Hz for one minute, four times a day) can also be created nearby by Faraday’s Law through pulsed magnetic fields (I always cite the famous bone-knitting discoveries of Drs. Becker, Bassett, and Pilla who also started with invasive implanted pulsed current generators and then moved to pulsed magnetic coils). Therefore, if you happen to suffer from RA, perhaps the use of our EM Pulser 78 (10 millisecond pulse at 7.8 Hz) near the left side of the neck may help relieve the inflammatory response and decrease the cytokines, as Dr. Glen Gordon discovered years ago, by the induced current pulses a centimeter away in the vagus nerve.


While we have reported on sucking drinkable water out of the air with special condensation dehumidifiers, Story #3 uses a similar approach with porous electrodes that maximize the contact with water in the air. Specifically, it is the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in France that has made the breakthrough of enabling the above process with solar-powered technology added to electrolysis. Making hydrogen fuel from water with a solar photocurrent is enabled with their transparent polymer semiconductor photocathode membrane achieves a Faradaic efficiency of 40%, according to the published journal article.


Story #4 extends an established water pumping technique to store energy by proposing reactivating abandoned coal mines using sand as the weighted medium. With regenerative braking, the energy is generated with sand being lowered into the mine while electricity costs are high and then pumped back up during off-peak and costs less. Unlike normal batteries, ultra-long term storage is available from weeks to several years if needed with zero energy loss due to self-discharge. With terawatt-hours of energy available worldwide with this method, the 2022 study may in fact realize “A Solution for Long-Term Energy Storage”


Story #5 is very noteworthy because with all of the anticipation we have generated by reporting Col. Felt’s space solar power Air Force project (online YouTube) and the competition from the Japanese for the same type of electricity-beaming space power, it with great pleasure that we can concretely report on the CalTech successful launch on January 3rd of their Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD). Its Demonstrator which is now up in space can be seen in the CalTech video, also on YouTube, in a one-minute video. With the help of a philanthropist, this CalTech project may be the first to be put into commercial use in the near future.




Tom Valone, PhD



1) Remembering Dr. Paul A. LaViolette – Extraordinary systems scientist, astrophysicist, and prolific author (1947-2022)


Thomas Valone Ph.D. - Integrity Research Institute. January 2023


The recent passing of our dear friend and colleague Dr. Paul LaViolette this past December brought much sadness to my wife and me, but also prompted us to document his remarkable life as an extraordinary systems scientist, astrophysicist, and prolific author.

I met Paul in the mid-1980s at an International Tesla Science Conference and remember walking around the beautifully red Garden of the Gods in Colorado with him and another engineer. At that time, with our backs against the paramagnetic rock walls to energize our bodies, Paul talked about his plans for several books, including one on antigravity, which I thought was just wishful thinking. However, Paul studied at Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago, and worked at the Harvard School of Public Health, before getting his Ph.D. in General Systems Science from the University of Oregon, so he had all of the credentials to be a professor. And then, twenty years later in 2008, his amazing comprehensive masterpiece – Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion -- came out in print, published by the impressive Bear & Company, with well-deserved reviews on the back cover. I have used and referenced many parts of his book, including the “Gravity Beam Propulsion” of Chapter 6 with personal disclosures from Dr. Podkletnov about his 10 million volt shock discharges that could dent steel and punch holes in concrete. Chapter 9 also has lots of structural information about UFOs, including the bismuth-magnesium-zinc propulsion artifact, while Chapter 10 explains the John Searl Effect better than anyone else. Paul also presents the most comprehensive collection of experimental details about electrogravitics including high voltage pulsed effects in the rest of the book (about half of the 500 pages), along with many personal reprints from T. Townsend Brown. Brown is famous for initiating the use of electrogravitics and electrokinetics to explain the results of his patented experimental designs for propulsion (see my books, Electrogravitics Systems and Electrogravitics Volume II on Amazon). Paul also wrote a chapter on electrogravitics being used as an auxiliary propulsion system on the B-2 bomber which has no heat signature, using Brown’s design of a flame jet generator for the negative ion “exhaust” and the forward leading edge of the wings being charged to a high positive voltage. A friend of mine who worked for the US Department of Energy testified to me in an email that he witnessed a B-2 flying over his house at night in Eastern Marlboro, Maryland with a blue glow visible from the wings, which is a signature of a very high voltage corona discharge, possibly confirming Paul’s discovery. The Daily Gazette during an interview, published September 25, 2021. Paul told them that “he solved the mystery of the universe.


2) New Bioelectronic Treatment for Arthritis


IEEE Spectrum January 2023


MONIQUE ROBROEK ONCE HAD such crippling arthritis that, even with the best available medications, she struggled to walk across a room. But thanks to an electronic implant fitted under her skin, she managed to wean herself off all her drugs and live pain-free for nearly a decade—until recently, when a viral illness made her rheumatoid arthritis (RA) flare up again. Robroek’s long remission is “very impressive” and rare among patients with RA, says her doctor Frieda Koopman, a rheumatologist at Amsterdam UMC, in the Netherlands. Robroek’s experience highlights the immense potential of so-called bioelectronic medicine, also known as electroceuticals, an emerging field of treatment for diseases that have traditionally been managed with pharmaceuticals alone.


3) Hydrogen Fuel from Air


Interesting Engineering January 2023


What if I told you there is a device that can produce hydrogen fuel out of humid air just by using solar energy? The world would go crazy for any such device because who doesn’t want clean fuel for free, right? A team of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) Lausanne has created one such device which, when exposed to sunlight, extracts the water content (humidity) of the air and gives out hydrogen gas. According to the press release, this gas can be further used as renewable solar fuel to power various applications.






4) Convert Abandoned Coal Mines to Gravity Batteries


Interesting Engineering January 2023


The potential energy of the sand is converted into electricity "Mines already have the basic infrastructure and are connected to the power grid, which significantly reduces the cost and facilitates the implementation of UGES plants," Julian Hunt, a researcher in the IIASA Energy, Climate, and Environment Program and the lead author of the study, said in a statement. How does this method work? The primary components of UGES are the shaft, generator, upper and lower storage sites, and mining equipment. UGES generates electricity when the price is high by lowering sand into an underground mine. The potential energy of the sand is then converted into electricity via regenerative braking. Then, the sand is lifted from the mine to an upper reservoir with the help of electric motors to store energy when electricity is cheap.






5) CalTech Launched Space Solar Power Demo January 2023


The Transporter-6 mission successfully launched at 6:55 a.m. PT on January 3, dubbed the Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD), which will test several key components of an ambitious plan to harvest solar power in space and beam the energy back to Earth. Space solar power provides a way to tap into the practically unlimited supply of solar energy in outer space, where the energy is constantly available without being subjected to the cycles of day and night, seasons, and cloud cover.

The launch represents a major milestone in the project and promises to make what was once science fiction a reality. When fully realized, SSPP will deploy a constellation of modular spacecraft that collect sunlight, transform it into electricity, then wirelessly transmit that electricity over long distances wherever it is needed—including to places that currently have no access to reliable power.











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