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We have added two energy widgets that are in "Billion BTUs". Keep in mind that 1000 BTU = 333 kWh and a more convenient notation is 1 Quad = 1 million billion BTUs (10^15 or quadrillion BTU) = 100 billion kWh (10^11 kWh) with the US annual energy consumption being roughly 100 Quads. Then you can look at the big millions in these widgets and translate the world solar production below to 1 Quad and biofuels to 2 Quads, etc.

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Welcome to Integrity Research Institute

Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable institution dedicated to finding, researching, and advocating new breakthrough energy technologies and to help establish research integrity in all of the energy sciences. Get excited about our mission -- Listen to our 60 second MP3 Integrity Theme Song, powerful and compelling. Download our latest color IRI Annual Report (PDF) in color. You may also download our IRI Publication Catalog (PDF). You can make a difference and support IRI by becoming a member, product purchase, donations, or simply by designating us as the recipient for Amazon Smile donations at!

Our Mission

Integrity Research Institute is committed to the revitalizing work of securing our future by investigating, documenting and hosting conferences on emerging energy technology that is  eco-sustaining, breakthroughs in new forms of propulsion and revitalizing discoveries in bioenergetics. This is an opportunity for individual achievement with a tax-deductible, charitable gift of any amount. Click on "(2) donations" in the right column to come forward and take individual action to support our ongoing emerging energy projects, viable new propulsion discoveries producing force, and drugfree bioenergetics.

Atmospheric CO2

Public: See the most compelling evidence of the climate change urgency with our IRI two-page Climate News Brief 2019 distributed to every House and Senate office on Capitol Hill. It follows up on the breakthrough Dr. Jim Hansen's original publication from 2006 (largely ignored) in
1) MIT Tech Review with a compilation of three historical climate graphs into one: (Click here>) his "CO2 and Climate Beast Graph" (pdf)
courtesy of Dr. Jim Hansen from NASA Goddard and
2) the condensed (click here>) Half MillionYears version with a NOAA insert, before you look at the conclusion of the inexorable consequences of their "towing" effect between CO2, sea level, and temperature in
3) the (click here>) IRI Climate Chart prepared by Dr. Valone in 2006 and updated for 2018, which explains it (Note: Hansen's graph therefore predicts a 5 degree C rise in world average temperature, propelled solely by the above CO2 increase surpassing 400 ppm, due to the correlation KEY).

Press: Take a look at our Interviews, Reports and Lectures links page. Also visit President Valone's AUTHOR PAGE which presents a comprehensive display of his publications, interviews, and reviews, sponsored by

Students: Inquiries welcome! As a former community college professor, Dr. Valone and IRI are vitally interested in helping all students with suggested academic majors and thesis topics, as well as free book "care packages". Click on "Students" for more info.

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