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Last month we offered the reprint from Dwell magazine about copper doorknobs, railings, and interior design showing its antimicrobial nature that even is antiviral even when worn as a bracelet. Well, seeing that copper bracelets are overpriced online and colloidal silver has gone up almost 50% in price everywhere, IRI has decided to maintain our price on silver colloid but also add the inexpensive Copper Antiviral/Antimicrobial Bracelet  to our product offerings for public benefit. That is because there is scientific evidence that endogenous copper ions, which get absorbed from a pure copper bracelet, will help protect the human body from bacteria and viruses  .


Also, The 18th annual Create the Future Design Contest sponsored by NASA Tech Briefs is seeking innovative ideas for new products and technologies that could generate jobs, improve public health & safety, protect the environment, and benefit society in other ways. Enter today at for a chance to win a top prize of $20,000 USD. There's no cost to participate.


Speaking of the future, the “All-Energy & Dcarbonize 2020” conference in Glasgow will be held 14-15 September 2020 and looks like a big one since it is postponed now until the Fall when everyone hopefully will be flying again. Sponsored by Reed Exhibitions, their website is


Our first story #1 is a “gamechanger” as they say, and this technology will transform windows into active power generators, potentially revolutionizing building design. Two square meters of solar window, the researchers say, will generate about as much electricity as a standard rooftop solar panel. Supported by Australian’s Renewable Energy Agency, the product is perovskite solar cells to be installed Viridian Glass that generates electricity while letting light to pass through, as reported in Nano Energy and Eurekalert .


Story #2 is more for the permanent magnet buffs who hope to see them used more widely in the near future, like me for example. The latest study of quantum entanglement suggests a new route toward room-temperature superconductivity perhaps. It also offers a way to study quantum fluctuations which are the source of zero-point energy and as Rutgers University suggests, a new way to tune a material “to improve quantum fluctuations” making them “endlessly intense” which is an amplification of zero-point energy.


Story #3 is a growing trend all around the world… “zero energy homes”. The article is posted on the  website which tells us that the housing market is starting to change as the number of zero energy homes and zero energy ready homes grows steadily each year.   and many builders are moving incrementally from their current construction practice toward higher efficiency. We look forward to this trend continuing so each new home will have a zero carbon footprint!


Story #4 offers some excitement in the midst of our present difficulties with the promise of a Mars mission launch by China later this year. The probe will study the soil, geological structure, environment and atmosphere of Mars, according to CNSA. The robotic probe will be made up of an orbiter, lander and a six-wheeled rover, which will have solar panels and carry 13 scientific instruments, according to CNSA. It is their hope that this will further the Chinese manned mission to Mars as well. As reported by CNN  , a woman wearing a spacesuit is shown walking out of the Chinese “Mars Base 1” in the Gobi desert near China’s Gansu province.


Our final Story #5 is more down to earth with a great four-minute video online  explaining new Energy Storage renewable techniques. Balancing energy supply and demand, the  amazing Proton OnSite technology uses a Solid Electrolyte Proton Exchange Membrane to perform water electrolysis producing hydrogen that is stored for future use when supply is low and energy demand increases. This efficient storage means replaces expensive and heavy weight batteries that eventually wear out. It is also very efficient and environmentally friendly, since hydrogen burning creates water as the ONLY byproduct . We hope this becomes the standard worldwide for electric utilities and microgrids.



Onward and Upward!

Tom Valone, PhD






1) Windows That Can Generate Electricity with Solar Breakthrough


Two square metres of solar window will do the same job as a standard rooftop solar panel, Australian researchers say.


Semi-transparent solar cells that can be incorporated into window glass are a "game-changer" that could transform architecture, urban planning and electricity generation, Australian scientists say in a paper in Nano Energy.

This technology will transform windows into active power generators, potentially revolutionizing building design. Two square metres of solar window, the researchers say, will generate about as much electricity as a standard rooftop solar panel.

The research was also supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).


Related Stories


Paper in Nano Energy


Photo credit: DR JAE CHOUL YU

Dr Jae Choul Yu


2) Physicists Study Quantum Entanglement of Ferromagnets


A group of Physicists from Rutgers University has identified the strange behavior of electrons in a ferromagnet. This discovery could ultimately lead to the development of high-temperature superconductivity.


The study of the unusual ferromagnetic material, co-authored by Rutgers University, has been reported recently in the Nature journal.The Rutgers Center for Materials Theory, a pioneer in this field, investigates “quantum phase transitions.” Phase transitions, for example, those that occur during the melting of ice, necessitate heat to agitate the atoms and melt the ice crystals. Quantum phase transitions are triggered by the agitation of electrons and atoms due to fluctuations that never stop even at low temperatures.

It is possible to achieve a quantum phase transition by tuning a material to improve quantum fluctuations, by exposing the material to intense pressure at a near absolute zero temperature or by applying a magnetic field. In some cases of quantum phase transitions, the quantum fluctuations turn out to be endlessly intense, thereby creating a “quantum critical point.”


3) Zero Energy New Homes Project


Production builders are uniquely positioned to identify and fulfill the needs of mass market home buyers. Most buyers assume that a new home is more comfortable, healthier, and more durable than an existing home, including the one they are leaving behind. Zero energy homes check all these boxes. Unfortunately, there is one misconception that prevents many production builders from offering zero energy alternatives. It’s the perception that zero energy homes are not affordable. In fact, zero energy homes cost less to own, provide their own buying power and build wealth starting the very first month.


The housing market is starting to change as the number of zero energy homes and zero energy ready homes grows steadily each year. Here are a few points for production builders to consider as they contemplate the pros and cons of joining the shift to zero.



4) China Plans to Launch Mars Mission This Year


China says that it’s still on schedule for the mission to Mars it plans to launch later this year.


The mission, originally slated for a July launch date, is set to happen “in the coming months,” according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA), CNN reports. On top of that, the mission finally has a name: “Tianwen 1,” which translates roughly to “heavenly questions.”



5) Nel Provides Renewable Energy Storage


Energy Storage Animation

Power disruptions are common with renewable energy sources. However, energy storage allows excess power generated by renewable resources to be stored at times of low demand and redistributed at periods of high demand.  

Nel combines grid intelligence with renewable resources and hydrogen energy storage solutions to provide a dependable environmentally friendly and lower-cost supply of energy.

Watch this video to learn more on hydrogen energy storage.




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