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Looks like longevity just received a boost here in America with Edith Ceccarelli’s 116th birthday! The whole town of Willits CA celebrates her birthday since when she was 107 years old. An avid dancer into her second century of life, she is the oldest person in the US (The Week, 2/23/24). She also reminds me of Story #5 which is about a doctor who at 83 still competes in a triathlon. 


Another development from the same magazine issue, this time in energy, is the boost in installed solar capacity from China with 217 gigawatts last year. It was far above the US installed total of 76 gigawatts last year, which is very impressive as well. World population growth rate peaked in the 1970s thus preceding the world population quantity peak by at least 100 years. The same phenomenon is expected for world carbon emissions unfortunately.)


Story #1 announcing the release of our new book published by Kindle Direct Publishing and available on Amazon. It is a FULL COLOR paperback entitled, Modern Meditation Technique: Quick Training Guide for Guaranteed Health, Serenity, Success, Harmony, Fulfillment. The MM Technique has been honed to an easy, three-step process, well tested with audiences throughout the country and here in the Maryland area. It is also similar to what is taught in high schools that offer “quiet time” twice a day. The Amazon site also features a full-length training video of the author, filmed at the US Patent and Trademark Office which you can view for free training, to accompany the book. This comes on the heels of a new article discovery, “Diminished Age-Related Decline of the Amygdala in Long-Term Meditation Practitioners” published in the Psychosomatic Medicine Journal, 2021 Jul-Aug;83(6):650-654.


Story #2 gives us more hope for reducing and recycling carbon dioxide into fuel that is carbon-free. The U of Auckland research, published in the January 31st issue of Nature, is also called a “Durable CO2 Conversion” which is great. The reason is that creating formic acid turns out to be more stable than the common alkaline process which precipitates CO2 into a carbonate. The system achieves nearly 91% single-pass conversion efficiency for CO2 at a current density of almost one ampere per square centimeter working continuously for thousands of hours.


Stories #3 and #4 move us into the realm of light, with the first one using light to perform complex analog computational math and reducing energy consumption as explained in Nature Photonics .


Story #4 is even more exciting with a new connection between light and magnetism. Hebrew University has found a light control for magnetoresistive memory (MRAM) with an optical sensor. However, it also appears that they can use the magnetic portion of electromagnetic radiation (light waves) to control magnetic material as well using quantum properties and nano-magnets. More details can be found in their January 3, 2024, Physical Review Research article.


Story #5, as previewed above, gives our readers a simple but effective diet for longevity and vitality, as proven by a neurosurgeon Ironman athlete even at 83 years old and who's part of Aviv Clinics' Global Aging Consortium. The diet has been linked to a multitude of health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. It also includes serious exercise and training to keep the body young as well. The diet is mostly plant-based and focuses on whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, and healthy fats such as olive oil. It includes some fatty fish and red meat on occasion but avoiding trans fatty acids found in junk food and less sugar and avoidance of ultra processed foods. This is a great article with lots of links to inspire everyone.




Tom Valone, Editor



1) IRI Latest Book: Modern Meditation Technique: Quick Training Guide for Health, Serenity, Success.


IRI PRESS RELEASE February 27, 2024


This full-color book: Modern Meditation Technique: Quick Training Guide for promoting Health, Serenity, Sucess, Longevity and Fulfillment, has been taught regularly at organizations like the American Cancer Society, United Nations Organizations, and corporations during lunch hour in the Washington DC area.. After teaching physics, environmental science, and electrical technology courses at Erie Community College for several years, I developed this training seminar for a simple and successful three-step meditation technique that incorporates the best basic components of the various famous meditation practices. The practice of meditation can begin with a simple attempt to try it occasionally and only eventually let it evolve into a daily habit. The beginner will start to discover that meditation is the only time during the day where she or he might have just one targeted affirmation but also receive ideas that help solve their most difficult problems. The Modern Meditation Training developed by this author has incorporated the best studies in its delivery for motivating the audience and simplified the essence of meditation into an assembly of three basic exercises (breathing, affirmation, visualization) which is the time-tested, three-step, integrated Modern Meditation Technique. The results are immediate and palpable, guaranteed to produce a boost to health and longevity, an emergence of even-minded serenity, a more success-oriented lifestyle, better harmony in relationships at home and at the office, as well as an attractive fulfillment of ambitions and goals. Each of these claims are supported by studies referenced in this amazing book that stands out from all of the many other books on meditation. Available at



2) Greenhouse gas repurposed in novel experiments


Physorg February 2024


Cutting-edge University of Auckland research has converted waste carbon dioxide into a potential precursor for chemicals and carbon-free fuel. Dr. Ziyun Wang's researchers in the School of Chemical Sciences, in collaboration with researchers at Chinese institutions, have demonstrated a method for turning CO2 into formic acid, reported in the journal Nature.



3) New chip "SiPh" uses light waves rather than electricity for AI computing at light speed


The Points Guy, January 2024


University of Pennsylvania engineers have developed a new chip that uses light waves, rather than electricity, to perform the complex math essential to training AI. The chip has the potential to radically accelerate the processing speed of computers while also reducing their energy consumption. The silicon-photonic (SiPh) chip's design is the first to bring together Benjamin Franklin Medal Laureate and H. Nedwill Ramsey Professor Nader Engheta's pioneering research in manipulating materials at the nanoscale to perform mathematical computations using light—the fastest possible means of communication—with the SiPh platform, which uses silicon, the cheap, abundant element used to mass-produce



4) Scientists Discover Groundbreaking Connection Between Light and Magnetism


SciTech Daily February 2024


Recent research conducted at Hebrew University has uncovered a previously unknown connection between light and magnetism. This finding paves the way for the development of ultra-fast memory technologies controlled by light, as well as pioneering sensors capable of detecting the magnetic components of light. This advancement is anticipated to transform data storage practices and the fabrication of devices across multiple sectors.



5) 83-Year-Old Triathlete and Doctor Shares His Diet Tips


Business Insider February 2024


Joseph Maroon is an 83-year-old practicing neurosurgeon who competes in triathlons.

Maroon says he uses four key diet principles to boost his health and longevity.

These include following a Mediterranean-style diet and eating less sugar.








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