Future Energy eNews June 5, 2002

Though the deadline is next month, many new energy converters may qualify under these liberal guidelines so those interested should try to apply in time. Our contact at the DOE who forwarded this to IRI hopes we will apply too. All of the required forms are online at the link below. -TV

U.S. Department of Energy
Industry Interactive Procurement System


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Energy Conversion Sciences






Energy Conversion Sciences - The Department is seeking fundamental improvements in the development of energy conversion technologies for cross-cutting applications in the building, industry, transportation, and utility sectors as follows:

A) Motor Control & Power Conversion Technologies - Electric and hybrid-electric systems require advanced electric motors, motor control technologies and novel advanced power conversion systems capable of driving control system and response rates compatible with their intended functions (e.g., AC to DC or DC to DC converters). For distributed energy systems, inverters provide high quality AC output for energy system demands. The department is interested in advanced inverter packaging technology that will offer at least a 30% cost reduction over conventional designs due to modular construction that allows for a reduction of weight and size of power electronics and scalable over a wide power range of 30 to 500kW.

B) Direct Thermal-to-electric Energy Converters - Cost effective new materials and advanced construction processes, while improving process optimization involving energy transfers between electric power and thermal gradients. Potential energy conversion technologies applicable to air conditioning, refrigeration, and various aspects of thermal management but also in generating significant electrical power from waste. One area of interest is the development of new or improved quantum well materials that would provide conversion efficiencies greater than 25%.

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Competitive Financial Assistance

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Raymond Johnson

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Denise Riggi

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