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Future Energy Annual Report The First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference & Exposition
DVD / Video Collection

In recognition of the Wardenclyffe Tower Centennial (1903-2003), Integrity Research Institute held a two-day conference, Nov8-9, 2003, featuring experts on Nikola Tesla's wireless transmission of energy and Tesla's electrotherapeutics.

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Individual Presentations:

 #tesla1 DVD
 #tesla1 VHS
Paul Werbos Opening Address by Program Director of the National Science Foundation: "Space Solar Power"  #tesla7 DVD
 #tesla7 VHS
Ryn Raevis, "Increasing Normality in Soft Tissue and Initiating healing with Electricity"
 #tesla2 DVD
 #tesla2 VHS
James Corum & Kenneth Corum "Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power Systems"  #tesla8 DVD
 #tesla8 VHS
Thomas Valone, "Electrotherapy with Tesla Coil Design: Introduction to Bioelectromagnetics "
 #tesla3 DVD
 #tesla3 VHS
Konstantin Meyl . From Germany. Engineer, Author, "Power Engineering Scalar Field Theory: Faraday vs. Maxwell, Longitudinal Waves  #tesla9 DVD
 #tesla9 VHS
Mark Neveu, President of the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine: "Emerging Opportunity: Cancer Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy"
 #tesla4 DVD
 #tesla4 VHS
Elizabeth Rauscher Nuclear & Astrophysicist, Inventor, Earthquake Predictor: "Wireless Energy Through the Earth-ionosphere Cavity:  #tesla10 DVD
 #tesla10 VHS
Jeff Behary, Director, The Electrotherapy Museum, "Turn of the Century Electro-Therapeutics"
 #tesla5 DVD
 #tesla5 VHS
Mark Seifer, Professor, Author or Wizard, The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla "The Wardenclyffe Dream: Tesla's plan for Wireless Worldwide Distribution"  #tesla11 DVD
 #tesla11 VHS
Ralph Suddath, Electrotherapy Inventor, Radio Host, Entrepreneur: " How a Crushed Leg helped Me Discover High Voltage Electromagnetic Healing Devices

 #tesla6 DVD
 #tesla6 VHS


William Terbo, Engineer, Nikola Tesla's grand-nephew: "A Family Perspective on the Personality of Nikola Tesla with a Review of the Popular Interest in this Scientific Icon"
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Future Energy Annual Report Proceedings of the First Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference and Exposition

Conference papers by speakers on Tesla's inventions and history, including Dr. James Corum, "Tesla's Development of RF Power", Dr. Meyl "Tesla's Scalar Waves", Dr. Tom Valone's "Electrotherapy with Tesla Coil Design", Electrotherapy Museum presentation of Jeff Behary, Earth-Ionosphere Energy by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher.

#121 200 pages $25
Future Energy Annual Report Nikola Tesla's Wireless Energy System Report
Integrity Research Institute

Viable method for transmitting power-level electricity. Details of the earth-ionosphere transmission technique with papers by Dr. James Corum, Andre Waser, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Robert Bass, Melvin Steinberg, and Zu Yu Wang. Become an expert on longitudinal waves with the best scientific information available today on this practical energy discovery

#827 60 pages $15

Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla's Science of Energy
by Dr. Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

Principles of wireless electricity transmission, longitudinal waves, using Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere energy.

Contains: Niagara Falls history, unpublished biography by Dr. Puharich and a dozen expert contributors

#117 340 pages $17
Nikola Tesla's Electricity Unplugged Nikola Tesla's Electricity Unplugged
by Dr. Thomas Valone

Nikola Tesla’s Electricity Unplugged is a unique anthology of hand-picked Tesla articles by the world's wireless power experts, arranged historically, which presents overwhelming and convincing evidence for the reality of Tesla’s high efficiency, low cost wireless power transmission. Following in the footsteps of the editor’s first book in the series, Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature, Dr. Tom Valone’s book chronologically traces the original intention that Nikola Tesla had for his wireless electricity and how he updated and expanded upon it later on, with reprints of his key articles, to the recent genius engineers and physicists who are now finally bringing this last and most elusive, highly advanced Tesla technology into reality. The Corum article (along with the Peterson article) on the Zenneck wave transmission experiments culminates the viewpoints of all of the book’s contributors, showing that commercial implementation is imminent. Almost 20 contributors in a unique almost 500-page book that is one of a kind authoritative reference volume without any similar book in print today.

#144 457 pages $22
Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power
by Dr James and Ken Corum

Complete report on the subjects including journal papers and diagrams. 50 pages

#127 $10