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Causality, Electromagnetic Induction and Gravitation Causality, Electromagnetic Induction and Gravitation
Dr. Oleg Jefimenko

Author of Electrostatic Motors, this book is based on his experiments performed at the University of West Virginia. Gravity analog to electromagnetism is proven to apply with simple, understandable equations. A most provocative, well researched.
Highly Recommended.

#706 210 pages $23
Turning the Corner Energy Solutions for the 21 Century Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century
by Mark McLaughlin

Dedicated to traditional and emerging energy. Excellent chapters on new energy, cold fusion, propulsion, and zero point energy. Great reader for schools. Endorsements by Edmund Storms and Sir A.C. Clarke

#114 385 pages $25
Subquantum Kinetics Subquantum Kinetics - A Systems Approach to Physics and Cosmology
Dr. Paul LaViolette

A novel systems approach to physics that has far reaching implications for field theory, astronomy and cosmology.

Includes: Astronomy, Brusselator, Cosmology, Electrogravitics, Ether, Matter/Energy Creation, Thermodynamics, System Theory, Tired-light and Gravity Impulse EM physics.

#605 318 pages $35
Future Energy Annual Report Permanent Magnet Motor Report

A Comprehensive report on the latest findings on permanent magnet motors, including: Perendev-Brady, Hartman, Spiral and the Russian Godin & Roschin motor with US patent just granted. Highly recommended for all serious researchers.

#204 65 pages $15
Future Energy: Proceedings Future Energy: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Future Energy with CD

The first conference, ahead of its time, presenting emerging energy discoveries. 19 papers including: Betavoltiac batteries, atmospheric electricity, Radiant energy, Wind power, Charge clusters, Carbon-arc gasification, novel nuclear reactions, zero point energy and a free CD with 20 hrs audio

#802 240 pages $40
Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality
by John Thomas

The history of John R. R. Searl's amazing electromagnetic (electorgravitic) flying disks. Continues to be seriously studied with numerous replication attempts by energy enthusiasts and scientists alike, in the US and Overseas. Contains many rare photos of Searl craft in flight. A must have for all energy and antigravity researchers.


#703 124 pages $25
Real Periodic Table The Real Periodic Table: Two Views

periodic TableWe consider the continuous and color-coded periodic table on the left to be truer to nature with its fascinating relationships (e.g. silicon is at center). The linear table on the right is included for comparison.
Great teaching too for schools

#817 11" x 17" $5