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Feasibility ZPE Study Practical Conversion of Zero Point Energy
by Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

The authoritative guide to the latest developments, tools and physics behind the best source of energy for the future. Dr. Valone's PhD thesis on zero point energy is practical and comprehensive with specific discoveries about useful conversion of ZPE to electricity, propulsion with nanotech applications. Includes all the equations, patents and tables. This revised edition contains a complete summary guide “the Vacuum Engineer’s Toolkit” and journal article on Zero Bias Diode application. Invaluable for serious ZPE researchers.

#828 102 pages $20
Scalar Potentials, Fields and Waves Scalar Potentials, Fields and Waves

Holding hope for instantaneous communication across space and other benefits, scalars are just beginning to be understood. Equated with longitudinal waves, report includes articles and amazing patents.

Published in Extraordinary Science magazine, the major questions about scalars are answered. Includes scalar and vector potentials, scalar waves, scalar generators, and the biological significance of scalars. Also, included is a proposal for designing a scalar detector.

#303 25 pages $6
Zero Point Energy and the Future Zero Point Energy and the Future
Thomas Valone, Ph. D.

Good introduction to the science of SPE. Includes easy to understand concepts and sample chapter from the book, "Zero Point Energy: Fuel of the Future," and selected articles, patents, all on ZPE

#822 35 pages $6
Faster than light Report Faster than Light Report - A Collection of Articles for Researchers
Integrity Research Institute

Many articles document superluminal electromagnetic signals. This report describes, analyzes and provides understandable physics regarding a mysterious subject. Experimental documentation

#708 30 pages $6
Focus Fusion Report Focus Fusion Report

Complete report with all the scientific data, graphs and charts explaining Focus Fusion by Eric Lerner. The long sought-after proton-boron process has now been achieved. Read about this important breakthrough for clean electricity. Business Plan is also included

#124 100 pages $15
Observations of Periodic Phenomena with a Massive Torsion Pendulum Observations of Periodic Phenomena with a Massive Torsion Pendulum

NASA verified this strange gravitational shielding anomaly during a solar eclipse. Drs. Erwin Saxl and Maurice Allais report adds experimental evidence with his torsion pendulum measurements to understanding gravity

#702 52 pages $10
EM Fields and Life Processes Nuclear Battery Report

A portable Energy Source

#830 $15
collected works of Dr. Pinto Collected Works of Dr. Fabrizio Pinto

Patent Collection & Journal Articles

#837 $10