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Cosmology and ZPE book Cosmology and Zero Point Energy
by Barry Setterfield

SPECIAL Price for a Collector's item available until it sells out - A masterful work, fully illustrated on the treatment of zero point energy (ZPE) with Maxwell's equations, though most of the pages are text and images. From biology to geology, the author explains the effect of ZPE on the macroscopic world. The book is 465 pages, softcover and published by the Natural Philosophy Alliance, Monograph Series, 2013. The book summary back cover is online.

#715 $20
Bush-Cheney Energy Study: Analysis of the National Energy Policy Bush-Cheney Energy Study: Analysis of the National Energy Policy

Comprehensive review addressing the National Energy Policy, sustainable energy, DOE-ERDA history and Federal law.
Includes an executive summary and diagrams explaining the real facts
125 pages

#120 $20
Howard Johnson Motor Report Howard Johnson Motor Report

Analysis of the 1979 magnetic motor by Virginia Polytechnic Institute, complete articles from Science & Invention, and the NY Times, with a copy of the Johnson patent. Includes a collection of his later patents too which represent a permanebt magnet linear motor that propels a four-wheel cart indefinitely.
65 pages

#203 $15
Future Energy Annual Report The Zeta Reticuli Incident
By T. Dickson

Exclusive out-of-print color edition of 1976 Astronomy magazine analyzed the Betty Hill star map (from the book, Interrupted Journey which was also made into a movie starring James Earl Jones). This full color magazine report analyzes all the rare solar-size stars within 50 light years of earth that make up Betty's star map revealed under hypnosis. Commentary by J.L. Kretsch, Carl Sagan, Steven Soter, Robert Scheaffer, Dr. Marjorie Fish, D. Saunders, and M. Peck
32 pages in full color

#505 $25
Scalar Waves Scalar Waves
by Prof Konstantin Meyl

Comprehensive reference book by a Professor and Engineer. Scalar waves form all particle waves, including plasma, photon or neutrino radiation. Book contains voluminous material concerning their practical use in the fields of bio-resonance and physics
653 pages

#307 $40
Clinton Administration DOE SNES Report Clinton Administration DOE SNES Report

Incisive and well-researched report on the Clinton Comprehensive National Energy Stategy - succeeded with 33% of its programs.
170 pages

#111 $30
Future Energy Technologies Future Energy Technologies
Integrity Research Institute

The latest technologies including the latest article on urgency for future energy with respect to climate change, "Dynamic Magnetic System" by Godin/Roshchin and "Searchers for a New Energy Source by Dr. Gary Johnson and much more.
36 pages

#819 $5
Proc of NPA-20 Proceedings of the Natural Philosophy Alliance
20th Annual Conference, July 10-13, 2013

Clearance Priced! Complete 383-page (8.5" x 11") collection of journal quality papers from the NPA-20 conference with almost 100 papers softcover book. Lots of cutting edge physics including gravity, light, quarks, relativity, black holes, vacuum, etc. The Table of Contents is online: Page One and Page Two .
383 pages

#716 $20
Electrogravitics Reference List Electrogravitics Reference List
by Robert Stirniman

Extensive listing of papers, abstracts, websites and book titles/descriptions. Good aid for research in the field.
55 pages

#616 $15
Story of Ozone the Story of Ozone

Report on history & alternative uses of ozone
79 pgs

#818 $10