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Future Energy Special COFE4 edition Future Energy Vol. 4, No. 2, Special COFE4 edition
Thomas Valone, Editor
The best papers on future energy from the Fourth Conference on Future Energy (March 15-17, 2011) hosted by SPESIF. Includes Froning's toroidal coils, Ludwig's coler apparatus experiment, King's water electrolyzers, Znidarsic's flow of energy, Ide's dual papers on anomalies in inverters and resonant circuits, and Kelsey's electromagnetic method for telomere extension!
#851 65 pages $5
Energy Patents: Selected Information for Researchers Energy Patents: Selected Information for Researchers

A great collection of notable patents including DOE photon torpedo, mass modification, electric fence, zero point energy, nuclear batter, MHD saucer, etc
100 pages

#102 $15
Energy Fluctuations Power Conversion, Report on the Invention of Joseph Yater Energy Fluctuations Power Conversion, Report on the Invention of Joseph Yater

Rectification of thermal noise is proposed as a means to creat electricity. Theoretical MW/kg energy is 90% efficient. Includes articles, patents, business plan
70 pages

#115 $15
R C Jennison Collection R C Jennison Collection

Easy to read articles by Dr. Jennison (UK professor) who was an authority with simple explanations for complex energy physics.

16 articles include: "What is an electron? A New Model: Phase-locked Cavity" "Understanding of Inertia" "Ball Lightning" "Rotating Systems"
80 pages

#820 $10
Gravitational Control Research Gravitational Control Research
by John T. Watson

Master's Degree Thesis that summarizes the state of gravity research in 1961. Valuable historical physics information for antigravity researchers with references
40 pages

#704 $7
Papp Noble Gas Engine Report Papp Noble Gas Engine Report
Edited by Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

Comprehensive report, drawings, and analysis of the plasma driven engine powered by ionized noble gases. Patented generator and invention of Josef Papp. (Completely revised Papp Engine report)
75 pages

#718 $15
Turning the Corner Energy Solutions for the 21 Century Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century
by Mark McLaughlin

Dedicated to traditional and emerging energy. Excellent chapters on new energy, cold fusion, propulsion, and zero point energy. Great reader for schools. Endorsements by Edmund Storms and Sir A.C. Clarke
385 pages

#114 $25