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Breakthrough Future Energy DVD Breakthrough Future Energy Technologies DVD
by Dr. Thomas Valone

This is a 50-minute slideshow with video clips presented to the Breakthrough Energy Movement in 2013 to a standing-room only audience in Boulder, Colorado. It is humorous, insightful, and technologically provocative.

#838 $20
Free Energy & Antigravity Propulsion Video Free Energy & Antigravity Propulsion Video
Classic Presentation by Dr. Valone on the fundamentals seen in many IRI reports. Includes two added video clips. Educational and interesting.
90 min - DVD only
#607 $25
Elecromagnetic Control of Cell Function DVD Elecromagnetic Control of Cell Function DVD
by Dr. Glen Gordon

Scholarly presentation on the functioning of our cells by Glen Gordon MD. This is more advanced biophysics and quite educational, about an hour long.

#426 $20


 Energy of UFOs DVD The Energy Technology of UFOs DVD
By Thomas Valone

90 min Presentation at the 2008 X Conference , Washington DC  By Thomas Valone 

#641 $15
Thomas Townsend Borwn: Bahnson Lab Thomas Townsend Brown: Bahnson Lab DVD

Silent Video showing Electrogravitis levitation experiments filmed in 1958 and 1960 by Bahnson's daughter. Many became the subject of Bahnson's patents.
45 min - DVD only

#606 $20
Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point

The first documentary on free energy! This television quality, 2-hour, tour de force of the world’s most exciting inventors such as Tesla, Moray, Patterson, Reed Mallove, Fox, Manning, Inomata, Valone and Tewari offer real solutions to energy and transportation needs and includes demonstrations. Already a classic!

Also available in PAL format.
VHS 110 min

#100 $35
Speaking of Your Injury DVD Speaking of Your Injury DVD

The best lecture by Glen Gordon MD with an audience, addressing every ailment and injury that he faced in his clinic as a practicing physician. Dr. Gordon explains electromagnetism as the force that affects our daily Lives and specifically how to obtain pain relief without pharmaceuticals and treat inflammation, acute injury, and repair tissue. About 75 minutes long.

#441 $15