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Future Energy: Proceedings COFE- Conference on Future EnergyFuture Energy: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Future Energy with CD

The first conference, ahead of its time, presenting emerging energy discoveries. 19 papers including: Betavoltiac batteries, atmospheric electricity, Radiant energy, Wind power, Charge clusters, Carbon-arc gasification, novel nuclear reactions, zero point energy and a free CD with 20 hrs audio

#802 240 pages + 20 Hrs Audio CD $40

Conference on Future Energy


COFE- Conference on Future EnergyIndividual Presentations
The First International Conference on Future Energy COFE, April 29-May 1, 1999 - VHS Videos

Hosted by Integrity Research Institute, was a milestone for emerging energy technology. Many of the COFE speakers were new to the future energy audience and people came from all over the world to hear them.

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VHS Tapes only:

 #cofe1 Les Adam and Kent Shoulders One of Les Adam's last presentations before his passing on Magnet Power and his Non Combustive Helicopters with hydrogen. Kent Shoulders discussion on Charge Clusters
 #cofe2 Paul Brown and Bruce Perreault Nuclear Electricity Sources. Combo with Paul Brown Betavoltaic Battery process, Patent #4,835,433, & Bruce Perreault's Radiant Energy Generator, involving non-reactive products
 #cofe3 Kent Robertson and Paul Pantone. Combo with presentations on the Plasma Fuel Processor and Kent Robertson Wind Energy Generation
 #cofe4 Peter Graneau and David Wallman Energy from High Voltage Arcs in Water. Combo that discusses Chemical Bond Energy by Dr. Graneau and Carbon Arc Gassification by Dr. Wallman
 #cofe5 David Hamilton and David Goodwin, both from DOE, speaking on Advanced Transportation and Breakthrough Propulsion Technologies
 #cofe6 Tom Valone Understanding Zero Point Energy. How can ZPE energy be converted to a usable form? This presentation is intended to give a review of the latest developments as well as an introduction to the topic for those who are non-specialists
 #cofe7 Steven Greer Evidence of Free Energy Suppression, which present a clear and overwhelming case for the suppression of advanced technology and UFO's
 #cofe8 Ed Storms New methods for initiating Nuclear reactions. Former Los Alamos scientists presents new methods for LENR, or Cold Fusion.
 #cofe9 Tom Van Flander Speed of Gravity, What the Experiments Say. Excellent presentation of the propagation of gravity by a University of Maryland Physics Professor
 #cofe10 Martin Fleishman Cold Fusion: Past, Present & Future. The Co-discoverer of Cold Fusion reflects upon the past decade and the future. Extensive question - answer session.
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COFE- Conference on Future Energy Future Energy: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Future Energy with CD

CD-ROM of IRI 1999 Future Energy Conference (COFE-CD) with 20 hrs of audio lectures and entire Proceedings (200 pages of pdf files) of papers

#803 CD $15