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Biolectromagnetic Healing Biolectromagnetic Healing - A Rationale for its Use
Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

The first and only book to provide a comprehensive, scientific explanation for why high voltage electrotherapy devices work, including a summary of the new findings of membrane potentials, EM field effects and biophotons. Concise explanation of how pulsed EMF (PEMF) works on the body and how short exposures to high voltage electrotherapy can benefit a person. Used by medical professionals and clinicians alike, since this vital biological science is STILL not taught in medical schools. One of our Top Selling Books!

"Whether you are investigating therapeutic electromagnetic devices, designing them or using them in a practice, Dr. Valone's book is a marvelous reference to use as a concise introduction to some of the most cutting-edge ideas that have been tried and tested, as well as the underlying understanding of how and why they work...A "must-read" for medical students" Tania Slawecki, PhD, Penn State University

"This is an excellent lay review of the subject of Bioelectromagnetics written in an easy to understand language. Although this is a complex subject, the reader is not require to have a background in engineering or biology to understand the clearly explained scientific research in this new and exciting area of research. Most reviewers only cover the lower frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, this book covers the whole spectrum, therefore it can be highly recommended" Glen Rein, PhD. Director, Estee Lauder Corp. Research Labs, NY

"This little book is packed full of descriptions, historical details, and technical data on these fascinating healing devices and technologies. I would thus highly recommend it as a basic reference manual for anyone interested in Alternative Healing Technologies." Elliot Maynard, PhD, President, Arcos Cielos Res. Ctr, Sedona, AZ.

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#414 12th edition 132 pages $15
Modern Meditation, Science and Shortcuts Modern Meditation, Science and Shortcuts
by Dr. Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

Manual for the Modern Meditation training seminar with slideshow. With three basic exercises that anyone can learn quickly, this book provides the best and easiest path to the achievement of a new and improved you! With lots of science and references, studies prove the long-lasting effects of the above-mentioned rewards for a simple five to fifteen-minute exercise. Why not start today?
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#427   $15
Energetic Processes Energetic Processes Volume I

Anthology with 20 papers,: Bob Beck, Beverly Rubik, Glen Rein, Ted Rockwell, Dr. Puharich, Sara Hieronymus, Dr. Anderson, Andrew Michrowski, Dr. Valone, Tom Bearden, Eldon Byrd, Chris Bird, Jack Houck, Moray King and others
480 pages

#413 $25
Energetic Processes Energetic Processes Volume II

Anthology of papers by Marcel Vogel, Dr Larry Dossey, Ruth Drown, Jon Klimo, Beverly Coleman, Jack Houck, George De La Warr, Ellen Kahmi, Eldon Byrd, Glein Rein, Tom Valone, Bob Beutlich, Chris Bird, William Bauer, Beverly Rubik, Ron Carlson and more
400 pages

#415 $25
Bardwell DVD cover An Evening with Gene Bardwell - DVD

This is a wonderful collection of personal and spellbinding stories from an advanced SRF yogi who relates his life's experiences in an informal conversation with the Valones. Gene was a Meditation Counselor for over 50 years. DVD in slim case.
100 minutes

#390 $20
EM Fields and Life Processes EM Fields and Life Processes
Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

Why is our alpha rhythm in our brain the same frequency as the earths ionosphere cavity? Articles show the relationship between EMFs and living beings
24 pages

#301 $6
Implications of the Backster Effect Implications of the Backster Effect

Report on Cleve Backster's cellular consciousness work, his publication reprints, and details on how to replicate his famous oral leukocyte experiments.

#406 $6