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Mindbending book MINDBENDING - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995
by George Hathaway, P.E.
Amazing biography of Canadian electrical experimenter John Hutchison written by a scientist and licensed professional engineer who worked closely with Hutchison. The author personally witnessed some of the strange phenomena associated with John and his apparatus. Based on correspondence with John, this book shows what underlies The Hutchison Effect and why conventional physics explanations of the phenomena are inadequate. Electrical circuit diagrams and color plates never before seen detail the apparatus John used to make objects fly about in his laboratory, fracture in unusual ways, and create other startling effects. See for more details of this extraordinary book.
#721 128 pages New edition with more refs and pictures $25
Future Energy Special COFE4 edition Future Energy Vol. 4, No. 2, Special COFE4 edition
Thomas Valone, Editor
The best papers on future energy from the Fourth Conference on Future Energy (March 15-17, 2011) hosted by SPESIF. Includes Froning's toroidal coils, Ludwig's coler apparatus experiment, King's water electrolyzers, Znidarsic's flow of energy, Ide's dual papers on anomalies in inverters and resonant circuits, and Kelsey's electromagnetic method for telomere extension!
#851 65 pages $5
The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science
by Dr. Thomas Valone

Softcover Edition with color pages, discussing the latest emerging energy technologies and mankind's history of energy and its future trends. Includes psychological and sociopolitical aspects of man's use of energy

#847   $20
Modern Meditation, Science and Shortcuts Modern Meditation, Science and Shortcuts
by Dr. Thomas Valone, Ph.D.

With four basic exercises that anyone can learn quickly, this book provides the best and easiest path to the achievement of a new and improved you! With lots of science and references, studies prove the long-lasting effects of the above-mentioned rewards for a simple fifteen-minute exercise. Why not start today?
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#427   $15
Conference on Future Energy COFE- Conference on Future EnergyComplete Cofe II Proceedings book
The Second International Conference on Future Energy COFE2, September 22-24, 2006

Complete collection of papers and slide shows from this seminal conference in Sept 2006.

#814   $40

Patents Progress Poster Patents Progress Poster
by Kunz & Ryan

A fascinating, educational and quite humorous 18" x 24" glossy poster depiction of the journey, almost like the book, "Pilgrim's Progress", but laid out like a game-board, and the pathway of a modern patent application through the US Patent Office circa 1999. The dual-eyed, blue patent application “file wrapper” is a literal image of the old 20th century paper file folder but personified with eyes and stick limbs. The doctor, nurse, magician, Sherlock Holmes, pole vault, ambulance, heaven and hell images all add to the attraction, while the inserted text boxes explain the real steps of patent prosecution that are described by accurate quotes in text boxes and referred to by the cartoon drawings. Visit for more details and a large detailed segment of this unique poster.

#391 $20
Evolutionary Future Energy DVD Breakthrough Future Energy Technologies DVD
by Dr. Thomas Valone

50min DVD of Breakthrough Future Energy Technologies presented to a standing room only audience in 2013 in Boulder Colorado at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference. Humorous and technologically provocative, with several video clips and lots of slides.

#838 $20
Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power
by Dr James and Ken Corum

Complete report on the subjects including journal papers and diagrams. 50 pages

#127 $10
SPESIF-COFE4 CD Proceedings COFE4 - SPESIF CD Proceedings

The biggest and most comprehensive Conference on Future Energy ever held since it was a joint conference with SPESIF (March 15-17, 2011) at the University of Maryland which covered the space solar power, space research and technology, frontiers in propulsion, advanced concepts (NASA), astrosociology, space environments and settlements, as well as the usual future energy sources, low and high energy nuclear, astrophysics, gravitational models and waves, electrotherapy, and enabling and transformative technologies.

#441 $75



HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Integrity Research Institute

Patent Collection and Articles Report.

#839 $10
Secrets of Antigravity Secrets of Antigravity
by Dr Paul LaViolette

Comprehensive and detailed book on all past and future antigravity projects.300 pages

#848 $30
Evolutionary Future Energy DVD Magnetic Energy Converter Report

Complete report on the Godin and Roschin invention, with analysis by Dr Pitkanen and Dr LaViollette. 72 pages

#215 $15
Nikola Tesla and the Development of RF Power The Energy Technology of UFOs DVD
By Thomas Valone

90 min Presentation at the 2008 X Conference , Washington DC  By Thomas Valone 

#641 $15