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A program dedicated to the useful energy technologies invented by Nikola Tesla

Tesla Coils and Beyond

Tesla Coils and Beyond by Mark Bean is an amazing, complete instruction book with a Foreword by Dr. Valone, on the four basic types of Tesla coils that is easy to understand. Tesla coils create electrical magic, ordinary wall current is transformed into spectacular displays of man-made lightning. Invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1800's these fascinating devices have captivated many. Did you know that Tesla coils can transmit electrical energy? Were you aware that the Tesla coil is the grandfather of the modern radio transmitter? Would you be surprised that a Tesla coil resides inside a common household device? Order it today from or from IRI.


Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature by Thomas Valone, PhD presents for the first time, the feasibility argument for Tesla’s most ambitious dream, the wireless transmission of power. Pictured on the book’s cover near his feet, the 187-foot Wardenclyffe Tower was Tesla’s means to deliver natural 8 Hz electricity anywhere in the world, by longitudinal waves. Unknown to most electrical engineers, Nikola Tesla’s dream answers the energy crisis worldwide, saves electrical conversion losses, and provides a real alternative to transmission lines. In Dr. Corum’s contributed papers, he explains Tesla’s magnifying transmitter, which Tesla compared to a telescope. Corum points out that “the tuned circuit of his magnifying transmitter was the whole earth-ionosphere cavity resonator.” Download an introductory sample chapter of this book (3.5 Mb pdf). Order this book from or from IRI. Sample review online: "A good portray of Tesla as a man and the overall effect of his work on society. There is some hint of esoteric influence in his life. There are scientific and mathmatical explanations of his work for those equipped to understand them." - A. Christensen


The two-day Tesla Energy Science Conference held in 2003 has videos, DVDs, and a Proceedings of the Tesla Energy Science Conference.

The conference program and speaker list centers on the theme of wireless electricity and bioelectromagnetic healing

Photo collage of the Tesla Energy Science Conference 2003

One of the Tesla technologies developed by IRI and exhibited at the conference was an experimental PREMIER 2500 (Photonic Rejuvenation Energizing Machine & Immunizing Electrifying Radiator) which can be seen in the collage.

The Premier 2500/3000 flyer is available in pdf format.

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Below is a slide from an authoritative presentation made by Nick Simos from Brookhaven National Lab at COFE6 explaining how Tesla's wireless transmission of power can actually work efficiently in the earth-ionosphere cavity. See the video of his presentation at

Dr. Simos explains Tesla

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