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IRI Ongoing Research Programs List for 2018

"Introduction to the Physics of Energy" dozens of short papers by college physics students at Stanford University for PH240 from Fall 2017 by Prof. R.B. Laughlin

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IRI Report on the Bearden MEG Patent

Dr. Loder's "'Outside the Box' Energy Technologies for 21st Century" paper presented at AIAA, 2002

Acrobat pdf version of Dr. Loder's paper

Summary article on WWF report on why the earth cannot last beyond 2050

Report on Propulsion Research at IRI

PROGRAM of the Joint Propulsion Conference, Breakthrough Propulsion Session 2001

Report on the Joint Propulsion Conference, Breakthrough Propulsion Session 2001

PROGRAM of the Space Drive Conference in Weinfelden, Switzerland 2001

Report on LENREW 2000 – An Informal Summary by IRI Research Fellow

President Valone's presentation ad for public library talk on Future Energy Technologies

Position Statement about rotating dielectrics, electrogravitics and the link to homopolar technology

Picture of Bahnson holding an electrogravitic saucer, circa 1958

Summary article about electrogravitics

Educational paper, Understanding Zero Point Energy COFE Proceedings 4-29-99

Position paper, Future Energy Technologies presented to Energex '2000

Roshchin-Godin article about Physical Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System

Summary of MEC Research Proposal

History and Physics of High Voltage Electromagnetic Medicine Explore, Vol. 12, No. 4, 2003 by Thomas Valone

Fresh Air Curative Effect Related to Ions and Traces of Ozone Explore, Vol. 7, No.1, 1996 by Thomas Valone

Introduction to Modern Meditation, Part II Explore, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2003 by Thomas Valone


Bioelectromagnetics Articles

"Making a Case for PEMF" - Ultimate Guide to PEMF - also mentions Valone's 2003 lecture on Tesla's Electrotherapy

"Evidence-based use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in clinical plastic surgery" - PubMed 2009

"What types of conditions can PEMF therapy treat?" News Medical Life Sciences

"The complete guide to clinical PEMF therapy" - Chiropractic Economics

"Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy" - overview inc MS, fractures, neuropathy - ScienceDirect - can download as PDF

"Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields: How They Heal" by William Pawluk MD - Board Certified Family Physician

"Biological Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy" by Keith R. Holden, M.D. - Ondamed - well-referenced article

Future Scenario Links



Z_paper 10 "Europe and Germany in 2020 - A Future Scenario"
First published in the German Business Journal "brand eins", this scenario highlights different aspects of the future of Germany and Europe in the year 2020. We created an "opportunity scenario" which stresses the upbeat side of feasible future developments. Several future visions, such as "globalisation with a human face", "value competence", the "swarm society" or the hydrogen economy are tackled.

Z_trend 01/2004 (Part 1): Goodbye to the Old Consumer World
Germans are not spending enough money, no matter how badly economic upturn and job creation depend on the consumers' active support. But shoppers are unwilling to give their allegiance in a constant tug-of-war between rebate-madness and brand images, luxury and discount products. The reason, some claim, lies in their fear of an uncertain future. But isn't this explanation simply the easy way out? Couldn't it be the products as such? Or a saturation of the markets? We are taking stock:

Z_trend 01/2004: (Part 2) The Shape of the Consumer World to Come
The second part of this Z_trend on the present and the future of consumption takes a close look at tomorrow's markets. Our conclusion is: The consumer world of the future will be fraught with contradiction. Tomorrow's recipe for success for suppliers, service providers and retail will lie in the creative handling of these contradictions.


"in the long run" - International Conference on Long-Term Thinking, Corporate Foresight and Innovation Strategies in Companies and Society
(October 18th/19th in Berlin) Z_punkt is organizing a dialogue on the future with renowned representatives from companies, the industry, and society. Examples of best practices from the US and Europe will show how companies can prepare themselves strategically for the challenges of the future. This conference is supported by Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank Research, and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Media partners are brand eins, MIT Technology Review, Politische Ökologie and ChangeX. Don't miss our "early bird" registration discount (until September 10th 2004)! For further information and registration see

Z_Trenddatabase: New Offers
Our Z_trenddatabase is now available in a Personal Edition (up to 7 personal passwords). For 18,000 Euros (German only) or 24,000 Euros (German and English), this basic version gives you online access to all trends and charts. The Company Edition comes with its own server, ready to be integrated into your company's intranet. Content can be made available to all employees. Available for 32,000 Euros (German) or 40,000 Euros (German and English) respectively, this version includes customer-specific trends. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Project SPIDER, supported by the European Commission
In the framework of the "Regions of Knowledge Pilot Action" programme of the European Commission, Z_punkt has started work on the "SPIDER Project - Increasing Regional Competitiveness through Futures Research Methods". The aim of the SPIDER project is to increase potential of intrinsic regional strengths by exploring future potentials of emerging fields of economic activity in the regions. In cooperation with the administrative district of Duesseldorf, Z_punkt will develop regional visions on the topic of innovation. Our project partners, the Belgian Institute Jules-Destrée and the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, will do likewise for the counties of Walloon and Etelä-Suomi (Finland).

Weblog "Weak Signals" in Cooperation with the Millennium Project
Recently, Z_punkt has initiated and is in charge of an internal Weblog service called "Weak Signals". This international cooperation with the Millennium Project will systematically identify, collect, and assess weak signals for change. The results will be used in the work of Z_punkt and of the Millennium Project and will also leave their mark on the Z_trenddatabase. They will also be published in suitable form.



"State of the Future 2004" and CD-ROM on "15 Global Challenges" Published
The Millennium Project has published its new report "State of the Future 2004". Next to a summary of the results of the previous work of the project, the report contains an updated "State of the Future Index", both on a global scale and, for the first time, for individual countries such as the United States, Canada, and states in Latin America. Furthermore, there are the standard-setting "Middle East Peace Scenarios" and an updated description of the "15 Global Challenges". There is also a new chapter on the use of weblogs for the future work of the project (realised in cooperation with the German Node) and on "Emerging Environmental Security Issues" of the previous year.

For the Project's the Environmental Scanning Weblog, see . At this address, you can also order the Millennium Project's first interactive CD-ROM on the "15 Global Challenges".
For further information, please contact Cornelia Daheim ( or go to the following website (you can also place your orders for the State of the Future here)

Institute for the Future: Weblog and New Publications
The Institute for the Future is presenting its weblog "Future Now", which takes a look at new technologies and their social consequences. Furthermore, the Institutes offers free downloads of some its 2003 publications. We especially recommend the "Map of the Decade", a detailed look into the future.

RAND: Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
In its latest publication, the RAND-Cooperation demonstrates a new, quantitative approach to long-term policy advice. The book comes with a $30 price tag and proposes, next to the challenges and methods of future research, instruments for reliable analysis, scenario development, and finally, decision making. Further information and pdf-downloads at

Europe in the Creative Age
Richard Florida, author of the much-discussed book "The Rise of the Creative Class", has now published a report which is concerned with the creativity of Europe. It introduces the new "Euro-Creativity Index", and data of several indicators for 14 countries - coming to the conclusion that the so-called creative class is on the rise in Europe, and that is grows rapidly.

AMD: Charting and Bridging Digital Divides
For the survey "Charting and Bridging Digital Divides" of the AMD Global Consumer Advisory Board (GCAB), scientists have compared studies on internet usage in the US, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, and Mexico over the past decade. According to their findings, there are several "digital rifts". Free download as a pdf-file at:

European Foresight Mapping Pilot Project
The European Foresight Mapping Pilot Project, or short "Eurofore-Project", is a cooperation of leading foresight-institutions and the European Commission. An essential part is the Eurofore database, which can be searched - free of charge - for foresight activities in Europe according to countries, people, or organisations. Further information at:


The "" experiment aims to develop a state-of-the-art model for climate prediction which can be run on any computer at home, in schools, or in offices. It is to become the biggest global experiment for climate prediction. All networked computer users are invited to take part in this project in distributed computing.

New Terms - "Weak Signals" of Cultural Change
"Gated Communities" might be old hat, but how about "fly-in communities"? Could possibly be a new trend. Usually, a cultural, social, technological, or political change comes first, which, once it's demonstrated a particular influence, is then appropriately labelled. Sometimes, however, it might also be the other way round. The Institute for the German Language (Institut für Deutsche Sprache) does scientific research on neologisms. This year, it is planning to publish the first German dictionary on neologisms. Its work is part of the project "elexio - knowledge about words".

HyWeb - All about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
On the "HyWeb"-website, you will find both a short introduction to the technology and definite surveys, e.g. on the production of hydrogen in off-shore windmill parks or on the acceptance of hydrogen among the people. There is also an extensive list of links showing global information portals and initiatives all the world over.

Global Marshall Plan Initiative
The Global Marshall Plan is driven by the desire to fight poverty and introduce sustainable development with the help of a global development program. A recently published basic paper contains concrete suggestions for the Plans realisation and financing. Further information at

Ideas Competition "Shrinking Cities - Reinventing Urbanism"
This international competition is a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation in cooperation with a number of partners. Its objective is to identify strategies and new modes of action to counteract the disintegration of cities through demographic, social, and economic developments.

Summit for the Future 2005 - Visions & Strategies for 2020
On January 26-28, 2005, the Summit for the Future, organized by the Club of Amsterdam, will take place in Amsterdam. Together with top experts, this conference tackles key issues in five knowledge streams: Trade, Energy, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment and Science & Technology. The main objective is to bring together thought leaders, policy makers and knowledge workers to gain a deeper understanding and more insights regarding critical elements in their industries and how they relate to a European Knowledge Society ((among the speakers is Andreas Neef, Z_punkt's executive director).

Futurist Update
Futurist Update: News & Previews from the World Future Society is a free monthly e-mail newsletter covering breakthrough technologies, innovative solutions, and ideas for effecting global change for the better. A regular feature is the "Click of the Month," showcasing a Web site with uniquely valuable resources. Recent topics include robotic note-taking for improving the efficiency of meetings; virtual clay, a technology allowing sculptors to produce designs electronically; and the disturbing reemergence of an oxygen-depriving "dead zone" off the coast of Oregon, threatening marine life. To view the current issue of Futurist Update or to subscribe, visit:

Ars Electronica 2004: TIMESHIFT
The 25th Ars Electronica Festival for art technology, and society will be held in Linz, Austria on September 2-7. As its title "TIMESHIFT - The World in Twenty-Five Years" suggests, this year's Ars Electronica will use multiple approaches to discussing the future (and the past). You will find extensive information at:

Conference "Foresight of the Internet"
The Conference "Foresight of the Internet", organized by the Destree Institute and held in Namur, Belgium, aims at mobilizing a variety of stakeholders (states, companies, civil society) to generate ideas and suggestions, in order to bridge the divides and to build an inclusive information society.

"Foresight Bridge" - International Workshop on Foresight
In July, the ForeTech project consortium organized a Foresight Workshop in Brüssels. With foresight experts from countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Malta, Estonia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium (including Cornelia Daheim from Z_punkt), future directions for networking the new member states and the candidate countries in future foresight projects were discussed. Presentations and background material are available from

Long Bets - Accountable Predictions
Long Bets is an arena for competitive, accountable predictions. Next to prominent future scientists such as Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku, who place bets on e.g. artificial intelligence or economic development, you will also find bets like Ted Danson's on the success of the Red Sox.


Picture from the Future: TransatlanticBridge
Today, our picture from the future shows the TransatlanticBridge, introduced by the Staatliche Hochschule Karlsruhe/Germany. In less than 50 years, this transcontinental bridge could open fantastic new means of communication, generation of energy, transportation, life and work. Unfortunately, there are as yet only (short) German explanations available, but the illustrations speak for themselves.

Z_punkt GmbH The Foresight Company
Bullmannaue 11; 45327 Essen; Germany
fon +49 (0)201 747 27-0; fax +49 (0)201 747 27-22;;

Editors: Klaus Burmeister (publishing editor); Cornelia Daheim; Martin Schwartz (project management), Essen

Jörg Rampacher

Contributions from:
Jessica Battre, Düsseldorf; Holger Glockner, Karlsruhe; Evelyn Hauser, Arcata (CA); Andreas Neef, Karlsruhe; Beate Schulz-Montag, Berlin; Karlheinz Steinmüller, Berlin, Essen

Subscription Information
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"unsubscribe future news" to

Cornelia Daheim (Senior Researcher, Project Manager),

Popular New Energy Links

Zero-point Energy, Quantum Energy, Vacuum Energy, Space Energy, Free Energy, Cold Fusion, Electrogravity, Charge Clusters

Global Energy, Prospects of Quantum Mechanics, The Law of Formation of the Spectra of the Atoms and the Ions, Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics, Energy Balance Of Fusion Processes Of Molecules Of Oxygen, Hydrogen And Water and new on-line book The Foundation of Physchemistry of Micro World by Prof. Kanarev. Institut für Gravitationsforschung (IGF) Experiments to proof the evidence of scalar waves by Prof. Konstantin Meyl. Gravitational electrolysis. Produce Cheap Hydrogen.
How to Explain Space Energy? The Swiss Weinfelden Energy Conference in June 2001 introduced future energy solutions by world's top physicists. Prof. Kanarev´s Weinfelden lecture about Water as a New Source of Energy. John Hutchison, The Wild Scientist From Vancouver. Interdimensional Force Concept by J. Hartikka. Scientific American: Exploiting Zero-Point Energy, article by Philip Yam. Left-Handed Materials.

Top 10 Impossible Inventions That Work by Jeane Manning. Prof. Ph. M. Kanarev: "The Gravitational Radius of a Black Hole" and "Modelling the Photon and Analyzing Its Electromagnetic and Physical Nature" in Journal of Theoretics. Cold Fusion and the Future - article, Infinite Energy Magazine. Mass Medium - article in New Scientist by Marcus Chown.

Kanarev: Global Energy. Prospects of Quantum Mechanics. Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics. Energy Balance Of Fusion Processes Of Molecules Of Oxygen, Hydrogen And Water tells about his discovery about releasing vacuum energy from common molecule bonds. Cold Fusion by Plasma Electrolysis of Water. Axiomatics of Natural Sciences and The Doppler Effect At Photon Emission. Articles Electrons in Atoms, The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum and The Law of the Radiation of the Perfect Blackbody is the Law of Classical Physics by Ph. M. Kanarev in Journal of Theoretics Archive.

Himmeli lentää sähköllä - miten tämänkin selittäisit..? Eugene Podkletnov painovoimaa kumoamassa - Ylioppilaslehti. HS artikkeli: Uusi uljas vetymaailma.


Jeane Manning's book The Coming Energy Revolution. Book review by Kevin Sanders. Selected excerpts and a quotation from her book. Amazon book search for Jeane Manning. Book: "The Granite Man and the Butterfly" - The Story of David Hamel by Pierre Sinclaire / Jeane Manning.

A review of
The Homopolar Handbook by Thomas Valone. Margaret Cheney: Man Out of Time, a biography of Nikola Tesla. Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency by Nikola Tesla. Lost Science by Gerry Vassilatos, Adventures Unlimited Press. Free Energy Books. Disclosure Book dy Steven M. Greer.

Kanarev tells about his water plasma electrolysis O/U energy production in his on-line book The Foundation of Physchemistry of Micro World. Kanarev's other books introduced.


Binnotec conference about space energy techniques in Berlin 13. - 15. June, 2002.(Valone was a presenter). Water cars - Nachbau von Wassermotoren. Workshop am Samstag, 2./9. März, bis Sonntag, 3./10. März 2002, Wasserfallen, Switzerland. The Swiss Weinfelden Energy Conference in June 2001 introduced future energy solutions by world's top physicists (Valone was a presenter). Conference "Kreative Finanzmodelle und Projekte" in Bodensee in September 2001. INE/EEMF 2001 Symposium for New Energy. was held on October 26-27, 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah (Valone was a presenter). Conference On Space Physics November 9-11, 2001 in India. The First International Conference On Future Energy (COFE) 4/29 - 5/1/1999 in Maryland, USA (IRI sponsor).

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion and the Future - article, Infinite Energy Magazine. Hypothesis of Homopolar Atomic Model for Cold Fusion Energy by Emidio Laureti. New Approach to Cold Fusion (Low-Temperature Nuclear Fusion) by I. L. Cerlovin, R. Kh. Baranova and P. S. Baranov. Research of anomalous excess heat in Cold Fusion by P. Clauzon. Cold Fusion Times. The Asti Cold Fusion Workshop. The Weinfelden Energy Conference.

Controlled Hot Fusion

Controlled self-sustaining hot nuclear fusion was achieved in 1965 by Philo Farnsworth. The Farnsworth Chronicles by Gerry Vassilatos. The Farnsworth/Hirsch Fusor by Richard Hull (PDF). Farnsworth/Hirsch - Fusion from Television. The Philo Farnsworth Fusor. The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium. Farnsworth's Fusor patents US3386883 and US3258402. Jochen's High Voltage Page with Links.

Charge Clusters

Ken Shoulders’ webpage on using charge clusters


Jean-Louis Naudin's electric Lifters fly by high voltage. Page of Lifter experimenters around the world. Corona Wind Theory and applications by Henri Bondar. Corhoin Wizardonik Customworks and the Leijukki electric lifter by Vesa T. Korhonen.

Space And Terrestrial Transportation by Theodore C. Loder. Electrogravitic Systems - an electrogravity report from 1950's. Ether Propulsion System patent CA 1273085 by Bahram Katirai, Canada. Thomas Townsend Brown. The Podkletnov Effect.

An introduction to an
Antigravitation Engine Experiment that everyone can make by Zhang Xu with Know-how and Range of Application, Data Analysis¨and Set of Equations.

Himmeli lentää suurjännitteellä. Vesa Korhosen Leijukki nousee sähköllä ilmaan.


Prof. Kanarev tells about his water plasma electrolysis O/U hydrogen energy production in his new on-line book The Foundation of Physchemistry of Micro World. Kanarev's article Energy Balance Of Fusion Processes Of Molecules Of Oxygen, Hydrogen And Water is about his discovery about releasing vacuum energy from common molecule bonds. Article Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics.

Waterpowers page by inventor Shad Loncar. HyWeb - Gazette by and the German Hydrogen Association (DWV). Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Letter. The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor H2FC. Space and the Hydrogen Age by Walter Russell. Xogen hydrogen producing technology. Vetytalous, kirjoittaja Sami Määttä. Car running on water by Daniel Dingel. Brown's Gas is a mixture of diatomic and monatomic hydrogen and oxygen. Eagle Research.

Hydrogen generation by Studennikov and Kudimov. Underground state of the hydrogen atom by Alexander V. Frolov. "Fuel From Water, Energy Independence with Hydrogen" by Michael A. Peavey. Gravitational electrolysis. Produce Cheap Hydrogen.

HS artikkeli:
Uusi uljas vetymaailma.

Free Energy

High Efficiency Space Power Generator by Parahamsa Tewari. N-1 Homopolar Generator. Quadrapole N-machine in Action. The Japanese Overunity Engines. Kawai Engine. Takahashi Engine. Avramenko's Free Electrons Pump By Jean-Louis Naudin and Stefan Hartmann. Some projects on free energy by Alexander V. Frolov. High efficiency Magnet generator by Alexander V. Frolov. Alternative Utilities and Free Energy site of Remnant Saints.

Tesla Free Energy Receiver. Non-polluting Radiant Energy power applications demonstrated by Bruce Perreault. Paul Baumann's Testatika electrostatic free energy machine. New Testatika prototypes. A collection of overunity motors by Don Adsitt. The Hamel Free Energy Generator.

Hans Coler's device 1933. The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source of Power by R. Hurst. Coler Konverter.


Nu Energy Horizons discussions.

Inventors and Researchers

Nikola Tesla: The Electric Magician. A look at the early life and bizarre eccentricities of the great inventor, and his hard-fought first victory with the alternating current engine. Tesla, The Lost Prophet of Electrical Science. Thomas Townsend Brown, an American physicist, was a leader in developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. Bruce E. DePalma. Beyond Thomas Henry Moray Physics. Norrgard. The Tilley Electric Vehicle. Rainer Partanen's lightweight battery invention.

Hamel Technologies by J. L. Naudin. David Hamel Building his Disc. The Hamel Free Energy Generator. Hamel links.

John Hutchison, The Wild Scientist From Vancouver. Hutchison Effect Archive by Leonard Norrgard. You're on Your Own When You Violate the Laws of Physics (and Don't Take Notes) by John Hutchison. The Hutchison Effect. The Dirt Cheap Rocks of John Hutchison. The Hutchison Effect - An Explanation by Mark A. Solis. Artificially Created Paranormal Phenomena of John Hutchison.

Link Pages and Indexes

Waterpowers page by inventor Shad Loncar. Chernetsky's Plasma Generator to convert vacuum-plasma energy into electricity. Rex Research by Robert A. Nelson to inform about suppressed and/or emerging inventions and theories. Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy. FireShips, future aerospace ScramShips and StarShips by Millennium Twain. Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. Elibra Magnetic Levitation Displays. Searl International Space Research Consortium by Prof. John R R Searl. Physics with Aspden. Hadronic mechanics for clean energies by Institute for Basic Research. Motion Sciences. Prof. Konstantin Meyl, the master of scalar waves. Institut für Gravitationsforschung (IGF) Experiments to proof the evidence of scalar waves by Prof. Konstantin Meyl.

Experimental Research of the
Magnetic-Gravity Effects with Magnetic Energy Converter (MEC) by V. V. Roschin and S. M. Godin. The Space Power Generator by Paramahamsa Tewari. The Home of Primordial Energy: Homopolar Generator, Quadrapole N-machine, a collection of papers by Bruce DePalma. Alternative energy patents including Tesla, T. Townsend Brown, Thomas H. Moray, George Lakhovsky. KeelyNet Free Energy and Gravity Control. Professor Fran De Aquino's research of Gravitation and Cosmology. Technical projects on time engineering, Free energy experiments and theories, Proposals for new types of propulsion collected by Alexander V. Frolov . Web links by Alexander V. Frolov. Fuelless power site.

The JLN Labs web site by Jean-Louis Naudin. JLN Labs Overunity Device Links. Antigravity and Propellantless propulsion researches links by Jean-Louis Naudin. Space Future Journal. The Physical Vacuum and Unity of The Nature by Anatolij V. Rykov. Infinite Energy Magazine. Research Into New Energy Theory and Technique by A. Couper. Josef Hasslberger's website. Space Genetics. Geoff Egel's Energy21 website. Nu Energy Technologies for clean, economical energy by Bruce A. Perreault. Swiss Methernitha cooperative society with Free energy research and Paul Baumann's Testatika machine. New Testatika prototypes. SQR (RQM) - Institute for Space-Quanta-Research in Switzerland works with Scalarwaves and Vacuum Field Energy.

Chukanov Quantum Energy by Professor Kiril Borissov Chukanov, researcher of ball lightning and quantum energy. Electrifying Times by Bruce Meland. Environmental Library Fund by Remy Chevalier. Journal of Theoretics Comprehensive Papers Links. Milo Wolff's Quantum Science Corner's The Quantum Universe. AquaFuel is a non-fossil alternative fuel. Jochen's High Voltage Page with Links. The Very Last Page of the Internet by Don Adsitt. Zero-Point Energy Site with News and Comments.


Electromagnetic Induction Without a Magnetic Field by Christian Monstein. Gravity Wave Sensor Circuits by Alastair Couper. Vanishing Paperclip experiment. Negative inductor Experiment by The Genesis Project. Vacuum Fluctuations, Casimir Forces and EPR Entangled States by Professor G. Jordan Maclay. Notes on Scalar Detector Designs by Robert Shannon. An experiment to confirm Tesla's statement about multiplying output energy By Milan Manchich. Milan Manchich's Energy Conserver experiment 2. Nick Nelson's Vortex & Magnet Discoveries.

Charge Clusters In Action by Ken Shoulders. Gyro Drop Experiment by Kenneth Gerber, M.D., Richard F. Merritt and Edward Delvers. Understanding the Dropping of the Spinning Ball Experiment by Bruce E. DePalma. Magnetic propeller from Faraday's papers. Nikola Tesla's Unique Experiments in Colorado by academician Gennady F. Ignatyev. "Graviton" Company laboratory experiments by Dr. Spartak M. Poliakov. Experiments with gyroscope to demonstrate reactionless propulsion by Alexander V. Frolov. The Gravity Shielding Experiment from Chris Hardeman. The Podkletnov Effect.>

An introduction to an
Antigravitation Engine Experiment that everyone can make by Zhang Xu with Know-how and Range of Application, Data Analysis¨and Set of Equations.

Plasmakokeita. Himmeli lentää sähköllä - miten tämänkin selittäisit..? Kokeiluja alipaineella ja ylijännitteellä: Plasma leiskahtaa kurkkupurkissa. Tesla coil ja "miljoona volttia", Tomi Tirronen. Preliminary description of some physical phenomena by Olli P. Taina. Lyhyt kuvaus muutamien fysikaalisten ilmiöiden luonteesta. Olli P. Taina. Huumoria: Pikkuinsinööri.

Basic Knowledge

Power Output of A.C. Induction Machines. The Method of DePalma. The Virtual Times: Foundations of a New Science by Thomas E. Bearden with Illustration List. The Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines. Articles by Tom Bearden in The Virtual Times. Exploring Tesla Technologies by Jean-Louis Naudin.

Patents and Information

Patents including Tesla, T. Townsend Brown, Thomas H. Moray, George Lakhovsky. Catalogued papers by Bruce DePalma. Homopolar generator by Bruce DePalma. Homopolar generators produce low voltages at high currents. Prior art: 1831 Michael Faraday. Technical Background on Regauging a System to Provide Free Excess Energy by T. E. Bearden. Alexander V. Frolov's publications and reports.

Self-generating electric discharge by Alexander V. Chernetsky. Report on congress New Ideas in Natural Sciences, 1996 by Alexander V. Frolov. Resonance plasma waves by Alexander V. Frolov. Basis for a project initiative for creation of gravitation spacecraft by Alexander V. Frolov. Electromagnetic Spacecraft by Academician Gennady F. Ignatyev. Construction of an engine for free space on the base of a pondemotor effect by academician Gennady F. Ignatyev. E-book Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta-Medium by Oliver Crane, Jean-M. Lehner and Christian Monstein. Daniel McFarland Cook's electromagnetic battery patent. Ether Propulsion System patent CA 1273085 by Bahram Katirai, Canada.


TGD Theory by Matti Pitkänen. About Strange Effects Related to Rotating Magnetic Systems by Matti Pitkänen. Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity. The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say by Tom Van Flandern. The Hypothesis Of The Quantum Space Time-Aether by A.A. Nassikas. The Unified Field And The Principle Of Its Dual Interpretation by A.A. Nassikas. The Unified Matter Field by A.A. Nassikas. The Hypothesis Of The Quantum Space Time-Aether And The Main Principles Of Physics As Possible Consequences Of A Unique Axiom by A. A. Nassikas, Prof. Dr. "Space-Time Energy Pump" lecture in Weinfelden by A.A. Nassikas.

Undiscovered Physics by Millennium Twain with Kanarev's model of hydrogen and electron. Structure of the nucleus, electron, proton and neutron, Inertial fields of nature, Amendments to Proof of Metric Relativity and Superluminal Nature by Millennium Twain. The Subquantum Kinetics Theory by Paul LaViolette. The Aetherometric Theory of Synchronicity (AToS) by Paulo and Alexandra Correa. The Physics of Creation by Dr. Harold Aspden. Physics of Free Power Generation by Paramahamsa Tewari. The Generation of a Unidirectional Force by Bruce E. DePalma. On the Nature of Electrical Induction by Bruce DePalma. Magnetism as a property of space itself by Bruce DePalma.

theories about nature of space and time collected by Alexander V. Frolov. Time Rate Control and Related Technologies collected by Alexander V. Frolov. Cause Mechanics by Prof. N.A.Kozyrev. Theory of chronons (elementary particles of time) by academician Albert Veinik. Dr. Vadim Chernobrov and his Experiments on the change of the direction and rate of time motion. Dr. Josef Hasslberger's paper "A New Beginning for Thermodynamics" and paper "FONT>A Tetrahedron-Based System of Space Co-Ordinates". Alexander M. Mishin and his paper on Ether Wind detection. Dr. Nassikas' theory predict very interesting effect: propulsion force can be created as result of difference in time rate. Prof. Alexander Abian and his theory for Mass and Time energy transformation. Time conception in experiments with gyroscopes by Francis J. McCabe. The Gravitation Conception and Experiments by Alexander V. Frolov.

Interdimensional Force Concept by Juha Hartikka handles forces as tensions of "zero-point" surfaces between external dimensions. Unified Field Equations by Major T. E. Bearden. Compton Effect and Angular Momentum, Unified Charge Theory, Atomic model and Binding energy equation by David Thomson.

Kanarev´s Weinfelden lecture about Water as a New Source of Energy. Prof. Kanarev: Axiomatics of Natural Sciences and The Doppler Effect At Photon Emission. Energy Balance Of Fusion Processes Of Molecules Of Oxygen, Hydrogen And Water. Articles Electrons in Atoms, The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum and The Law of the Radiation of the Perfect Blackbody is the Law of Classical Physics by Ph. M. Kanarev in Journal of Theoretics Archive.

Popular Articles (Gravity, ZPE & EM)

Most article titles have links built in to make them readable from their source. Some of them in the Scientific Papers section require Acrobat Reader to view. You may Download the free reader.

(Courtesy of the Motion Sciences Institute,

Mass Medium
Marcus Chown, New Scientist, Vol. 169, No. 2276, 3 Feb. 2001.

Prospects for an Interstellar Mission: Hard Technology Limits but Surprising Physics Possibilities
B. Haisch & A. Rueda, Mercury (magazine of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific), July/August, 2000.

How to Abhor the Void While Loving the Quantum Vacuum
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