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Mindbending - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995

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Mindbending book MINDBENDING - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995
by George Hathaway, P.E. - Revised and Expanded Edition -
Amazing biography of Canadian electrical experimenter John Hutchison written by a scientist and licensed professional engineer who worked closely with Hutchison. The author personally witnessed some of the strange phenomena associated with John and his apparatus. Based on correspondence with John, this book shows what underlies The Hutchison Effect and why conventional physics explanations of the phenomena are inadequate. Electrical circuit diagrams and color plates never before seen detail the apparatus John used to make objects fly about in his laboratory, fracture in unusual ways, and create other startling effects. See for more details of this extraordinary book.

Visit John Hutchison's website for more information, pictures, and videos

This book is a compilation of decades of work by my friend and colleague, George Hathaway, a licensed professional engineer in Toronto to reach a scientific conclusion about the mysterious John Hutchison and the "Hutchison Effect". We are deeply grateful for his donation to our nonprofit organization of the book,Mindbending - The Hutchison Files: 1981 to 1995, and the rights to publish future editions. It is perhaps the best assessment of George's attempt to consider the effect as a physics anomaly at first, with every effort to reproduce the entire high voltage circuit in another location (complete circuit diagram included in the book). The necessary ingredient in every case was the presence of Hutchison himself which raised the more difficult and challenging issue of operator-dependent physical effects. A segment of an online YouTube video contains a Valone commentary in the last five minutes as well. The Mindbending book certainly will become a collector's item since this limited edition contains color pictures as well and coincides with the release of the Lucy movie, which is an exaggerated example of a person with psychokinetic abilities.

Here is a two-minute clip of some original footage of the levitation effects from Hutchison's lab.
For years, scientists and the general public could not figure out how this was possible, especially the 70 lb. cannon ball levitating. More bizarre effects can be seen in the videos on the HutchisonEffect website. We are very fortunate for the perseverance of author George Hathaway in keeping detailed notes and records of the experimental investigation, not knowing where it would lead.

This is a photo of an artifact butter knife mysteriously embedded in a block of aluminum, which book editor, Dr. Tom Valone actually touched and closely inspected in person at the Hathaway lab years ago. George explained that the investigators were not certain what had happened to the rest of the butter knife so they decided to machine the rest of the aluminum off of the knife to see what was left. To their amazement, the knife appears to this day to be in one piece as if the aluminum became molten temporarily while the knife somehow slipped in.

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