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Q: What can I do for joint pain, especially Hip Pain and Stiffness?

A: We would start with the inexpensive Thigh Master http://smile.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=thigh+master . This is important as a hip abductor to get nutrients back into the hip joints by exercising them. Keep in mind that ALL joints in the body have NO blood circulation! The only way they get nutrients is by putting the "body in motion". Weight bearing exercise is best to also open calcium channels in the bones, since they are “piezoelectric” so applying force with free weights will strengthen the bones and joints. Even 20 jumping jacks twice daily has been shown to significantly strengthen the hip joints. The www.OsteoPad.org which we developed, from work by Robert Becker MD, Andy Bassett MD, and Arthur Pilla MD, has been shown to have a significant effect on bone density (tests taken six months apart with nightly treatment while sleeping). For joints, our pocket-sized EM Pulser developed with guidance from Glen Gordon MD, has a wonderful collection of testimonials, including one from Elliot who can walk again. In addition to any of these treatments, the standard nutritional combination recommended for joint rebuilding is http://www.puritan.com/msm-products-031/triple-strength-glucosamine-chondroitin-msm-joint-soother-017895 . Make sure to take two (2) or three (3) per day. You can also add gelatin or hydrolyzed collagen tablets to help form cartilage too, also available from Puritan Pride www.puritan.com. The collagen should be taken on an empty stomach with water at least twice a day. It also helps maintain youthful skin, as we personally have noted, since we are both in our sixties. Below are some great exercises everyone should do as we get older (not as critical for young people), at least once a week and preferably twice a week. Yes, they are hard to do but once mastered, they are a welcome workout that bestows youthful vitality, flexibility and strength 😊.

(All answers are quotes from Jacqueline Panting N.D. and Thomas Valone PhD, PE at www.IntegrityResearchInstitute.org)