This unique invention, developed at an all-volunteer, nonprofit research institute, is a great medical breakthrough. The principle was discovered decades ago but has never been widely distributed for the benefit of the public until now. The invention comes from the patented, medical and clinical research into electrotherapy, biomagnetics, bioelectromagnetics, sports performance enhancement, medical electricity and electromedicine. Particularly, this product involves the novel implementation of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for those suffering from osteoarthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis.

This amazing pad with handmade, built-in pancake coils comprises the specific, patented signal for resonating with the bone calcium channels to open them for transport across the cell membrane, thus simulating the performance of weight-bearing exercise (as if you are lifting weights while you sleep). Its patents have expired but the three medical doctors never created the present consumer product though all three medical doctors Robert Becker (author of 'The Body Electric'), Andrew Bassett, and Arthur Pilla knew their invention would prevent and reverse fractures, osteoporosis, and even arthritis, from clinical trials and numerous journal articles, so much so that they received patents on their similar magnetic coil circuit designs. However, they didn't make any device for the public and the FDA only approved bone-strengthening devices for use by doctors in the 1990s and 2000s. Dr. Valone studied their work for years, conversed with Drs. Becker and Pilla personally, and created the consumer electrotherapy unit which should have been on the market years ago. Then, a meeting with Glen Gordon, MD was the catalyst for designing this product since his EM Pulser signal is very universally beneficial and he used the same circuit in a pad in his own bed! We talked about making one available commercially but he could not find a reasonably priced method for making what we then agreed should be called "The OsteoPad" (click here for the OsteoPad spec sheet). Ten years later, we have fulfilled his dream after his passing. It is easy to use, with a flat pancake magnetic coil in a pad connected to the simple Control Box which can be set on the nightstand for all-night treatments. This product is reasonably priced and will help many senior people since "1 out of every 2 people" in the US suffers or will suffer from bone loss as they age, which is called osteoporosis since the bones become porous without weight-bearing exercise to stimulate the piezoelectric bone to open calcium channels naturally. Presently, 20 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis as well. Recent research has shown that cartilage is also piezoelectric and that pulsed EMFs, like the OsteoPad signal, can stimulate and restore cartilage ("chondroprotection and chondrogenesis"), as well as reverse osteoarthritis. The OsteoPad signal does the work for you and lets your bones and cartilage to absorb calcium and magnesium directly, while you sleep! We also have introduced a new model called the "MaxiMat" which give a full body coverage since the MaxiMat is five (5) feet long and one (1) foot wide.

OsteoPad Deluxe MaxiMat folded, with Control Box

Some of the best testimonials we have received so far are the following:

"Although the Osteopad helps restore bone and cartilage i have noticed other benefits after using this unique product. I noticed after a short period of time using the Osteopad that it seems to prevent and resolve contractures that occur from not being able to walk. Osteopad helps move fluid in the body. My friend had a chronic ankle injury with cartilage damage and a possible stress fracture on his fibula bone. I would say after 1 week of using the Osteopad approximately 10 min each session he is not limping anymore and claims excellent improvement. I feel if he could have used Osteopad more often he may have healed even faster."

"Yes its working. Bones are stronger than what i do on the treadmill using an antigravity treadmill. So the Osteopad is allowing to do exercise where a few months ago the same exercise would put me at high risk to fracture a bone in my feet or legs by just merely walking. Just before i got the Osteopad i slightly banged my toes on the floor and one toe broke! So far so good. I would never have chance to walk again if the Osteopad wasn't available." - Daniel A.

Orders now being accepted - Delivery approximately one to two weeks since these are made to order.


OsteoPad - with dual 120 VAC and rechargable 9-volt Controller for nightstand with a 14" x 20" pad $795
Deluxe MaxiMat OsteoPad - with a five (5) foot long and one (1) foot wide pad and special Control Box $995


Below is a photo of our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jacqueline Panting holding her completed design for the washable, zippered, flannel cover in front of our laboratory. Inside the cover is the protective foam layer sealing the dual spiral coils in place, which form a donut-shaped toroidal magnetic field, with significant flexibility between them and additional soft, high density foam layers so it can be comfortably used under the mattress cover of your bed. An additional, very durable, moisture-proof vinyl sleeve is also available for no extra cost for those elderly people who may be incontinent.

More science below for those interested in how it works:

We use a special "SpiralToroid" magnetic field design with a toroid formed from an opposing pair of pancake coils (2 total) in a special, fairly expensive FlexiCircuit which is soft and pliable, inside a waterproof vinyl sleeve, each pair together generates a toroidal (donut-shape) magnetic field that circulates about six inches above the pad to bath the body area with healing nanosecond rise time 250 Hz pulses (1% duty cycle) of gentle magnetic energy (milligauss range alternating, very narrow pulses), as diagrammed below.


Keep your bones strong. Restore your cartilage. Reverse arthritis. Try one today for thirty (30) days risk free with a 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty! Ask your doctor for a Bone Density Test before using either of the OsteoPad models and then get another one about three or four months later. The doctor will be amazed at the change in density.

More Testimonials
"I just ordered two more osteopads for two patients. How does that stand for feedback :). My bruised ribs seem to be healing two to three times faster than I expect. I am delighted thus far. Will keep you informed regarding my progress." - Dr. George R.
"I have now current X-rays from before using Osteopad severe ostreoporosis to now which the dr said the change was 'dramatic'"! - Dan A.

OsteoPad - with dual 120 VAC and rechargable 9-volt Controller for nightstand with a 14" x 20" pad $795.00
Deluxe MaxiMat OsteoPad - with a five (5) foot long pad and special Control Box $995.00

Please Note: If this order is for an elderly, incontinent person, don't fret! For no extra cost, we can enclose the foam coil pad inside a "Blue Vinyl Sleeve" that is waterproof. Just add your request in the Comment Section of the Order Page and we will custom make the extra protective sleeve for you. Keep in mind that it is a tough vinyl that is very durable but might be slightly stiff, so it may require a bit more padding above it. However, there will be no worries about spoiling or shorting out the circuitry in the pad with this protection.