James Dunn  -  Energy Technology Consultant


James P. Dunn  -  Mr. Dunn is the President of Energy Technology Consultants, and CEO of  Future Solar Systems LLC, and past Director of NASA’s NE Regional Technology Transfer Center.

Mr. Dunn also served as the CEO and CTO of the Center for Technology Commercialization in Westborough, MA.  Mr. Dunn has over 30 years experience in a variety of high technology ventures with companies from startups to Fortune 100 companies like IBM and Exxon. His technology specialty fields are Alternative and Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Advanced Batteries and Energy Storage, Solar PV technology, Hybrid-electric vehicles, and LENR technology.


Mr. Dunn has a B.S.E.E. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and is the Co-founder of the WPI Venture Forum, which provides programs, advice and networking to entrepreneurs & investors.  Mr. Dunn recently received the Herbert Taylor Meritorious Service Award from WPI.  He also received training in Systems Engineering, Cryptography, Software Engineering, and Communications while serving in the U.S. Naval Security Group, stationed at NSA, during the Vietnam conflict.  He received an honorable discharge from the US Navy.


Jim has written a number of papers and presentations on various alternative energy topics such as Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, and Hybrid Electric vehicles; and has spoken at over 50 international conferences and events.  He has also Chaired or Moderated numerous professional conferences including the Annual New England Technology Conference, and the SAE Hybrid Electric Vehicle 'TopTech' conference in NYC, as well as working with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association as a volunteer for 10 years on the annual Tour deSol, and as a speaker for the annual NESEA Building Energy conference.  Mr. Dunn has also conducted several Energy Storage Workshops for NESEA, and been on the planning committees for the Building Energy and Clean Energy conferences, where he chaired the Energy Storage and Solar Power sessions; and recently presented 2 papers at the Conference on Future Energy in Washington, DC, and received an award for research integrity from the Conference sponsors.


In addition to being an inventor of the laptop, Mr. Dunn holds a number of patents in the battery and Energy storage field, and also received US patent #6,568,633 entitled "Fuel Cell powered Electric Aircraft", and led the development of the World's First manned Fuel Cell powered Electric Airplane, the ‘E-plane’.  http://www.wpi.edu/News/Transformations/2002Fall/onawing.html   For more info, Google  ‘James Dunn  E-plane’ or  http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:James_Dunn


Mr. Dunn has a wealth of experience in the Alternative and Renewable Energy fields and has consulted on numerous projects in the solar electric, wind turbine, hybrid vehicle, biofuels, energy storage, hydrogen, and fuel cells, and emerging fields like LENR.  Mr. Dunn also works with a variety of renewable energy programs like the NESEA ‘Energy in Schools’ and Building Energy Conferences. Mr. Dunn has spoken at a number of local and regional conferences, and also works with various school education programs, like H2HELP.org, a special outreach program for educating the public and teachers about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and related energy and conservation programs. 


Mr. Dunn was also the Technical Advisor to the MIT 2007 Solar Decathlon ‘Zero Energy’ Home entry in the International DOE competition, and has worked with several MIT/Sloan student teams competing for the MIT $100K SIG Ignite business plan contest, (which he won in 2007, for a novel way to produce solar grade silicon).  Mr. Dunn was also instrumental in raising $17M for a new startup, RSI Silicon, and has also helped other high tech companies raise critical capital, and recently launched a new company, Future Solar Systems, LLC. which designs, markets, finances, and installs medium to large scale Solar PV Systems for commercial customers and Private schools.


Mr. Dunn currently serves on the Board of the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition, and is a member of the WPI Fuel Cell Center Advisory Board, and the Safe Hydrogen Corp. Advisory Committee, and also serves on the board of the New Energy Foundation, who publishes Infinite Energy Magazine.


Mr. Dunn also serves on the Millbury Energy Committee, and helped develop an Energy Plan to become a ‘Green Community’, and help with the recent ‘Solarize Mass. project. Mr. Dunn was also one of the 3 key speakers on the Energy Freedom Fighters a weekly 1 hour talk show on WCRN 830 AM in Worcester, & This New Car”, a weekly 1 hour talk show on WICN 90.5 FM.  Mr. Dunn has also been a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, IEEE, the Experimental Aircraft Association, Popular Rotorcraft Association, the Technology Transfer Society, & the Licensing Executives Society (LES).


Mr. Dunn is an avid Hybrid and Electric vehicle enthusiast, and owns an early 2001 Honda Insight and a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid, a 2013 Chevy Volt, and a Porsche 911 SC Electric conversion.


Recent papers and presentations include:


‘Hydrogen Commercialization Challenges’ – Conf. on Future Energy, Wash, DC - Sept. ’06


Solar Energy – “Silicon Secrets” – Conference on Future Energy,  Wash, DC - Sept. ’06


‘Advanced Vehicle Technology – Future Cars of 2015’ – WPI and SAE regional meetings 2007


“Energy Storage Challenges” – NESEA’s Building Energy Conference – Boston – Mar 2007


‘Renewable Energy & Alternative Power, Technology Demonstration Center’ – Concept paper


‘Renewable Energy Education & Outreach project’ – white paper for US House Science Committee


‘Making the Transition to Alternate Energy’ – Regional Energy Conf. Albany, NY – Nov 2007


‘Achieving Solar Grid Parity’ – Clean Energy Conference – Hynes Conv. Center, Boston- Nov. 2009


Energy Storage and Solar Power developments -  NESEA Building Energy conference –  Mar 2011


Moderator - ‘Cross cutting Technologies’ session, NESEA Building Energy conference   Mar 2011  World Trade Center, Boston


‘LENR Market Development - Technology of the Future’ – ILENR Conf. Williamsburg, VA – July 2012


National Instruments Expo Features LENR’ – Feature Story – Infinite Energy Mag. – Aug 2012


New ‘Tri-modal’ Solar Power system designs -  NESEA Building Energy Conference – Mar 2013


‘Solar Energy Market Overview’ – MA. CPCC State Planners Assoc. Meeting  Mar 2013


New Grid-Resilient Solar systems – BASEA region meeting – Cambridge, MA  - June 2013


Solar Market update & Resilient Solar systemsConference on Future Energy – Wash, DC Jul 13


For more information or references, contact:


James Dunn, 

21 Davis Rd.,

Millbury, MA., 01527


e-mail  jpdunn1@charter.net