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Sterling – I think you’ve hit on a good idea with the disclaimer – similar to what other news media firms do when giving their personal views – Perhaps it could say “the views expressed are those of the editor and not necessarily those of NEC’s colleagues and Advisory Committee” if I’ve got the titles right.

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Subject: Re: Valone says no NWO conspiracy?


Hi Jackie,


My condolences to Tom.


The thing that was shocking to me about Tom's response was that it was worded in such a way as to give the impression that he was outright denying that a NWO conspiracy exists.  Your explanation helps clarify that he has taken a stance of not fighting the conspiracy but focusing instead on promoting good things.


Each of us has unique rolls to play here, and Tom's is more along the lines of playing the "man of credibility".  Talking about "conspiracy" is one sure way of ruining one's "reputation" in a world that has been trained well by the conspirators that to even whisper the word "conspiracy" is anathema to "credibility."  That is why people clamor for people of credibility stepping forward and making bold assertions, because so few dare do it; and it takes a huge dose of courage and moral fiber to do so, when so much is at stake for someone who has spent their careers honing their credibility.  That is why Steven Jones is such a hero in the 911 Truth movement.  He lost his career over his standing up, but his stance has woken millions of scientists in the mean time.  He is a good friend who lives about five miles away from where we're building our Safe Haven Village intentional community.


To a certain extent, I agree with the principle you mentioned of "that which you resist persists".  However, at the same time, I am also firmly convinced that speaking out against such conspiracy is a fundamental responsibility that all enlightened beings hold; and that silence is tantamount to complicity.  So that extreme is definitely not one I would condone for you or anyone.  Speaking out doesn't need to be the focus, but people who look up to you need to know where you stand, even if its from infrequent statements and hints.  And I had thought that Tom was one who had made his posture quite clear.  That is why his statements to the contrary were so shocking (majorly disappointing) to me; and that is why I'm grateful to get your clarifications on his view.

One of the things I can do in the future when I write articles about conspiracy is to insert a disclaimer: "The are the author's views and do not necessarily reflect the views of all New Energy Congress colleagues."  The only time I would state that the view is representative of the NEC body is if the item had been passed by the NEC for a vote, such as I did on the Magniwork Scam article.



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hi Sterling,


I normally do not get involved in these issues, but I think that clarification needs to take place. As Tom is away, burying  his beloved Mother who passed away, I would like to respond.


Of course we know there are conspiracies, "New world order" etc, but giving them press time and propaganda only increases their power. Tom was even on the Discovery channel special "Conspiracies" denouncing them. 


After 35 years in the Free Energy field,  we have learned by experience what works and what is counterproductive.  In the 80's and 90s we were very outspoken against conspiracies, mind control, etc. A large group of us got nowhere with them,  and instead it helped to brand us as "pseudo scientists" and no one would take our inventions, or discoveries seriously and this helped further their agenda. We even had face to face dialogues with PSYCOPs,  and  our dear Eugene Mallove advised us against it, ( and I quote)" there is no venue where you can be successful with these people". He was a very wise man and we followed his advice.


Darkness is not fought with darkness, but with light.  As light bearers we are assured victory, only patience is required.  I like to follow my Master's advice " Ignore an evil and it will eventually go away"  "What you resist, persists".  Again patience is the only requirement. We patiently are doing our work and when the right time comes, it will come to pass.


You are free to do what your heart dictates, and so is everyone else.  Tom was just saying that you should not beat up on David or on any other fellow light bearer just because there are differences in opinion and suggested you be only positive, as you are most of the time.


In divine friendship




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Your response saying you don't buy into the "conspiracy paradigm" nor the "fear-mongering New World Order" stuff caught me completely off guard.  I thought you were on the same page on these matters.


Frankly I am very disappointed.  I counted you among the "awake."