Funding Energy, Propulsion, Bioenergetics Research Projects

IRI is happy to present the first few research projects which have demonstrated sufficient theoretical and practical feasibility in the three program areas which are part and parcel to our stated mission. This is important so that we are exhibiting our commitment to bettering the state of human existence as a charitable, nonprofit 501(c) organization under IRS standards.

Energy Program

1)       Spiral Permanent Magnet Motor – a vital piece of prime mover, missing from all physics and engineering textbooks, which has at least ten to a hundred times more energy density than an equivalent quantity of electric energy is magnetism. Dr. Valone’s paper “Spiral Magnetic Gradient Motor Using Axial Magnets” (see explains how this motor will be triggered by a small energy harvester and can generate torque for electrical generation. It is hoped that a Kickstarter campaign will be sufficient to fund the completion of this experimentally prototyped project.

2)       Zero Bias Self-Rectifying Diodes – mentioned in the book, Zero Point Energy: Fuel of the Future by Thomas Valone (IRI, 2003) and in Challenges to the Second Law of Thermodynamics: Theory and Experiment by Capek and Sheehan (Springer, 2005), there are so many indications that the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum can be utilized in some form for useful work. A journal article has been prepared by Dr. Valone to explain the theoretical basis for this proposed energy source. See “Proposed Use of Zero Bias Diode Arrays as Thermal Electric Noise Rectifiers and Non-Thermal Energy Harvesters” ( presented at the Space, Propulsion and Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF), Workshop on Future Energy Sources sponsored by the American Institute of Physics in 2009. The PowerPoint slideshow is also online at  

3)       Tesla’s Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power – a famous project of the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla, who envisioned this as his most important life’s work. IRI not only has sponsored a Tesla Conference and Expo to celebrate his Centennial of the Wardenclyffe Tower, when no organization in the world did so in 2003 (proceedings are available – see below) but also Dr. Valone recently edited the most authoritative volume (457-pages) on the most viable theories and experimental proof of the transmission of electrical power wirelessly. The book, Nikola Tesla’s Electricity Unplugged: Wireless Transmission of Power as the Master of Lightning Intended (Adventures Unlimited Press, 2016) is now gaining wide recognition for its comprehensive defense of the viability of even long-distance transmission of power (see for example and for a detailed description of the contents).

Propulsion Program

1)       Casimir Force Demonstration – simply designed to show that asymmetric Casimir forces can be generated with corrugated surfaces that are nanometer in size and separated by less than a micron in distance. IRI has supported this project with advocacy and review services as well as networking vital scientists together to accomplish the experimental proof of principle.

Supporting documents include inventor, Robert DeBiase’s paper from the IRI Conference on Future Energy (COFE7) from 2015 (see and an interesting paper on corrugated surface Casimir forces by Setare (see

2)       Control Moment Gyroscope Demonstration – perhaps the most exciting project for the public who may be following IRI projects, this project not only seeks to prove once and for all the single direction force-producing ability of properly paired, force-precessed gyroscopes, but also the widely disseminated story of the Boeing Corporation keeping our satellites in orbit for years by the engineer who worked on that project, Mike Gamble. He presented a great slideshow at the Seventh Conference On Future Energy (COFE7) summarizing the images related to how he engineered the force-producing pairs of gyroscopes for Boeing (see The only drawback seems to be the glacial movement of physics to catch up with this engineering technique which rectifies centrifugal force since it violates the Conservation of Momentum, which makes this invention even more interesting since it is controversial. IRI has had previous experience with such inventions and has advocated the rectification of centrifugal force with similar gyroscopic devices and presents reports on those inertial propulsion devices (see  

Bioenergetics Program

1)       Therapeutic Antioxidant Electric Clothing – a patented (US #8,825,174) invention by IRI staff naturopath, Dr. Jacqueline Panting, the product is intended to provide the basic, fundamental ingredient of antioxidants (microcurrent electrons) transdermally to the human body in a synergistic manner. As sweating from exertion increases conductivity from the salt content, more microcurrent electrons can flow freely to quench free radicals which slow down athletes. It is also designed to ordinary humans too! See for more information and an amazing study which proves that free radicals overload an athlete during exhaustive exertion.

2)       Bioenergy Devices – IRI has been the most productive in providing the public with bioenergy devices for years.  See for more information and all of the products, including the Premier 2000, Premier Junior, EM Pulser, and OsteoPad devices which help a number of ailments with experimental electrotherapy.