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Dear Thomas:
     I agree with you on defusing conspiracy fears that could hurt credibility on new clean energy developments. With conspiracy theories in general, many of their predictions don't seem to come true. The information, they are based on, tends to be based on speculation, embellishment, gossip, and rumors taken like facts. I once spoke with Edward Finch, who is a member of the Trilateral Commission on Foreign Affairs. He told me that his group isn't trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution, or threaten the soverentry of the United States.
                                      J. David Baxter


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Subject: defusing conspiracy fears (Re: [NEC-TechRev] Resignation From NEC)


Will these excellent and informative letters be posted somewhere so that I can circulate the link for them? 

Thanks for your response.

Mary-Sue H. 

On 5-Jun-10, at 12:24, Andrew Michrowski wrote:

I am pleased with the position taken by Thomas Valone with regards to apprehension about their progresses.
It was not always so easy.
In the mid-1970s. when the late Senator Chelsey W. Carter decided to go forward in stewarding and facilitating the un-applied work of Nikola Tesla, governments had taken considerable effort to efface any credible evidences of such advances. Even the Library of Congress (and Westinghouse archives) no longer held documents associated these forward achievements of Tesla - we managed to find only one holding in a small suburban library of Victoria, British Columbia - out of all the libraries in North America! - of John O'Neill's (science editor of the New York Herald Tribune - the man who made Einstein become a household word in the United States and who managed to explain relativity to the general public) book, about his close friend, Tesla: Prodigal Genius. We managed to trace two teachers in Colorado who had researched about Nikola Tesla's activities in Colorado Springs, who were scared stiff after being rebuked by federal officials into being nosy about Tesla's large coil and transmitter designs - little did they know how, in fact, that Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau, chief of the U.S. Army Research and Development - Office of the Chief of Research and Development - OCRD were examining for strategic purposes such technology. The Senator was successful in obtaining co-operation from the late Henry K. Puharich, who had been requested, as a physicist of Yugoslav origin, to examine the research papers of Nikola Tesla for the Pentagon's  Joint Chiefs of Staff, and eventually made use of his examination to make advances of his own in micro-electronics technology (for hearing aids, for signal amplification and for electric/electronic resonance designs, including phonons, genetic engineering). 
Naturally, we went about to have all these Tesla materials re-printed, mostly with the support of Christopher Bird, who had many connections in the publishing world, and with the support of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, as well as the University in Belgrade.
We also embarked on a series of conferences, the first of which was co-organized by George D. Hathaway at the University of Toronto, which is referred to by Thomas Valone. The Senator, and our Board of Director emphasized that we would do our very best the breach the walls of fear that distracted over so many creative minds in the clean energy cohort of scientists worldwide after World War II.
The next series of conferences that were facilitated involved the co-operation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (I.E.E.E.) and several of our colleagues, the late Eldon Byrd, Prof. Elizabeth Rauscher, Nikola Tesla Museum, and Toby Grotz that started as 1984 birth centennial initiative - designed to focus on Tesla technology. This led to the existence of the International Tesla Society, and even to the release of the previously secretly typed document held by the Pentagon, The new art of projecting concentrated non-dispersive energy through natural media, prepared by Nikola Tesla in 1937 on which Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau had worked on and had tested successfully a few years earlier at a NATO base in Germany. Essentially these conferences, which also offered the military-industrial complex a platform of discussion purposes, helped defuse another wall of fear for creative minds in clean energy technology.
Today, most of the irritants and retardant forces involve corporate espionage and mis-information from a variety of operators.
Andrew Michrowski

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You don't have to beat up on the intelligent David Yurth for not "buying into" your conspiracy paradigm and resigning in protest. I don't buy into it either. Ever since 1981, with the First International Symposium on Non-Conventional Energy Technology organized by George Hathaway at the University of Toronto, where I was a speaker, there have been repeated stories circulated of conspiracy theories which only create fear and apprehension in the minds of the public. Thirty years of free energy investigation and experience has taught me to be wary and steer clear of conspiracy fears and paranoia. EVERY single inventor that I met or heard about who has "bought into" such conspiracy and free energy suppression beliefs always puts up his own self-created psychological barriers to licensing and marketing his invention. Read about the famous quotes online of Bruce DePalma as one of the grandfathers of conspiracy theories.
The main reason I am taking time from my busy schedule (and I mean really busy) is to support David Yurth and point out that such "polarizing" and negative fear-mongering New World Order stuff on your website (that seems pretty positive otherwise), will only reduce your credibility as a great source of information on new energy. We all want you to start acting more like a professional instead of an activist. 
We all can be convinced that someone is against us if we look for evil in the gutter. However, preparing for the worst by sending copies of our invention disclosure overseas to an acquaintance, will protect what we cherish most, even from the most real enemies of new energy. Read the anecdotal stories in my latest book, The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science, to learn more. Then with such simple precautions, you my friend can throw out your conspiracy theories and be more upbeat, while inviting all to communicate with each other. It is the only way we can move into the future and create our own new world order that helps everyone equally. Look at me, I'm now talking to and educating Navy personnel, when I used to think all of the military was part of the conspiracy (picture below of ship Commanders from the Navy Strategic Studies Group, Newport RI in 2009 after my slideshow on zero point energy). They were so appreciative that I have been referred to two Admirals and the Naval Research Lab.
Think positive and realize you are ahead of your time. The world will catch up and welcome you if you let them.
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