For Immediate Release                                                                   July 4, 2013


Facebook!/events/194699000690362/ in cooperation with the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) will host the Sixth Conference on Future Energy (COFE6) in the Jimenez Room 22 at the Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland on this coming Thursday and Friday, July 11-12, 2013. Students are FREE. Registration is only $150 for the event or $80 per day (extra $60 for the Friday night banquet) which includes admission to the NPA conference next door for no extra charge. All are invited.      

We have Nick Simos from Brookhaven National Labs confirmed as a plenary speaker proving how Tesla's wireless transmission of electrical power can actually work efficiently with standard electromagnetics, whose slideshow is posted online for everyone interested to study ahead of time; Dr. Max from Penn State describing his successful cavitation fusion experiments; Matt Emery (remotely) describing his investigation into Coral Castle and the man who made it; James Putnam on the origins of force and acceleration; Francis McCabe on the revolutionary gyro/inertial propulsion that aerospace companies now routinely use in space; John Finnerty on Maryland's First Solar Grid Storage; Jim Dunn on Resilient Solar PV Systems during power outages; Dr. George Miley (remotely) on his autobiography of a lifetime of fusion research at the U of Illinois; Russ Gries on his replication of the Papp noble gas engine; Dr. Thorsten Ludwig from Germany giving two lectures on his energy experiments; Sterling Allan on the Five Top Free  Energy Technologies ; Dave Froning on a new method for fusion confinement; and Dr. T. Valone on Zero Point and Quantum Vacuum Energy.

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Thomas Valone, PhD, PE

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