The First International Conference

on Future Energy


Featuring some of the best professional scientists and inventors that specialize in unconventional and clean energy alternatives approaching the ideal of "free" energy


List of plenary speakers:

Dr. Paul Brown

Betavoltaic Batteries

Dr. Edmund Storms

New Method for Initiating Nuclear Reactions

Thomas Valone, MA, PE

Understanding Zero Point Energy

Les Adam

Magnet Power and Non-Combustive Helicopters

David Hamilton

DOE's Power Electronics/Electric Machines Program

Dr. Peter Graneau

Release of Chemical Bond Energy

David Wallman

Carbon-Arc Gasification of Biomass Solutions (Demonstration)

Ken Shoulders

Charge Clusters in Action

David Goodwin

Summary of the Breakthrough Physics Conference

Bruce Perrault

Radiant Energy Generator

Paul Pantone

GEET Plasma Engine

Kent Robertson

Wind Power: Clean Energy Technology for Our Environment

Dr. Tom Van Flandern

Complete Gravity Model and Free Energy

Dr. Steven Greer

Evidence of Free Energy Suppression

WORKSHOPS (2 hour audiotape): (1)(A) Dr. Gene Mallove "Assisted Nuclear Reactions"; (2)(A) Ken Shoulders "Charge Clusters in Motion Q & A"; (3)(A) Robert Rose "Breakthrough Tech: Fuel Cells"; (4)(B) Dr. Paul Brown "Effective Radioactive Waster Remediation"; (5)(B) Dr. Bob Bass "Deuterium Crystals" / Dr. George Miley "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" (1 hr. each); (6)(C) David Wallman "Biomass Solutions"; (7)(C) Dr. Peter Graneau "Experimental Results of Arc Discharge"; (8)(C) Frank Znidarsic "Zero Point Technologies" / Dr. Paul LaViolette "New Energy Concepts for the Coming Millenium" (1 hr. each); (9)(D) Dr. Ed Storms "Evidence for Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions" (10)(D) Paul Pantone "GEET Clean Combustion Kit"; (11)(D) Dr. Steven Greer "Evidence of Free Energy Suppression Q & A"

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