October 9-10, 2009
Friday evening and Saturday


In the Washington DC Metro Area at Dupont Circle within walking distance of Metro subway (North exit)

Mention "COFE" and "IRI" for special conference room rates

Third International Conference On Future Energy
“Technology transformation by the uncovering of new energy sources is a dominant global issue"

Hosted by: Integrity Research Institute
Co-Sponsored by: New Energy Movement
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences (IAS-SPES)

Emerging energy, field propulsion, fission & fusion, space tech, energy medicine, tidal, hydrogen, solar power, magnetic motor, zero-point energy

Invited Speakers:
Dr. George Miley (University of Illinois), Dr. Jerome Glenn (United Nations Millenium Project), Jim Dunn (retired NASA Center for Technology Commercialization), Edward Esko (Quantum Rabbit algae biofuel); Larry Ott (Geothermal); Dr. Dennis Cravens (cold fusion); Paul Schatzkin (T. Townsend Brown biographer); Brad Edwards (Space Elevator company), John Greenwald (Blackvault government coverup of technology), Mike Wiener (Biophan energy inventions), Dr. Mary Ann Richardson (bioelectromagnetic therapies), Terence Barrett (faster than light scientist), Mark Tomion (Electric generator), Dr. Tom Valone (COFE 10-year Anniversary history)

 5020 Sunnyside Ave. Suite 209, Beltsville MD 20705

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