COFE2 Program 2003 Continental Breakfast
“Post-Petroleum Energetics & Seawater Agriculture” Dennis Bushnell
“Advances in Dense Plasma for Fusion Power and Space Propulsion”   Dr. George Miley
“Nanosecond Pulsed EMF Advances for Electrotherapy” Glen Gordon, MD
“The Hydrogen Challenge” James Dunn  
“Tidal Power for Electricity Generation”  Martin Burger
“ Zero Point Energy Advances in Europe”  Dr. Thorsten Ludwig
“Future Energy Technologies” Dr. Tom Valone

Keynote Speaker  

“Progress in Quantum Vacuum Engineering: Nanotechnology & Propulsion”

Dr Fabrizio Pinto
“BioAdvances with Electromagnetic Fields” Dr. Tania Slawecki
“Experiments with Spiral and Wankel Motors” Dr. Ted Loder  
“Catalytic Energy Science” Russ George
“Solar Energy: Secrets of Silicon “ Jim Dunn  
“Intellectual Property Strategy for Emerging Energy Tech”  Pal Asija, JD
“Insight into Law of Squares & Operation of SEG & Inverse Gravity Vehicle”   John Thomas, Jr.